: Unable to play the game
I was having same issue, stub.dll error when trying to enter my ranked game (after champ select) so I uninstalled and installed again. Now Im getting error at the same spot, but it says something about memory spot 00000022. This is where it all fails every time https://i.imgur.com/3F2QmUi.png I checked and I can't see that stub.dll file in there, but my friend says that he has it, even when league is not running. Not sure what to do with this. This started happening only after 8.14, I played ARURF this year just fine
Filosofi (EUW)
: Remove the google DNS and from your dns servers. That did it for me.
A trepa (EUW)
: Im a Bronze ! Who wants to go to a party with me? :D
: Seriously what does it take to get an S+
200 farm in 40 mins says it all.. I have gotten S+ with Janna and multiple times with Ahri. Janna gets no cs but supports are exception. All other roles count in your cs. CS and KDA are the keys. I would think if your CS was 300ish, maybe 270~, you'd get it.
Evianon (EUNE)
: Lost rankeds wins
My mmr is low but I get 11-15 LP and in 4 games, 32 LP, that would be 8 per game.. Im not THAT low lol.. plus the argument about my 3 winstreak is still valid.. game thought I wasnt on streak while I clearly was (my league division didnt show that red blast thingy)
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