: Is it possible to reach honor level 2?
well you can always attempt an honor farm at bots.
dØdo (EUNE)
: i have same thing with lv 1 honor for 2 week i don't make any checkpoints ....i got plat 5 for nothing but i wonders how many are in same position like us ,next season i supose will be in this game only ''not toxic gamers''RIP riot games
well this years champion choise for a victorious skin was r3eatarded anyway so do you really care about a shitty oriana skin? you try honor farm but i dont know how effective that is.
TheRakun2G (EUNE)
: They said you win some you lose some
i would suggest watch ur replays and see what you are doing wrong and also try to have small pool of champions to play with (around 10 champs) 6 for main role and 4 for off roles. if the losing streak persists try to calm down the team and encourage them to play safe or more passive. problems that low elo's have are low farm rate, few warding ,no map awereness, bad mechanics and bad shot calling.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: The Maokai troll from riot aside; the picks on who we should be expected for Victorious.
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Chogatha (EUNE)
: Do I really deserve to lose these games?
i feel you man 100% 2-3 days ago i was played 9 games and i lost 8 out of 9 because either team was feeding in lanes or either not listening and screw up in teamfights and not focusing on objectives like towers and dragons and split pushing. i main jungle and in most games i did good ganks and helped as much as i could. The worst part is that if you are doing good the fucking game punishes you with this retarded bounty system! so even if u are far ahead with 1 or 2 simple fuck ups the enemy can catch up to you (especially if ur mates are dumbfucks) the entire game needs a rework with the broken off tanks shitting on full ad adc's and dynamic q to gtfo and return to solo q because people who dont worth their elo drag down others with them.
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: New HUD
I have FPS drop issues with the new HUD that i didnt have with the old one but besides that its ok.
: New HUD, did we really need it ?
The best Solution for those who dont like the new HUD Riot Must have an option to select which HUD u want the old or the new.With the new update i have trouble with FPS that when i had the old one was a perfect 60 fps,Now i have like 45-50 FPS on average and a 15-20 FPS in team fights with the result of lagging and having the wrong focus and cant easily dodge incoming enemy spells.I dont say its complete bad the new HUD but it needs a better rework because the new one is very poorly made.


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