: why does E take away 2 orbs? is it because it is empowered? cause that seems like a bug too for me. sounds like when ezreal and gangplank Q proc´d muramana twice, once from the spell damage and once from the on-hit-applying part.
I guess E counts twice, because it procs aa/on-hits when used (1), plus it deals its own damage (2).
Charon (EUNE)
: Project Evelynn
Idea isnt wrong, but imo project appearance doesnt fit to the theme of a pretty love killer. Who would fall in love for a mechanic thing xD
: I GOT PERMABANNED FOR THIS? What a stupid ban system!
Im guessing how u got so much time to write so much text. You should be banned for afk also.
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Supports in Draft Pick don't HAVE to go botlane, do they?
Im just curious have you ever noticed that nowdays adc are created to not be indeprendent from their team. They need a support that protects their low amor n m-resi bodies and lets them deal damage to enemies. Leaving adc alone on a lane will harm it, let it die easily. Playing nowdays setups like support + tank on one lane wont be fair for the second role because of gold gain and general profit from sharing exp beetwen two defensive champions. But I appreciate your opinion, in general. Its really interesing.
: Irelia REWORK BROKEN??? giving my thoughts and opinion on her rework
After I have seen the canc**er title of that video, i just gave up to find out what this post is about.
: Random short DC - not due to my connection
One day ago I also have experienced a random dc. I have open cmd always with ping command to riot servers so I could saw that my connection to LoL was awsome then. In the same day I watched a stream and I have noticed that streamer also got totally random dc for a few secons while he had like 10 ms by all the time.
MrKserwGw (EUNE)
: "Fiddle was always too strong on aram but you could counter through position and itemization" as i said but the point is that his E was on a 16 second CD and now with the buff + the cdr lost chapter gives its on 8sec CD thats kinda huge isnt it ?
So now he has more impact on the ARAM. Earlier he didnt. Idk but when I played ARAMs with brained ppl, we easily could make Fiddle useless in the game. His E has low ap ratio so it really cant kill you if you position right ;s You cant be sticked to the rest of teammates and minions whole time.
MrKserwGw (EUNE)
: New fiddle Too broken ? (Please we do love Arams)
But Fiddle was always like that. Always should build lost chapter and always spam E. Its counterable so easily.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Because changing yourself is the only thing you can change. Better question is why you don't like the idea of changing yourself? Also im not troliing,. im genuienly trying to help, even if you don't like hearing what im saying.
I have feelings like my games with plat and diax ppl are xxx times easier than these with silvers on my second account. Just ppl know what to do. I help them early, we will do super early pressure and we got it. In silver, it doesnt matter if I kill the most dangerous enemy targets (and the fed ones), because my team dont know how to get lead properly. So dont tell me that I can carry 1v5 games, because turrets, ihibs, barons, drakes, etc wont be taken by themself, we need to get them as the whole team. So if u are gonna win or lose a game - its total loterry. Sometimes yes - u can 1v5, because enemies are so bad, but its not regular. Everything depends on what u and ur enemies get to their team.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > Enjutsu, It doesnt matter how u want to 1v5, u just cant win a team game alone. sure, which is why you have 4 other teammates > U ar hardstack platinum for many seasons. what do you mean "ar"?i guess you mean are, but still. I WAS stuck in plat, but i ended last season in D4 and im already halfway throuth plat 1. > U should know that there are sometimes situations where at least one player cut wings of the rest team down and doesnt let them to carry him. yes, those games do exist, but they're a minority, but if they are a majority for you then it means you're currently not good enough to climb further. > U cant live with those stereotypes created by youtubers where they are supposed to 1v9 from bronze to diax. Its illusion. Sorry, i don't watch those, it's a waste of time, there's nothing to learn from those, maybe you should stop watching them.
Dude, will **u** ever realize that every one or two games **u** get to **ur** team better or worse players and not every game is so easy to win? For example, once time ur botlane wins, once time feds hard and anyone can face enemy botlane then. I brought an example with botlane because there are TWO players that need to win by teamwork, if one of them does mistakes, the second one is going to be injured by that person, plus whole team. I also noticed how desperated about** ur **arguments **u** **ar** that to proof the truth of ur words u started to rebuke my mistakes that I did ON PURPOSE if u didnt see that yet. Typical haters from internet always do that so u need to do that too, haha. And at the end I will answer to these words: "yes, those games do exist, but they're a minority, but if they are a majority for you then it means you're currently not good enough to climb further." I play lol for 2 years, and its my first MOBA game. First my season was gold 5, second diax 5. Seriously, If i couldnt be so objective like Im for 2 years to now, i have never wouldnt hit diax so fast. In my eyes all my games looks like: I need to abuse every opportunity to win game, but If enemies are too organized with each other and my team cant really help me instead of feeding or "afk-playing" and giving our all objectives to the enemies, all I can do is /ff. Better games are when at least 2 lanes are won, then we can easily make "ff15" for enemies by making early pressure at objecties and snowballing. Only late game can change that if the game will reach it. Anyway, good luck with hitting diax5 again!
: You get my point :)
Aye, i noticed that there are a lot of players that think subjectively. RIOT or popular youtubers told them that they can carry bronzes, silvers.... masters tiers (XD) if they are enough good. Impossible. There are too many strategies and snowball consequences in this game to do 1v5 every time.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: But then where's "your own skill" in this talk about others? > So unless you have something meaning full to say. Don't you mean agree with you?
Enjutsu, It doesnt matter how u want to 1v5, u just cant win a team game alone. U ar hardstack platinum for many seasons. U should know that there are sometimes situations where at least one player cut wings of the rest team down and doesnt let them to carry him. U cant live with those stereotypes created by youtubers where they are supposed to 1v9 from bronze to diax. Its illusion.
skinTDM (EUNE)
: mid laner AP
I would recommend you just Ahri. She is goddess of soloque. She has mobility, dmg single and aoe target, and charm - it really is usefull during fights when your team needs to catch soemone or make him back to his earlier position. In my opinion her only disaventages are high mana costs in early and abilities' range that isnt so huge like, for example, Xerath has.
: Kai'Sa
In her splash art she looks more thin and sexy than in-game model, IMO
Lansares (EUW)
'SECRET TRICK dark harvest', typicaly putting 'INSANE DAMAGE' in every video title XD you are a joke.
I played yesterday a game when I was totally drunk. I carried totally. Saying "I'm drunk" is just an excuse, ppl saying that are just stupid or tilted.
: Why can't we receive some XP after remade games?
Even if it could be possible to unlock exp for games that are remade, they still last less than 7 minutes so you won't get any exp.
Luniya (EUNE)
: Wait what's that icon?! I need it! Where did you get it?!
If you mean Dark Kimzark's icon, you could get it throught buying the Elementalist Lux set, but I'm not sure if you can get it now with just buying only the skin.
Sameer340 (EUW)
: What is the point of removing blue,red,green smite to make a purple smite.
It has been removed. No need to worry. Btw, when I saw Pathfinder the first time I just thought "why they make more build paths for ap mage if they are going to make less paths for junglers in the same time" xD No logic.
: Please,just stop doing this and i guarantee league will be a better game.
Ye, for many, many years I have spent in games I have opinion that the only players which should get a bans at first are instigators, not vulgar, agressive players. Beeing "innocent" an bi*ching around team is more toxic than just vulgar words.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: How do I climb when...
Play Duo. 2 won lanes give a huge chance to win than 1 won and 3 lost. Just soloQ rules above gold division.
Rioter Comments
Eragorn (EUW)
: Aery's Skins
Chromas skins are always for RP, so do you want to pay for something that will be problably removed in the next season when all runes will get changed again?
PixelSoloQ (EUNE)
: New streamer girl . Come and help me <3 DIAMOND 1 Gr Katarina main!
It reminds me one situation. Im coming on a kat-main stream and im asking what elo is it, in answer i see "This is girl and she has d5!!!" XD
: why. why? why! WHY
I have seen somewhere that RIOT releases skins to champions to which they have ideas for. After the next skins released to jhin, lux, kata and other the most specific for LoL champions I feel like this game just belongs to RIOT and they can do with it what they really want to like you can do everything with something what you have made, and opinions of players of their game is just a compass that you can look at but you dont have to if u know the correct way.
Toycoat (EUW)
: Singed poison + snowball interaction is awesome
Lol xD You can send this video to a popular youtube channel to make it video more famous. Its awsome.
: Just let us leave 4v5 games
In my opinion, the best way in 4v5 games is giving -50% less amount of lp lost to team with 1 dc'd guy.
: [7.24b] Quinn can change Cassiopeia's ult direction by using E
Anyway, it looks so funny xD Poor Cassio, kicked in her mouth.
: What are ya doing on christmas/new year ?
On Christmas Eve Im gonna play... Eve ._. Literally!
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: {{item:3102}} only procs when it blocks a CC. if you build {{item:3116}} your W will proc it for the first tick
Good to know. I like to play Morg mid sometimes but that banshee change got really annyoing for Morg's trades.
: Gaining BE is so slow
I see that not everyone has noticed the same thing like I have. The new BE system focus about reducing the cost of looted champion shards, so you can have random champions faster by upgrading them with less BE than if you buy them in shop with normal prices. Colecting BE to have satisfaction of their amount on your acc went in the wrong way in the new system. How you can see, this BE system has been designed to help "new" players to gain more champions faster. Unfortunatelly :/ RIP "old" players.
: btw dont buy a curved 1080p monitor if its big (which curved oned are normaly) the pixels would be very visable dont buy anything bigger then 24inches for 1080p just for the sake of image quality
Got it :)!
: I took it right before I wrote my post.
Oh, nice. Thank you so much for this answer. It helped me a lot :D
: The FOV (=field of view) not longer increases with resolutions higher than 1080p--I think they changed this a few patches ago. This is how the game looks like at 1920x1080: https://i.imgur.com/myFwePU.jpg?noredirect
Has the screenshot been taken lately? I compared it to my actual game screen (1280x1080) in training mode too, and I see quite less than on that screenshot. Im just shocked. On your screenshot it would be pretty much easier to see an enemy jungler coming mid xd wow
Teejoon (EUW)
: What? No lol had a max supported resolution of 1920x1080. But I believe they changed it to 3840 × 2160 recently. 1920x1080 will lock exactly like 1280x720 just with more pixels (which means more details) and 3820x2160 will lock like them both with just more pixels since they all are 16:9.
Thank for answer ^_^
Saibbo (EUW)
: umh... i think you got it kinda wrong... 1920x1080 is just a resolution... the dimension of the monitor is measured in inches.. and it doesn't look any different. It's the same image only on a bigger screen.. you watch videos on youtube with your phone? It's the same but in a smaller size. Ofc the resolution change only the sharpness of the image and you need a good GPU with higher resolution (even tho lol is not demanding in this case)
Thank for answer ^_^
Rioter Comments
Atreju (EUW)
: Riot... Akali got a nurse skin. Soraka not. What the hell?
Ambulance Soraka skin? How you want her to look? Like this xd? https://i.ytimg.com/vi/utvrOwJGQ8g/maxresdefault.jpg
Niffler (EUNE)
: What do you think about "?" in All Chat?
"gg easy" is really much more rude and offensive than "?" in my opinion.
: Voidlings were completely gutted anyway as a way to kill support {{champion:90}} once and for all, now they work as a bit of extra gold for whoever will bother to stop and AA them (because they won't reach their target anyway after their bonus speed was cut). Who cares if they are bugged? I'm not even surprised that none noticed that until now...
You are right. Their dmg on champions is so meanless now... But they are good machine for farming, so if they run away - something is wrong and must be fixed.
Rioter Comments
: Easiest Champions to climb from Low Elo (b2) (I NEED YOUR HELP!)
Did you try Evelynn? From my experience I can tell you if low elo player doesnt see you - he will forget about you. This gives a lot of chances to pretty good ganks and then to great snowball.
Strigina (EUNE)
: On the other hand there is a possibility you met lot of good girl supports and you simply didn't know because they didn't have the need to tell everyone they are girls nor they had summoner's name like "fighting for him" or "his queen".
Adama (EUW)
: I know a couple who are in diamond... must feel bad to lose to a girl for you no?
I agree with rioter. Girls have same skill lvl like boys. For example i and my bf hit diax as midlaners. I just said that every support girl i have met is... Slower. I respect girls playing more dominating roles.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Anyone else cringe when you see a post of somebody looking explicitly for a girl support?
Supports girls are slow and boring in their reaction time. Who would like it O.o
: can you alter mmr for normal games riot please
Imo players 30 lvl and lower should play only together in normals, but players bronze V - Master should play together as well. This is unfair when someone is just learning how MOBA games work (lvl 30 and lower) and he must plays against master tier players. Fair, for me, is when I have lower division and I want to learn for example jungle, and I got experienced enemy jungler in the same game, then Im just happy that I can follow the enemy jungler and learn from him about farming, when to gank, when take drakes, etc.
Sleepkn8t (EUW)
: What's your highest S Champion and the fastest S Champion.
I guess you problably got S+ with Eve, anyway I can recommend her for normal games. I played her first time on top and at 6 started roaming. Silvers-plats predict so weakly Eve' moves... THE FASTEST: I got S+ with Evelynn THE HIGHEST: S+ Ahri, Malza after so many games.
Fajerk (EUW)
: They are fee, why would you want to delete them.
"They are free" so I must want them? Wtf. If I will throw a dog shit at the floor in your place, will you take it with a lot of happiness because you got it for free? Bleh
Dr White (EUW)
: Silver to Plat+
To not copy what people earlier said - I'll try to add something else, through my own experiences: My first season in lol - after placements B1 to gold5: I watched a lot of streams, watching how to cs, how to win laning phase, how to gank, what i should focus in teamfights, learn to keep my mind only on myself. My second season in lol - after placements silver to D5: at the start - !!DECISION MAKING!!, I watched a lot of streams, noticed there are macro and micro things in this game (a lot of games have one, main "theme" from (/preventing) invade at 1 lvl to baron and killing enemy nexus), I noticed how important is high farm, how important is teamwork (you should trust sometimes in your teammates), how to gank effectively, how to win micro things - for example following your opponent and roam a lot when there is a fight on an another lane, always try to predict what enemies are doing right now and what they want to do, try to win game by making "early pressure" - be where your enemy doesnt want you to be. And the second important things: - dont flame - lol players have very high tendency to tilt themself, if they see that they play with annyoing, unfriendly ppl - they dont want to win problably then. - if you do something, do it better than enemy (better player wins ;D) In the next season Im going to hit master. I noticed also a lot of new things that, I think, help me to fulfill my wish. They are: - always put control ward when you are going to kill drake, baron, ambush enemy players, keep safe one of the bush around your lane. - try to dominate, show that Summoners Rift belongs to you! - super reflex, better predictions, always group when your team needs you but try to not overstay (do 1-3-1 or so to keep your high farm. Not always you win thanks to teamfight, sometimes better idea is splitpush and killing enemy one by one) - think also about your teammates. Dont leave them if they need a help. Be ready to support them or cooperate with them even when you are assasin without shields, heals, etc. Ah, I forgot about the moooooooost important thing: OBJECTIVES! Good luck!
7daysko (EUNE)
: Solo Q this past week.
Then Im so happy that I hit D5 1 week ago r_r I have met a lot of ppl that gave up the win and started trolling or so, I reported them and got a notification that someone got punishment - so luckily for me and the rest of community. BTW, there is xxxx times worse kind of ppl than trolls. You know what? Ppl that think "I won the game because enemies had a troll/afker, so now I will just close the lobby and go next. Im so happy, I won a fair game" - they are stupid and dont report harming players, and in next games they get them in their own games. So sweet ;3 just good luck with climbing up with that broken community.
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