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Doesn't work and updated already.
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: This sounds even more unfun than getting oneshotted by a fed cat, at least then you didn't activate the very thing that led to your death.
At leats you can avoid the trap if it's not invisible, and not realziing you no longer exists because katarina is within the same screen as your champion
: First the trap gets triggered then you get triggered
I have an idea about a good trap based assassin
Le Tongue (EUNE)
: {{champion:17}}
This is no assassin. This is the lord himself
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: Want to suggest a champion
: Yoruzaki Wind's Furry
Tone down passive and.... seems inoriginal.. like made to complemend yasuo and not to stand on his own as a champion. His kit looks unique but it's kind of boring
NieMamKolan (EUNE)
: That bear "can" be controled by 1 button - that's true. But he always turns back as soon as you use your RMB to move Annie somewhere. That's what i hate about it.
Yeah ...Not anymore... Also I think every other champ is harder imo
: she is just like a thing nobody likes because she didnt earn the honor of beeing liked
I don't think she fucking cares about nything. Which is nice
imJäCk (EUW)
: RIP Adc's 27/10/2009 - 04/05/2016 lest we forget :(
: Most of them don't need big interactions ingame since they have a story telling me of their personality but Lb have nothing , neither Story nor Feelings
Well she isn't very human. She seems like immortal mage that just ptoys around with the scales of power
: .>_> <_< uhhhh , yes , better than Lb ! {{champion:7}}
Most characters are lame in personality. Oh no Malza so evul hurr hurr Oh look I'm douche {{champion:122}} Oh yeah that's it Hurr hurr {{champion:127}} me freeze me bad
: She was a Freaking FOX
that sweduced men into sexual interaction to suck their life essenc eout #BeastialitySuccubus
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ExileSorrow,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=e0jdEgKU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-04T20:19:17.641+0000) > > Well My main Ahri is beastiality psychopath m8.
She is a psycho. Or she was. She felt no emotion or remorse for killing
: I made a little manly Teemo drawing :D
NieMamKolan (EUNE)
: Annie and her bear
That teddybear has god AI now and the new item makes not even need flash. Stun management is soo easy a level 1 summoner can handle it. You can control the bear with one button. ALSO she ahs no skillshots and burst. Her E gives HUGE damage reduction and she usually builds RoA so not so squishy. Even Lebonkers is harder than that
: Why can we even call LeBlanc a human ?
Well My main Ahri is beastiality psychopath Katarina is a violent sociopath Vayne is fanatical Amumu is autistic
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Aelfnir (EUW)
: tbh vertigal ( an ahri main) says that it's more of a losing matchup and i've not tried it in a while because of it so maybe i'll revisit that
I think it's even.
Aelfnir (EUW)
: Laning against Zed
{{champion:103}} works... really she works. Maybe you have mentality problem
Franstein07 (EUNE)
: patch 6.8 jhin attack speed didnt increse when i buy attack speed items
: "Up the passive gold generation" You don't get any gold on kills.
Exactl;y. If you kill someone he returns 1 big item ahead of you. So promotes dying more often.
: Silver ADC positioning help
You get in the fight bit too early and don't abuse walls well. Besides that you are so good
: Ascension: Increase the passive gold generation please
But then killign someone will be very Punishing
AxelOxstrna (EUNE)
: Ascension....just,f*cking Ascension
When you rocked Ascention with ADC's and immobile mages :D
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: I think its more the other way around. Many adcs will be sure to flame a blitz anytime he misses a hook. Ofcourse these are the same adcs that flame their support everytime they get by a hook themselves. xD Sounds to me like your the problem here OP, flaming your blitz when you should be encouraging.
I mean he isn't hitting anything. Blitz Q isn't that hard of a skillshot
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: Aurelion Sol main names!
DefinetlyNotAoShin StarpriseMothafucka TheyBegForMercy
: > [{quoted}](name=FireArrow iSun,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9B1zoyXl,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-03-08T15:25:03.203+0000) > > you are wrong it does rly low damage on max rank its 140 + ( 35% ap). but if you hit it when it comes back its 280 + (70%) ap so its not that strong at all I'm never wrong. ahri's q w and e need to get nerfed again. and she only needs 2 dashes on her ult not 3.
Are you real? If they delete *looks at name* Fizz Leblanc zed kha Zed and rengar then then fine let her have 2 dashes
Tanniboy (EUW)
: Star Guardian Urgod
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Yet he requires so much skill D:
Not sure if sarcasm or pure stupidity
Tazzmani (EUW)
: Udyr Changes 6.4 going the wrong way
Udyr ... balanced? *dies* I can say these are currently balanced {{champion:103}} (maybe abit UP after nerf) {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:61}}
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Iao (EUW)
: Patch 6.4 Analyzed And Explained
As an Ahri/Kata main I have to disagree on their parts Ahri was hit but she i stil very good blind pick up and can carry. I think she needs a small scalings buff becuase her dmagae feels crap compared but yeah she is good. This nerf mid-late game is only nerf to squishy Ahris. Morphing to a more kitey and tanky build like Rylai would totally do the trick for now. As for kata: She was good pre buff As I play her alot but NOW oh boy she is very strong. The Q damage used twic eon a team is devastating. Late game if you weave Q into resets the AoE damage skyrockest becuase of the damag reduction removal. The scaling is also bit buffed so thats even more. Now katarina in lanbe can farm with Q and harass. The change for me mad eher ascend atleast Tier and a half
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
Ahri- Unique very flexible and fun. I can shift between playstyles an builds. Has huge outplay potential while staying relatively healthy. CAn be played both very safe and risky Katarina- Very fun reactive pick. She is the champion that has to wait and strike when its right and just carry like that, She is greta roamer and very fast paced champion Elise- Bets jungler in my opinion Versatile strong with good teamfight and early presence And requires alot of skill
Alex3995 (EUW)
: i know that feeling i started to alt f4 in loading screen if averyone is at 100% but the game doesnt start. i have for quite some time now
The worst part is I was unaware since enemy mf was stuck on0% while we were loaded already
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: new champion sigil (jungle)
Can I have the art help for my champion?
Flamearr0w (EUNE)
: Champion concept: Ikhor, the shadowborn
First time sayimg it but. He has too low scalings.. Passive doesn't fit the rest
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't really understand why it would be QoL. O.o Like, if you hit a Champion with your charm, you don't have much trouble hitting Ult and W on them... on the other side, if you happen to want to Ult/W someone else than you hit with the charm, you'd have some Problems... (doesn't even necassariely have to be a missed charm, charming their Assassin jumping in but going for the half life ADC while having your Team destroy the assassin sounds quite reasonable.)
Sorry but yoi demonstrated poor teamfight knowledge
: As a Diana main, I can tell you the following champs can make your life hell, easily beating you in lane with less skill required than you need to put in: {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:99}} They look squishy on paper, but an Ahri main for example will probably beat a Diana main most of the time. Well, before the nerfs, now I can QR to my heart's content. I wonder will E go off too if I do the thing where you cast it at your start location but it happens at your target?
And...How exactly do you even play as Diana mid? I'm quite sure orianna isn't an easy champion. And Ahri being easy is huge overstatement... She can be pick up fast but to truly work with her you need skill.
shaunika (EUW)
: my problem with ahri is that, shes really not as safe as you think she is if you want to play her correctly, you have to be near the fight always, plus i dont like playing assasins cos i feel like i should win my lane with them and im not gonna do that ever unless the opponent screws up. and lux is immobile as fuck, someone jumps on you and you might as well let go of the keyboard.
Finally someone gets it! And he didn't play her much to do it. As to playing her properly go Rylai mage Ahri. You can't be assai but you peel and kite. Morello rylai void is your core build. Use dashes semi defensively. Ahri had wide style choices explore them
: Oh, I am so sorry, let me pay the proper respect to off-meta picks: _"Things like AD Kassadin, Fizz support, or Vladimir Jungle are really good picks, and the only reason they are not picked all the time, is because only a tiny circle of people has the secret knowledge to play them, and because of that, all who do are of course Diamond 1."_ \- Noone E. Ver III
... Thats stupid and ridiculous... Things can work. My Ahri ADC got me penta in ranked fiora mid is actually not bad. What gave birth to Elise support? Oh yeah... Be innovative you can come up with reasonable picks if you think. Hai made corki mid a thing. AP ezreal was off meta still effective though. Vayne top is a juggernaut counter... You are a true metasheep.When other brave players break the meta and it works you follow them not trying to be open minded. AD kassadin is viable bruiser mana build if used right.
: The nerf is just giving us some interaction against her. She already shits on melee midlaners like Diana/Akali, even LeBlanc, now she can't get a free lane vs a skilled Diana for example, and that makes me happy :>
Charmed targets get auti focus by W and R Raises skillcap. Makes up for this if used right destroys further if misplayed... She shits on.....Diana? Last time I checked you she can shield your holeless poke attempts poking you and at 6 just murders you. Akali is yes easier pre 6. Get my idea. It is not a buff plainly its a good risk and reward adding. Know the difference. Thsi doesn't buff her river 1vs1 s for example nor her damage just gives more consistency if she plays right and punsihmebt if wrong
: Yeah, that's a classic case where I no longer would feel obligated to try hard. Sorry, but if people wanna get creative: Cool. I don't. Creative picks/builds have a tendency to not work very well / be very dependent on the team doing well / only work well under certain circumstances or comps. That's why they are not meta. I don't really see why I have to play much better than usual, to make up for it.
It was fine tilk you pulled off the metasheep quote
shaunika (EUW)
: recommend me a midchamp
Ahri is your way to go. Please explore her style carefully. She has meh range and damage. She has very fun kit and can be very strong. Snowbally too. For now she can survive most matchups. She kinda falls off late game. Variable gameplay styles. Kiting mage Sustain damage mage (easiest) Assassin Ahri (Hardest) and can switch in between... Healthy and balanced for me... Has skillshots who need to be hit!
: > [{quoted}](name=ExileSorrow,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=v9LfwPZg,comment-id=00140000,timestamp=2016-02-15T22:13:51.528+0000) > > Yes high mobility with decent cooldown... LB can spam 2 dashes 5 times before Ahri has her ult back. Burst? OH hell no. I play fir so long and burst is far from her best category. Orianna has higher burst than Ahri and more AoE. Ahri is kite mage. Her scalings are equal to the AP scaling on katarinas ult only... She can kill adc but come on.... Your argument is retarded You just used Katarina's ult as an argument, excuse me but THAT is truly.. stupid. Kata has one of the highest scaling abilities in the game - because all of it is tied to a 3 second channel. How often can she completely cast it and hit people with it over the full duration? Also the rest of her kit is lacking in terms of AP scaling
Yet whole combo to single target has same scaling as one ability on 3 targets. You called that insane burst. Also 2 seconds and half Katarina is my second main champ. All my non Ahri picks have much more damage than her and base ability dash. Ahri has her ult on 110 sec cooldown level one. Lategame uf the adc doesn't rush into Ahri without his support she has no way to assasinate since ya know skillshot damage in combo particularly longer than any other assassination combo in which she has to stay in Range if the ADC and maybe few other people. Also people think that Ahri can just ult away. Well she needs the ult to get kills and roam efficiently too .
: She doesn't need compensation buffs, she's ridiculously strong even after the nerf.
Ridiculously? No. This can also serve as a nerf if you hit wrong targets with charm... But doesn't even make her damage much higher. It raises skillcap and has more risk and reward. I mean all you guys are complaining about Ahri is the fact she has no risk? So here is some WR make 1/3 to 2/5 of Ahris damage
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