House x33 (EUW)
: Hmmm, that "piece of trash" client never crashed for me ? Ofcourse, it is riots fault, right ?
> [{quoted}](name=House x33,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=edJTR0ET,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-21T16:04:15.014+0000) > > Hmmm, that "piece of trash" client never crashed for me ? Ofcourse, it is riots fault, right ? oh on the old client i never have these but as soon as i update the client it crashes. yeah i blame riot.
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: How much is Hextech Annie worth?
This is a list I made about my account worth: Hextech Annie (Mythic) - 200 EURO Pulsefire Ezreal (Ultimate) - 3250 RP / 20 EURO Dark Star Thresh (Legendary) - 1820 RP / 10 EURO + 2.50 EURO (12.50 EURO) Mecha Zero Sion (Legendary) - 1820 RP / 10 EURO + 2.50 EURO (12.50 EURO) Demonblade Tryndamere (Legendary) - 1820 RP / 10 EURO + 2.50 EURO (12.50 EURO) Infernal Nasus (Legendary) - 1820 RP / 10 EURO + 2.50 EURO (12.50 EURO) PROJECT: ZED (Imperial) - 1350 RP / 10 EURO Viscero Xin Zhao (Legacy) - 975 RP / 5.00 EURO + 2.50 EURO (7.50 EURO) Captain Miss Fortune (Epic) - 975 RP / 5.00 EURO + 2.50 EURO (7.50 EURO) Jurassic Cho'Gath (Epic) - 975 RP / 5.00 EURO + 2.50 EURO (7.50 EURO) Red Card Twisted Fate (Royal) - 750 RP / 5.00 EURO Commando Xin Zhao (Classic) - 520 RP / 5.00 EURO Tango Evelynn (Classic) - 520 RP / 5.00 EURO Account Worth: 317.5 EURO / 353 USD *And most of these skins I got from hextech crafting. only skins I actually bought were Pulsefire Ezreal and PROJECT: ZED.
: Is this allowed?
But is the challanger HUD allowed? I mainly want that it looks cool
: How much is Hextech Annie worth?
Btw I am not selling my account it's my main account. I just wanted to know how much is hextech annie worth exactly.
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: Is this allowed?
But why isn't this allowed? it only lets you use every skin you want and you are the only one that can see them anyway. to be honest I more want the challanger HUD is that allowed?
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: More frequent key drop
Why not remove key fragments and just drop keys instead?
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Najns (EUW)
: It was not just on draven day, it was (I think) from 1.4. till 12.4. or something :P And don't you worry, URF will be back on Friday :P
i bought an ultimate skin on that day so that means i get the best icon? becuse mine is golden and the only other icon i saw for now was a minion with draven head
Najns (EUW)
: It was not just on draven day, it was (I think) from 1.4. till 12.4. or something :P And don't you worry, URF will be back on Friday :P
Najns (EUW)
: You got Draven icons if you gifted someone a skin or bought a Legendary skin during the Draven day event (not sure which one it is for which icon)
I bought pulsefire ezreal (ultimate) but i dont think its was on draven day. tbh i saw the golden icon i was so sure that means urf is back
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: Wishing Cancer or some other Deadly plagues should get INSTANTLY permabaned
If this Teemo main for no reason went on feeding rampage and spammed chat with his toxic crap on my promos for getting out of bronze then yes I wish him cancer, ebola, and aids. also if you lost a family member that's not an excuse to feed on purpose in my promos. take your anger elsewhere.
: Wishing Cancer or some other Deadly plagues should get INSTANTLY permabaned
If you're feeding on purpose for no reason as teemo in my promos out of bronze. then you should get cancer, ebola and aids all toegther. :) just being fair there.
Andy Ten (EUW)
: How is this not concidered porn?
No boobs were found, does not concidered porn :).
TheCurSADer (EUNE)
: It's NOT Riot that banned you
Riot didn't ban you, the people who reported you for being toxic automaticly got you banned.
Nipa (EUNE)
: Fisherman Thresh Skin Concept
This is a great idea. It could a skin like forcast Janna special for taunts.
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: nerf lb pls
LB isn't overpowered she is balanced in my opinion.
: Nerf zed... from a zed main...
Zed was allready nerfed a lot. Higher cooldowns and AD ratio on Q went from 110% - 100% and E ad ratio went from 90% - 80%.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Creative trolling
Menardy (EUW)
: Why would so many pay for Plat Boost? Gold is the highest that gives a reward. I mean - why is Plat supposed to be the main target area?
Because they are retarded bronze kids who just want to get out of bronze. they dont know that gold is the highest of rewards they get scammed.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: It's not all about KDA. Look at your CS and compare it to Kayle's. Also look at the amount of gold. Kayle clearly performed better than you.
How did she perform better than me????? I had more kills more damage. and CS isn't important in these ranks it's lvl 10 players I can have 0 cs and carry the game. just because she had more gold and stole kills from the botlane doesn't mean she performed better. and start game she was 0/3 gave katarina 3 kills and never ss so botlane was ganked a high amount of times by katarina making them almost lose lane. thank god we had volibear to help the botlane win. and I think volibear deserved that S rank more then kayle I was in the game and I saw them both perfomr kayle peformed the worse since she only ks and never ulted anyone but herself and she never ss. I won a 1v2 lane I should that S rank.
: Who is boosting them? Can diamondplayers really stomp high gold so hard that the amount of games they had to play to get a account to platina is affordable?
High skill players, Diamond 1 and above. and why not? they are a higher rank in the end so theres no reason a diamond player can't boost a lil bronze kid to platinum. and they get paid a lot for that.
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Menardy (EUW)
: When people talk about ELO Hell
Also I would like to note that the reason plat is concidered elo hell as well because most people in plat are boosted. not because plat players are just really bad or something like that.
Menardy (EUW)
: When people talk about ELO Hell
Elo hell is basically bronze, trolls, afk's, smurfs, fake smurfs (these kids who claim they are diamond and smurfing but end up feeding), flamers, feeders. but there are also amazing players in bronze who dont do what the usual bronze player does (flame, feed, etc) I was in bronze 1 s5 and climbed to silver 4 but s6 it placed me bronze v. i dont like playing ranked so im only bronze 4 atm but i will get out of there like i did before. sometimes you dont have to carry yourself sometimes really rare tough u get really amazing player who dont flame and can play very well i remeber getting at least like 10 players like that in my entire time playing ranked. from the start of season 5 i only had 10 none toxic good players in bronze. pretty sad tough. I know people say "if you arent brone skill level why are you stuck in bronze?" its because some people cant carry every game when their real skil lrank is silver. myself i would say im in the skill level of silver 1 and thats why i managed to carry myself out of bronze but if you are silver 4 skill player you cant carry every game because its a team game and your team is most likely to be bad.
Skere (EUW)
: Just mute them and make your own decisions.
Muting isn't always the sulotion sometimes you need to hear their crap agree and try to make them not troll so you can win you just gotta suk sum dik to win.
Adama (EUW)
: What did you get in your free hextech chest?
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
At this point most Ezreal players a pretty skilled because he does still require skill to play but because of his new build he is much stronger.
: When I'm Your Support....
: Hi! today is my birthday and i turned 18! Are there any Rioters that are willing to play with me?
Piotrzeci (EUNE)
: [Poll] Guinsoo. Do we really need it?
xnxnx (EUW)
: Diamond player educational stream
gl in that challanger series.
nigelf (EUW)
: Intentional feeding system is too harsh on giving punishments
You were griefing I don't care if it is 1 time, you were feeding on purpose you deserve that punishment because you put your anger at the game and ruined the game for others.
Telenus (EUW)
: Could you help me to find some champs?
Get Veigar and fizz high damage CC and aoe damage.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yes I am Bronze 4! Is that a problem to you?!
: Sooo this happened today....
: I love people who write "ez" after the game...
I hate when people type "ez" in the end of a game I know I lost you typing ez just pisses me off, and it's usually people that got carried and were 1/7
Apati (EUW)
: The report system should really notify you more often when someone you reported gets punished
I know right I want to feel like these idiots get punished I want to know that riot made them pay.
Sinarie (EUNE)
: Secondary role: support = ALWAYS support
Main role Mid secondary jungle = always jungle like the hell?
: Riot might prefer NA over EUW, but..
Wiljam (EUW)
: Riot you removed my favorite feature about League :(
Yeah I remember it it was fun to spam it lol.
: Games crashes when I try to alt-tab
It's because your computer is bad, it's not because of the game on my old computer I couldn't alt tab because it would crash on my new one I can spam it.
: > [{quoted}](name=BoombarderSK,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5WuyycaI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-01-29T17:24:43.788+0000) > > is Riot watching this comments? > coz my account got perma banned 1 minute ago im nervous af i won a game destroyed twf on mid he was crying calling me a kid and saying i will fck u r mom later i gived a strike back and rito sees nothing well ty and fck this shitty game You seen the Image? Yes? There you got your answere: Mute and ignore them. Report them after the game. (Maybe block them aswell) If you answer him at his level ... well you see what you got Be like {{champion:33}} with {{item:3075}} stand there and ignore everything ;)
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Dear permabanned people, please learn from Bill
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