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: {{champion:238}} is not really the best champion for newcomers. He's one of the hardest champions to play, for sure. If you liked the champion and you're willing to learn him and main him, sure, go ahead and have fun. I would suggest you search on youtube for Zed guides and watch **LLStylish**, he's a Zed god! But don't be surprised when he misses his Q's, it happens sometimes, don't worry about it x) But, if you wanna actually learn the game as a whole and not focus so much on learning one champion, Zed is a bad choice (for now). There are easier champions that you can play and will help you understand certain aspects of the game more easily. Again, youtube is your friend here, to search for what's best for newcomers.
ok i will. thank you for your suggestion
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: I mainly use two types of casts. 1) Casting normally with quick cast. 2) Alt + Cast. Casts the ability you choose to yourself, if possible. Saves the time you'd spend on moving the cursor on top of you.
what about smart cast? and regarding quick cast, it is just pressing its letter on keyboard ane moving the cursor, right?
Cräfty (EUW)
: There is no real guide for this, mate. It's just Quickcast! Quick Casting in video games is when you cast abilities where the mouse is on the screen, without seeing the actual indicators for each ability's range! So basically, you use quickcast once you are familiar with your abilities' range and don't need to see the range indicator anymore. If you're new to league, I suggest you stay away from enabling quickcast in your hotkeys, until you get used to most of the range indicators of each champion's abilities you wanna play, first. As for chaining abilities together, for certain champions, you can actually input buffer an ability that has a small cast time, and chain it with another ability to do a smooth combo of some sort. An example would be Ekko's Q + E combo: Q has a cast time of 0.25 sec. So you can press Q 1st, as you dash in with your E, and that will allow your Q to be cast at the end of the dash, thus extending Q's initial range. Many champions use similar combos. To learn them, you just need to play the champions and get experienced with them, no other way around it. You can use the Alt key to cast spells on yourself (if possible). You can press A (qwerty keyboard, Q for azerty keyboard) to show your auto attack range with a champion (ranged champs have bigger attack range than melee champs, ofc). You can use the Shift key while moving with your mouse right click. This allows you to attack move. This means you'll continue moving until you come into range of attacking anything that is attackable (champs, structures, wards, any other enemy).
im sorry i wasnt precise while describing what i need to know
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: you re welcome just hit mobafire site there is always good strategies for zed
bunches of thanks
: zed{{champion:238}} is hell the most op in the game . he can deal 50 % of your hp with only w + e + q also if you re below 75% hp he can use w + e + q + aa + ignite {{summoner:14}} then you re dead! ( still under level 6 zed ) his passive helps him to clear waves easily and his w saves his life every time and his ultimate is boom! prove : you can't play it in ranked mode because everyone will ban him this is same for yasuo{{champion:157}} ' master right-click{{champion:11}} ' lee sin{{champion:64}} ' akali {{champion:84}} and irelia{{champion:39}} and some other IONIA champions! i don't know maybe people in rito are japan-fan! so the reason is that you can't hit shurikens so you need some practice on him. still zed is good because he can safe farm with q and safe engage with w don't be greedy and don't use w for 2nd time if that is not a guarantied kill . never don't approach some cancer champions for farming and you'll be ok!
that's a nice comment. thank you for that. i would like to read more about Zed attacks and strategies, would you to suggest anything?
iaapvper (EUW)
: zed is ur worst niughtmare he will desmembrane u
you know ive been playing with Zed since i have completed the tutorials (so i can buy it with the blue essence). i desmembraned a lot, and my maximum ranking was A-. Now, i know a lot about his weaknesses and he can be easily handled at one. AND, you can easily put him in a weak position Since i didnt get an S, I guess im still noob, so i cant judge zed on my own. But, still, my opinion? i see zed as a bad champ
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