: Help, I suck
You just don't know what you don't know. You will learn with time.
BlackNYBeer (EUNE)
: Honor 5 tokens
What tokens?
: Who derservers skins?
Man I just want Galactic azir to go on sale
: Who else is hyped for the Eternals in 6 days?
I am more hyped for a new episode in a series in 4 days tbh
: Unbanning old accounts.
What's better than a fresh new start
Silent Note (EUNE)
: To whoever asked which Shen skin they should buy and deleted the thread:
Guy asks for the best Shen skin. Best Shen skin goes on sale I am asking for Galactic azir and get some shutty orianna skin I already own
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: i really want to buy the new infernal Galio skin But.......
And I want to buy Galactic azir but guess what? He isn't on sale... again
: Why is the capture for the watch&earn still not working correctly? This is unacceptable!
: How do I stop getting tilted for playing against Yasou?
Play against an ahri main with glacial augment. You will beg to play against yasuo rather than than cancerous slow
Kurotsu (EUW)
: TFT Mobile?
That is actually a really good idea
Zineus (EUNE)
: when will RIOT add more PROJECT quests?
That is interesting. When they say 15th August they mean their 15th not ours. They are 9h or something behind us
: Open a ticket to riot they probably will give you 25 rp but you will need give something on trade to Riot :D Like a draw or a poem. At less some time ago worked like this now idk if they give free.
Does that work? If it does how much time will it take for them to respond
: Let's get this post to number 1 on Hot threads!
: Annie in Wonderland
Infernal nasus
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Because you can farm tokens there without needing to play the game. You get tokens way faster and it's also not exhausting because you're just afking.
fZMaurice (EUW)
: I'm sorry but this is not okay.
If kayn was blue form then I can understand him going in
: Eternals
Words of a god right there
xZabaksx (EUW)
: Dragonslayer talon doesnt exist
Warring kingdoms I got confused by the dragon
Silent Note (EUNE)
: You can't, but they reset every Monday evening.
Yeah I know. I'm waiting for blood moon akali,headhunter akali,dragon slayer talon or divine sword talon (preferably Dragonslayer talon)
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: you are ironic right?
sbepuz (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=sbepuz,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=sk7pjfwV,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-12T17:05:28.411+0000) > > silver in eune after 2 season in bronze > > in EUNE > > jesus...is like if i start to speack about dota2 when i enver played it Aren't you lvl 16?
sbepuz (EUW)
: i think u never played league if u think that. it is not me saying that is all the d+ players (in particular on challenger level)..let's say to u that rank 1 play vs d1 d2 players.....and they added grandmaster to avoid that they decided to make shorter time queue but with a terrible matchmaking. and with the opening of mmr transfer account they destroied soloq, but ehi u typing from eune...so maybe u are one of them
Stop talking please
sbepuz (EUW)
: prob u are around gold level after what u are typing in that post add: jk i just checked. u are silver in eune i get why u are typing in this post. gl and start to learn the game
Why are you judging ppl bcs of their rank?
uuzzii5HUN (EUNE)
: Silver 2 Duo
Learn English pls
: Looking For LoL managers and coaches
I consider myself somewhat of a pro
: What Champion Would You Like To See Reworked?
{{champion:136}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:23}}
: Ranked system
Wait till you get to promos
Kelioris (EUNE)
: Add Ukrainian language on EUNE | Додайте українську мову на восточному сервері.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Id pay good money to get champion ability icons as account icon
Or just make icons look like portraits on all champs for be
Shamose (EUW)
: If it's a Third party doing it they most likely have an RP card they give a code for. If Riot is giving it away it'll get onto your account directly I Guess.
Shamose (EUW)
: People join. A winnner get picked among those people. Winner gets RP.
I understand that but how does the winner get he to? Isn't there a limit?
Rioter Comments
: For real?? Why do you play ANYTHING? It's just some pictures on a screen tf
Yeah I guess you are right Tbh we all play league bcs we are addicted
: How do you guys deal with tilt.
Well if you flame a lot and get a warning that your next punishment will be permanently banned on your account you will stop flaming instantly (Speaking from experience)
: Hahaaaaaa, always gotta be hateful on the boards? Why are you even here lol, typing pointless comments on the boards isn't getting you out of gold 4 0lp.
You are higher elo? Talking about pentakill making you better at the game I don't play ranked to get to high elo I play it to get to gold for the rewards oh and before you talk about hatred look at ur replies
: Well ty for replying to my positive comment with some salty negative unwanted comment. Not saying i haven't lost games where i've pentad, but the majority i win.
: My favourite memory was my first pentakill in season 7, it was a sign that i was finally improving and lead to me getting 20 pentakills in that season alone.
You know that getting a pentakill doesn't mean that you are improving, right?
: Master Yi Buff
Iron players {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Twisted Treeline Memorial. (RIP)
It's not "retired" it is just swapped with that new shit permanent gamemode TFT
Cräfty (EUW)
: Are you dumb, mate?! You're telling me that gaining +27LP for 2nd place and losing 72 LP for 8th (almost triple what you gain for 2nd), in a Platinum ranked TFT game, is just " fine "?! You see no problem here?! Ok...
i really dont %%%%ing care about TFT you know that is in beta testing right? and why would you even grind ranked on that for a little legend at the end of season?
dottachin (EUW)
: how to play midlane from behind
One of the best things you can do is letting the kills get to you. When I started to play azir and I wanted to get him to lvl 6 I saw ppl just farming and letting the kills get to them. Just wait for that one team fight that saves your ass
Cräfty (EUW)
: TFT: LP system is so f**ked up!
Bro are you an idiot? The higher Eli you are the less LP you gain and the more you lose
: TFT is showing me why I went off SR.
You know that they basically made a whole new game for ppl to celebrate back to league and spend money on little legends...
Cräfty (EUW)
: TFT: Unhealthy ranked system for a game still in Beta!
You know what is funny? Riot giving us missions for Nexus Blitz to earn icons, a takedown effect and a recall effect and then putting it into the vault like the other gamemodes
Pauliuliu (EUW)
They should bring back the adc game mode and Nemesis Draft
PzyXo (EUW)
: Let's count how many OP champion in the game
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't care about rank though, only about rewards.
Rewards on first place Rank on second I feel you :D
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