: Bow was added to make the path more comfortable plus guinsoo keeps the on hit damage. Do you think it is weak? It's gold efficiency at full stacks with sateds passive is stupidly high
I know its weak, it is however decent for ranged champions (due to no priority) but imagine it this way: You are playing Yi, Irelia w/e and you just payed almost 4000g for an item and you dash in the fight and you cannot even get to 6 stacks to benefit of the proc due to no passive AS. I understand why they added the bow, however Melee champions get screwed so hard... EDIT: What is actually gold efficient about an item that gives so little stats for how much it costs?
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Elýzium (EUW)
: Not really... do you know how much 240 seconds is? That's 4 minutes. So, lets say you force out the enemy at around 5 mins, he will tp and have it back up at minute 9. Even if he used it immediately, he would only have it back at minute 13, and then the laning phase is already over. So, two TP's during a whole laning phase. To me, that doesn't seem very strong. Also, you forget a couple of things. First of all, you kinda misplay when your enemy can soak up so much farm after being forced back / killed. Have you ever heard of shoving waves in? Basically, every time you force out your lane opponent and you wanna back yourself, just push as hard as you can. Once the enemy minions are dead, you recall. Your ally minions will walk into the tower and die. Even if your enemy uses TP, he wont get all of them because he has to heal first, buy items and then wait 4 secs for TP. This gives you enough time to walk back to lane. Taking ignite allows you to outduel your enemy, giving you advantages through killing bounty and being able to farm freely. TP'ing back to lane will never give your opponent as much gold as a kill and free minions that you get from ignite. Also, lets measure how much time TP saves. TP'ing back to lane takes 4 seconds. Walking back takes up to 30 seconds. Thats a difference of 26 seconds. The average top laner needs around 30 seconds to clear a whole minion wave. New waves spawn every 30 seconds. You see? You lose one, or maximally two waves, and your enemy laner will have to use a summoner for that. Not worth in my eyes. Last point: I don't think that TP should be nerfed in any way. It's a good alternative to ignite (basically the only one, champs like malph or nasus who will just farm just can't take ignite) and it should always be. TP was unused before it got buffed, and I'm happy to see it being viable.
You totally miss understand me, and where are you coming up with the numbers to shove waives? My only problem is not that TP is too strong, my only problem is that TP is stronger compared to other summoners. Yes i know math and that 240 sec is 4 minutes but when u compare that to for example ignite that is 210 sec, you can clearly see how much better TP is. Yes i am aware that some champions like Malph or Nasus are dependent on it but considering how much you lose when not picking TP is unreal specially in the toplane. Trading 30 sec for a summoner spell and allowing you not just to have more XP and farm than your opponent but also the fact that at any time you can TP bot or drake and collect a few kills is too much. Fact is you just cannot punish hard enough a TP laner unless he does huge missplays and this becomes more and more obvious the higher you climb on the elo ladder.
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