: > Do you get flamed often? Do you feel like ranked is a toxic place where everyone flames you?? well, good chance is, you deserve that flame, and maybe its time to solve it by not playing ranked Do you get a lot of downvotes? Do you feel like the Boards is a "not very welcome" place to you? well, you are lucky because this is how it is, and maybe you can solve this by trying to think again at what did you typed there
Do people actually care about upvotes and downvotes on forums?? thats just sad if thats true lol. One more thing to distract them from the main thing they should focus on, their gameplay.... ofc i knew i would get a lot of downvotes from people who see themselves in my words. All the bad players reading this being sad that this hits so close to home
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Aaaand the first 3 sentences made sure that in my opinion you should not play the game at all. While true, the flame usually doesn't come out of nowhere, NOBODY deserves to get flamed, harrassed, verbally abused to hell and back because some guy can't stand that he has a noob in his team and he is too noob to carry(This includes you) However, holding in anger is also not healthy- But getting so angry to verbally abuse someone means you just can't comperehend the other persons situation, and you can't comprehend your own situation. It's like your brain is yellling to "stop let me analyze this," but there is no time to do it. In those cases, the game has become too complex, and instead of letting anger take over you, blow that hot smoke out of the lungs, take a deep breath and focus on one thing that can matter and it's you. The one geeting defeated knows he sucks, he is not happy about it either. However there are times when one starts to flame because he sucks and can't admit it. I've been there myself a couple of times. Thats a sign to take a break from the game alltogether.
"too noob to carry" see that right there is why i immeditialy knew you got no clue about how the game SHOULD look over the years of people being abysmally terrible, that the mentality of people shifted into "i have to carry my team to climb" that is not how the game should be there is 5 people in that team, if everoyne did just "normal ok" you would win easily you shouldnt be forced to deal with the worst players humanity has to offer every single game just for a little LP OR riot could maybe come up with a new climbing system that would reward players based on their gameplay and not winning or loosing like in CSGO but thats soo hard to do and track that i dont think thats possible moving on, this: "But getting so angry to verbally abuse someone means you just can't comperehend the other persons situation, and you can't comprehend your own situation" comprehend situation? the situation is that you are doing fine and you lose because 3 of your teamates went 0/4. There is literally nothing you did wrong, and you get dragged down by this filth for no reason. Thats the situation, plain and simple. I have a folder full of screenshots of endgame screens that would really depress you :P and now this: "The one geeting defeated knows he sucks, he is not happy about it either." That is not true. People dont know the suck, they dont, and they wont admit it even if you tell them, or SHOW them. You could show a person who is 0/10 the exact mistakes in a replay and he would say "nah, better jungler wins, repot jungle no gank" these people arent sad about it either. Most of them say "lol im so high" "idk just game" "lol i dont care im diamond on main" "pfft its my jungler fault" and such No guilt, no self improvement, no realization, nothing they only focus on fighting flame, and dont at all notice how strange it is that they encounter flamers only when they go 0/8 Toxicity is a reaction, not an action. People who are bad at the game arent toxic, becuase they dont feel sad and angry that their time is being wasted, becuase they are the ones wasting others time. Good players are toxic beucase they are tired. Its a reaction to being trolled by feeders. No one is toxic for no reason. Look at infamous toxic players like RAT IRL, what a coincidence one of the most toxic players is also one of the best players on the planet HMMM
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
no, its not Ranked, is the key word blindpick, draft, 3v3 treeline, nexus blitz, Coop vs Ai, all of those are "GAME" only one of those is ranked if you dont play for ranks, dont play ranked
Neszo (EUW)
: I'm playing almost only ranked but i still say it is only a game which is made to make me have some fun. And why they shouldn't go to ranked? Because they are not skilled enough. Do you really thing blind pick or Draft pick (if you are lucky and find any type of match like this) will be able to improve your skills. To tell you in draft (if you have that gamemode) ppl try out different builds and champions BUT because of it u cant improve yourself that much or any at all BECAUSE you are not playing against you will play in ranked. If you cant handle that you lose in the game then stop playing it. IT IS ONLY A GAME. And you can call me noob now but with this mentality you are putting your hate on cuz you cant handle if you lose is working. Which is better a calm gold1 player or a toxic plat5 player who is flaming and making more mistakes? You know they company name who made this GAME is: Riot GAMES. not LIFE... GAME. League of Legends is a GAME GAME GAME GAME... and will be it forever. No1 is forced to play it and if you are making your living from it and you cant handle if you lose then go and try out other games. and YOU ARE NOT FORCED TO MAKE YOUR LIVING OUT OF IT. You are abusing people who has bigger problems than a loss or 2 or 3 in a GAME. GAMES are made to bring you FUN, if you dont enjoy it because you cant handle the loss then it is your problem. And if you are that good which you think (we can cleary see it from your post that you think you are that good, so plat diamond or above) you are not really effected with these kind of things that you have 0/8 players in the majority of your games. And what about if you feed or int some games, then according to your logic you should stop playing ranked cuz you are not skileld enough to play it. You can play serious with the i dont care it is just a game mental aswell. AS i do and many of us do. Becase LoL is just a game. And if your are willing to complain about how i know it by playing only a bit and few (not a hardcore player and not even a casual) I'm bouncing between low diamond high plat. And what do i do when i lose a game? If it's late or i have no more energy to play it or i just dont feel like i should play then guess what. I just dont play and the "problem" is solved. But as i see from your post you really should play teamgames cuz you cant handle if some1 is not 150% perfect. Then just go and play single player games, trust me there won't be any other player who will ruin your game. Each time you suck it costs a free win, if that win is soooo free as you think then you should get it because it is FREE even if 1-2 of your teammates have a bad day. And people play ranked because it is competitive they can play the role they want (usually, no autofill considered here) and they want to ENJOY THE GAME. In blind it is so hard to play your role cuz of instalocks etc. Draft mode well if you have 10-30 min to wait till a match is found then good for you. But if you have that much time to wait for that much of a time, you have enough time to play another ranked match. So just go and play single player games or not team based games if you cant handle if you lose. Or to be honest you should play BLIND or DRAFT pick...
If you are unskilled, you got no reason to even consider queueing up for ranked. Ranked as said in the post, is only about Ranks, if you think you are unskilled, you cant possibly think you will reach a high rank. If your intentions arent to reach a high rank, you are a casual, and thus, you dont belong to ranked. Ranked is for players who want to climb, not reach silver3 and be happy about it. And yes, draft and blind can improve you. Or at least in theory. You can learn last hitting, juking, not being ping-deaf, not being blind to minimap, not having the map awarness of a sloth. Of course, people wont. Becuase its much easier to just say "omg someone is being toxic to me, pls report" than looking at your 0/8 feeding self and realize there are mistakes to fix and things to improve
: You have some failed plans of going pro?
not really, but i imagine lots of people do actuallly. Aspiring pro: alright, im gonna be good and reach challanger goes to ranked, gets 0/7 top and 0/6 adc 10 games in row, probably goes to school or work so he doesnt have enough time to climb since he keeps loosing on behalf of his team Aspiring pro: and im done
Shozis (EUNE)
: Sorry, but I'm playing ranked if I feel like it, and there's nothing you can do about it. Start giving me crap over a **video game**, and I'll gladly help you speeden up your ban. I also don't owe you any explanation why I want to play ranked over draft/blinds. Cry moar.
"Start giving me crap over a video game, and I'll gladly help you speeden up your ban." that right there, is the attitude of all bad players. You dont try to improve, you dont care if you play bad or good, you dont look at your mistakes, you dont apologize to people whos games you ruined you just want everyone to be nice to you no matter how terrible you are and how much you ruin their games and their fun all you care about is behaviour, and we all know behaviour doesnt give you LP. Neither does having you in the team
Shamose (EUW)
: Well the stereotype is already that EUNE is the toxic server and you aren't doing very well do prove otherwise. But hey Sportsmanship doesn't matter right?
indeed sportsmanship does not matter. Neither do stereotypes, or servers only thing that matters in ranked, is GAMEPLAY, and LP!!! thats why its called RANKED, becuase its ONLY and ONLY about R A N K S
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