iMystericc (EUNE)
: iMystericc: teemo is in meta now ? iMystericc: nice iMystericc: no flash mid iMystericc: push it iMystericc: man iMystericc: lee come again iMystericc: no flash iMystericc: wait to pysg iMystericc: this lee iMystericc: missed iMystericc: 3 Q alkready iMystericc: just B iMystericc: are iMystericc: you fucking iMystericc: kidding mew ? iMystericc: DONT iMystericc: GABNK iMystericc: MID ANYMORE iMystericc: BOTH iMystericc: MUTED iMystericc: LEE WON YOUR LANE iMystericc: he wil lget report iMystericc: you gave iMystericc: 500 gold iMystericc: mtyvanis dedass hevecui iMystericc: playing teemo iMystericc: shame iMystericc: And i was going to kil lyou iMystericc: 1v1 iMystericc: but lee iMystericc: got kileld gav 500 gold iMystericc: i swear u will lsoe teemo iMystericc: flame ? iMystericc: you gold kid iMystericc: KEE iMystericc: I WILL AFK iMystericc: I SWEAR iMystericc: GGOO iMystericc: FUCKAWAY iMystericc: you gave iMystericc: 500 iMystericc: free gold iMystericc: you nob iMystericc: :d iMystericc: kk iMystericc: playing teemo iMystericc: and wiining early game :D iMystericc: i wills howp you iMystericc: just new masteries are op iMystericc: for you Q iMystericc: MUTED RERPPORTED :D:D:D:D iMystericc: noobs iMystericc: lee won game :D iMystericc: for you iMystericc: noobs iMystericc: you wil honor lee /? iMystericc: dont play lee anymore iMystericc: you suck for it iMystericc: yopu cant do a shit iMystericc: yopu lsot mid iMystericc: you fucker iMystericc: i am ntot gonna mid iMystericc: cose lee iMystericc: lost it iMystericc: go and deal with teemo :))) iMystericc: thx to lee iMystericc: 9/2 iMystericc: 3/3 iMystericc: and teemo players :D iMystericc: shame iMystericc: bye lee iMystericc: yea iMystericc: achase iMystericc: chase iMystericc: support iMystericc: if u were good graves iMystericc: you would carry this game iMystericc: 11 kills iMystericc: cant do anuthing iMystericc: sad iMystericc: bg iMystericc: thx to lee
idk why riot banned you nothing toxic in there, they are just dum/ , riot suc/s
: The end of the 2015 season FAQ
FAQ you rito :){{summoner:14}}
: Paypal. Well, i cant get back money for RP thats sad. Im just mad at riot because 2 months ago i talked with support and when they check my account, it was all fine. They just forced me to change summoner name. 3 months later they decided to ban me. So its kinda stupid from them... If i knew that account is leveled using bot,i would not 100% for sure purchase RP or even try to climb in ranked.
wait what, you bought the account :o?
: Forgive Banned players
(If you payed with visa, dispute the money hueueue, that will teach them){{summoner:31}} {{summoner:11}}
Sdars (EUW)
: I've reported some hardcore flamers and never got that message.
you only get that if it was your report that triggered the ban.. so when u are in the lobby after the game is done . report him last :D ( wait like 35 sec)
Ramir3z (EUW)
racism 1 year , feeders 3 months legit ,,, they should remove the bans for verbal abuse... just mute the guy and he will stop flaming
: Can you get your accont back if you get banned?
yes if you send them 500000 e-mails, make 500 accoutns and spam forum, they will eventually give up and give you your account back (Kappa)
: Nothing new so far
There will always be idiots finding excuses for their own fail , don't worry
Raentwo (EUW)
: How do I win when my team completely ignores me?
ignore them and go on your own, they will start to listen! separate form them they will call you, adc what are you doing on bot?, than keep ignoring them they will flame you and this is the important part , don't type to them, and report them. (evil genius plan mwhahha) and than they will get banned
: udyr q bug
His Q does dmg over 2 seconds if he activates it
: Banned 9th of August, still legible for rewards?
nope, you got 7 or 14 day ban meaning you got unbaned on 16 august or 23 august so you won't get any rewards unless we all team up and RIOT against Rito
: My content
this game is pegi 2
: League with remote
: How to stop smoking?
you can hire me to punch you in the face every time you take a cigarette {{summoner:7}}
: why is it toxic?
Agidyne (EUW)
: im waiting for you, eve
you said "report" and "you suck hard" that is not allowed! that is toxic!
: Can there be a punishment for unskilled players?
I think if you report someone for unskilled player you are only doing him a favour, because i think it matches him with other "newbies"
Nuraikato (EUW)
: ***
yeah they should make it, certain amount of games played... not 3 months , what if a guy plays 1 game in 3 months it's the same if i play 500
: Riot, after worlds is done, can you already increase the champion bans to 10?
cause everyone wants to be in champion select 20 minutes...
: this community is so toxic I need to literally hurt myself to not start a fight.
Rioter Comments
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: Help pls urgent help needed
Can you scream louder i think i didn't hear that?
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: How to enjoy your birthday:
: Enemies steal my account
My condolences EDIT: There is no such thing as free skins unless it's on ofical riot page so don't click any links ever again
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Another player that think just because he picks marksman he got instant license on farming and noone else should farm.
if you are adc it's your lane to farm not supports lol
Eveninn (EUW)
: Would Diamond (5) - Platinum (4) be 1 (Bronze)?
silver 1
Alecs (EUNE)
: Help ?
diamond - platinum = gold, so you will get gold {{champion:48}}
: About Tahm Kench's W: Devour
that's what you get for trolling or flaming!
eLeblanc (EUNE)
: To all Riven QQ threads
now lets nerf the crap out of {{champion:39}}
Ymir (EUNE)
: Ranked Rewards Policy
Atleast make the rewards appear after they change to "good behavior" if they were recently banned
Cosantoir (EUW)
: How is getting banned stopping you from getting to Master tier? > [{quoted}](name=FoTonS,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=z7r4A1vy,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-02T22:53:10.537+0000) > > basically if you were baned at any time last 3 months it's not worth to waste anymore time on ranked i any form ? > Riot keeps promoting everything > skill How is getting banned stopping you from getting to Master tier?
if he was banned like a month ago he won't get rewards so it's technically "stopping" him from reaching master tier, what's the point of it if it won't show at the end of season? I think when season ends and some players that were banned will not get their rewards,,,, maybe make the rewards appear later when they change to "good behavior"?
j2k6 (EUW)
FoTonS (EUW)
: So . . .
yeah it sucks :/
bmgg (EUW)
: What I can buy with 6045 RP?
you can gift me gladiator{{champion:119}} , that's a very good idea
PeekaB0o (EUW)
: Your banning system is broken
i see nothing toxic in there, just daily chat from cs go
GawnMower (EUW)
: If you had only one chance and one opportunity....
gardo7 (EUW)
: Permanent ban, irreversable or should there be exceptions?
go write ticket, if they don't give it back, spam them with 5600 tickets (Kappa)
: So.. this is offensive
nothing offensive in there
Eliart (EUW)
: EUW - Biggest lag spikes and packet losses ever
come to eune my friend , much better server
PRoxy oQ (EUW)
: So... Riot ... are you bunch of idiots or you think we are (EUW)
i moved from euw to eune long ago, euw to much lag, unstable servers, even now on euw lag spikes etc..
: I'm surpried how few people have thought about Azir getting the victorious skin
: Bored of Garen now.
i guess you still haven't met {{champion:223}}
j2k6 (EUW)
only sissy boys care about flaming :D
DaWolfer (EUW)
: Lagging when I stream League of Legends with OBS
True Sight (EUNE)
: Best Soraka build, as a support?
you shouldn't be playing that op champ
: what is the best adc in s5 and who is the best adc player atm
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: Witch lee sin skin is best?
boxer (Knockout Lee sin)
ForDemGainz (EUNE)
: bug lobby game won't start we see each other type message
fixed by telling a friend to invite me in a lobby
Rioter Comments
Gets Colder (EUNE)
: Which country are you from? Im from Sweden and have the problem.
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