Nosfratu2 (EUNE)
: Is this hacking?
: Can't fight back assassins (Help an ADC out)
As a botline main (support and adc almost equally) I can feel where your post comes from. Let's start from the fact that assassin's only job in League is to kill YOU. To go in, instantly blow up a squishy target (most commonly an ADC) and get out if he is lucky or his name is Zed (the lucky Zed is the deadliest). This strategy is the one every assassin always follows (besides Yi who doesnt need to go out as long as he blows up all 5 of you). Now, how do we deal with these pesky creatures? In the best scenario we kill them faster than they do, otherwise don't let them out and accept the 1 for 1 trade. If you are fed enough, you can nearly oneshot them as they jump onto you, just make sure they don't oneshot you first: Place a pink for Rengar, get BT shield to survive Yasuo's flash+close Q+ult or a scimitar/banshee against Fizz/Diana. If you are not that overfed, make sure someone stays close to protect you. Actually in any case it's good to have someone taking care of his own ADC... Ask your Sona to be nearly and exhaust that alien fish whenever it decides to jump on you. Ask your Alistar to leave the engage task for Gragas and stay back with you to bullYi the Master. If all that doesn't help... get a GA. Assassins hate GA. They might even turn their attention to that delicious Sona of yours, making you able to deal DPS for 2 seconds longer than you should be. (I mean its the cd of Fizz'es E, isn't it?) To summarize the above - When there is an assassin in the enemy team who wants you badly every time it smells you, your first priority is killing it/surviving their engage onto you. If you are ahead, get more damages (along with BT's shield or scimitar's MR to be sure not to die to a 1/5 Kassadin) and, pew-pew to the face, kill everything that jumps on you. If you are fair with gold, ask for team's help. For peel or anything they can provide. If you are well behind in terms of gold, surely there is that 12/3 Vel'Koz on your team who picked up all the kills and now melts the enemy team faster than they can say "Life form desintegration ray" (I did it, Falconshield!). In such case BE THANKFUL to the opposing Akali for focusing YOUR 1/6 ass instead of the main damage dealer. Get as much MR/health/self-peel as you can. Don't be sh*t at dying (long live The Hound). Be annoying. Get banshee, get GA, get zhonya or randuins, I dont care. Mute your team for flaming a 1/8 randuin+warmog Ashe and just refuse to die. Ofc they will report you later and honor the VelKoz. But a win is a win. And doesn't matter which member brings it as long as the entire team gets it.
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Nigginz4 (EUNE)
: Looking for ADC to duo with on EUNE
"Support main", perhaps "only Thresh as a support", isnt it?
Dupahupa (EUNE)
: Diamond Team LF Support/Adc
Not adding you second time. Do that yourself if needed. Have a nice day.
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: Coach Available (serious teams only)
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Takeoff (EUW)
: > It only accounts for wins and losses, which do not depend on a single player's performance (I think the grades should influence LP gain/loss to some extent) I agree on your other points but this... It would make people walk around in base so thier 3/1/4 stats would not get ruined. When you lose stop trying = stand in base = stats Good = less LP lost. Too abusable.
Perhaps less gold income and less kill participation since you started afking.
: D5 ADC [currently p2] LF Support main to grind to Eloheaven b4 season ends ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
LordRobsoon (EUNE)
: Mid LFT D3+
You don't seem to be that active (on that acc). Won't the lack of spare time be a problem?
: you're level 15 -.-
Synergy v2 (EUNE)
: D2 Support LFT EUW
Added on eune
: Anyone up for support coaching?
daniel-wotlk You can add my Skype and give an alert whenever you are going to play support
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Forze Choke (EUNE)
: Still taking in applications. Prioritizing top laners atm.
Forze Choke (EUNE)
: ***
**_Procrastinated._** Potentially in as a sub roster member/secondary mid laner. Please, stay in touch. Reasons: - Good attitude, motivation and first impression overall, however the stats and KDA's look a little grim. - Not flexible in the playstyle, suits only certain team compositions.
Forze Choke (EUNE)
: ***
_**Declined.**_ Reasons: - Way too many deaths per game. > -- To be able to keep up with the top tier players (dia and +) in individual skills in order to not get outplayed often. Even better if you are able to outplay them yourself. - You are lacking this part ^ - Excuse me, but this can be hardly called "maining top lane". Or at least that's how the post look (or perhaps, does not). - Our team is not meant to be a training ground for people who are willing to get team ranked experience. There are a lot of much easier, casual teams to aid you here. Our goal is more than just improving, we have very high expectations, probably CS. And that's where the individual skill comes as a requirement. _Best of luck and have a nice day._
: [EUNE] Heroes in Cloaks are looking for members.
Still taking in applications. Prioritizing top laners atm.
xwoowx (EUNE)
: 5v3 custom game
If you want a challenge, count me in. I'll go just as a support to make it more or less equal xD
: [EUNE] Heroes in Cloaks are looking for members.
: not really, checked it out allready and I would brush the go4lol placement to be a one-time occurance as for now, if you improve and get into challenger on the ladder I might be interested though, untill then all i am willing to do is wish you good luck =)
Being such a good coach that is ready to prepare a team for the LCS tournament, it is, to say a little, strange to refuse and take over a starter team which might have the needed potential, but is not there yet. I mean, if you are positioning yourself as a high level coach/analyst, that is able to compete on LCS level, what is the problem to compete and succeed on lower level helping a team to actually get where you want it to be? Shouldn't it be your job, to assist a team and support their goals starting from almost nothing where you have the most influence as a head coach, actually helping them to improve, rather than joining an already formed team with already formed values and issues? Just wondering. P.S. I don't belong to the team above, and neither do I have any contacts with them.
Balt (EUW)
: Anyone want a Analyst/Coach?
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: Wolf doesn't acknowledge I'm fighting it and keeps peram-regenning heath
Or if you wait for him to regenerate 100% health back and then start fighting him again
: Supp main, looking for ranked team. Plat 3
Any introductory information about yourself?
: Previous Diamond Support LF Team (EUW)
By any chance, do you have an option to play on EUNE as well? _Daniel_
: ADC Tips/Help and Discussion (Poll)
Sivir has fast wave clear for if you don't want to risk fighting enemy duo. She also has a spellshield vs grabs, hooks and long range initiations. Plus her ultimate helps her team to do the right job if you yourself can't carry when playing adc.
Ryuyura (EUW)
: Normal Games Vs Higher Ranked and More Skilled Players
For quite a long time I keep noticing the same thing: As a d5 player myself, the average elo of my rank games is +-2250, whereas for normals it is always 1750 with players from various leagues and divisions (mostly gold and plat, but there also are 1 or 2 silvers and other diamonds appearing every game) And you know what? It "somewhy" feels that normals are easier to carry.
proffet (EUNE)
: creating new ranked 5v5 team aming for challanger high dia+
Oh an entire speech! Too bad you can't even find a few words to excuse your actions few weeks ago.
Jõn Snow (EUNE)
: LF support DUO ( DV )
I have sent you a request, but will be back home only on Wednesday eve, thus don't expect me to be online till then. _Daniel._
Bunny Bun (EUNE)
: Forming a serious team to compete in online prized tournaments Diamond +.
Was in talks with Bunny Bun in-game, he asked some questions regarding my playstyle and then suddenly went into a game without saying anything and completely stopped responding. Not even a "sorry, but you dont fit" or "im busy right now, can we talk later?", consequently deleting me from the friend list. an evincive screenshot: Feels very bad, shameful behavior by the team manager. I just felt a must to post this here. P.S. > Toxcity is not allowed. Within the team, keeping a friendly enviorment is a absolute must, It's the first and most important step to developing trust between your fellow teammates. (c) Bunny Bun. huh?
Bunny Bun (EUNE)
: Forming a serious team to compete in online prized tournaments Diamond +.
Hey, Im a Diamond 5 SUPPORT that is currently looking for teamates. I don't have previous experiences competing in the online tournaments, but I do have some team rank experience. - My main role is... well... Bottom lane in general, mostly as a support rather than an adc, though. Hence I'll be applying for the likes of support. - Main champions and why do I consider myself good on them: Janna (around 90 games with 61% win ratio) > Thresh (which actually times his Flays for when Tristana tries to jump out or Leona tries to go in with E) > Leona (the one who actually kills these level 1 brush wards on her own) > Morgana (#youwillnevergethookedbro) > Nami (the one who considers starting coin) > Soraka (the one who actually stays in the backline) But there are more champs that I can also play as a support if required (or if in soloQ, they fit into the team comp): Alistar, Sona, Blitz, Taric, Fiddle, Shen, Zac, Annie, Vel'Koz, Nautilus, Nunu. - Silver last season (mainly due to not having neither a stable internet connection nor a good pc, which led to many disconnects, in game lags, freezes and etc). At the moment I got a new pc with normal internet connection, I skipped the entire gold league in 2 weeks or so getting myself to low plat. Since then I keep going higher and higher, however, way slower. As a support I would rate myself as a medium-high diamond, whilst in other roles still high plat-low dia. - Eighteen and a half years old. - Also Israel. Though speaking English on a nearly native level and pretty fluently. I also know Russian. Add me in game if interested, my ign is same as on the forum.
Cuddles (EUNE)
: Forming a new 5v5 EUNE team. Looking for hungry players!
Hello, Cuddles. I am a multi role player, however would prefer the likes of support>adc>mid = jungle>top. My current division is plat 1, but since I am in 1:0 promos, you may already say diamond 5. I can play any champion on average+ level, but my best/favourite are: Supp: Janna > Thresh > Leona > Soraka > Morgana (my personal champ pool includes flex supports like shen, nunu, zac or fiddle) ADC: Sivir > Lucian > Vayne > Kalista (well, I can describe my adc playstyle for days, so... Only if you are interested and add me. But one thing I will say - I nearly never die due to bad positioning.. cough.. Vayne... cough) Mid: Xerath > Orianna > TF > Azir > Vel'Koz = Viktor > Zed (I am more of a backline bone in my general playstyle, that's why I normally have good positioning on these long ranged ap casters and ad carries, however might have questionable decision making on lower range champs like Azir/Zed/Karthus/Yasuo/Ahri) Jungle: Zac > Xin Zhao > Udyr > Lee > J4 > Evelynn > Heca = Kha = Rengar > Nidalee (Normally I'm not a worse jungler than a support, I just don't have that many meta champs for it and don't feel like it's the role for me to main) Top: Maokai > Shen > Aatrox > Malphite > Irelia > Rengar I do have Skype, can download TS if demanded so. Add me in game (EUNE: Forze Choke) if interested. Kind regards, Daniel.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: How do I handle an aggressive enemy as support?
Hello, Vionicesca. I've seen this many times in lower elo games - when one of the sides is playing super aggressive and forcing trades, the other side prefers to sit back and to just eat the poke without any retaliation, therefore eventually losing in cs, aka gold income, and consequently the game. So first of all, when enemy goes aggressive and tries to poke you with auto attacks, dont disengage but try and keep it up by hitting them back. Trust me, a Vayne-Nami match up can either eat tons of poke from a Caitlyn-Sona and be forced to hug the turret for the rest of the lane, or can suddenly engage and get an instant kill on a squishy string maven. Secondly, there are certain match ups when the enemy duo lane is a little stronger in all in 2v2 engages, and knowing that, they keep forcing you into unfavorable fights. (Graves-Leona vs Jinx-Thresh, for example) Every time your adc tries to farm, he is risking to be engaged on. In this scenario, you dont fight them back, but just play it safe, getting as much cs as possible from a safe distance (Jinx has long ranged rockets to help her keep the distance while still farming), dont overextend for just 1 or 2 minions as they will eventually come closer to your turret as you watch the enemy duo clearing your wave. If you do everything right, all 4 of you will be at nearly full hp with enemy having a slight cs advantage, which can be easily negated by you having a single occasional kill in the mid game dragon teamfight, or enemy jungler being caught in your half of the map and giving over a kill. But back to the laning phase, if you are at your turret as 2 people with nearly full hp and your enemy doesnt have that huge advantage of having a 4-0 adc, they can NEVER EVER dive you under turret even if their jungler comes. Moreover, if they are pushing to your turret, you gotta call for YOUR jungler and make this sweet sweet kill for yourself to even up in gold with enemy adc, despite of him outfarming you in lane. I do understand that the info above is more for the adc, and the reason i decided to go for it is that its mostly adc's fault if he can't keep up with the pressure. You as a support can try to zone enemy duo, to shield your adc from getting poked, to heal him afterwards, to get vision against enemy ganks, but you can't fight instead of your adc. When enemy goes aggressive and you shield your adc, _**its worth nothing**_ _**unless he hits them back**_ once or twice. If you have any more questions, feel free either to post here again or add me in game. _Kind regards, Daniel._
B3no (EUNE)
: Archid Gaming recruting 2 more high plat/diamond players...
I'm not in the game right now, thus I would post here for you to take the time and check my history, stats, achievements, workplace recommendations and whatever else you want to know about me. Playing mostly support in ranked. My best was plat 1 (current division), but I'm going higher. (was plat 5 a month ago, plat 3 a week or so ago) Got huge champion pool for nearly any role, and the biggest one for support. Add me in game if interested. Kind regards, Daniel.
: > I think i speak for a large chunk of players when i say this Its more likely you're speaking for a minority. Riot isn't going to change the HUD back. Even if there are problems with it -> They'll just keep changing it til its better. They won't revert it, so you might as well get used to it.
Then it might be better to give players an option to CHOOSE between the old and the new HUDs?
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