Gojiraw (EUW)
: Release R button right afterward, as you can control Tibbers if you keep it pressed. Maybe you played Katarina before and got stuck into the "keep R while ulting" thing.
I took my hands off the keyboard and watched my champion walk away on his own.
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: The state of Katarina
I love your arguments
cozy wolf (EUW)
: Concerning Match-Quality in season 7
Had a master vayne in my team, felt good. She proceeded to dc every 2 minutes throughout the game, while the enemies were abusing us and diving 4v1. I then met a main adc and sup who felt like he would be better at midlane only bcs he had a higher rank last season. Needless to say, he lost hard to an ex plat. the enemy team locked in vayne so our toplaner said he's going teemo support in order to counter vayne. No one agreed. he locked in. He ended the game 0/4/3 and did absolutely nothing while everyone tryharded around him. I thought I deserved a free win as well in the next game. No way. Better tp top when mid is falling to 4 ppl and lets also dive the support for 2 minutes until we die bcs why not. I'll get low silver in flex bcs eeveryone trolls or has no idea how to play and I'm about to wreck my soloq as well. I guess some of us are just unlucky. Bonus points for the 0/8 fiora that still had the guts to fight irelia. Felt good, man.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Visboer (EUW)
: If i didnt play ranked last season but did 2 years ago..
I was silver 1 in s3 and got placed in g4 in preseason for s5, there is hope. Although mostly everyone drops 1-2 tiers nowadays..
Kippiiq (EUW)
: If you cannot carry as ahri by yourself, then no offense but you're a bad ahri main. It's as simple as charming their dmg dealer, such as the adc or mage. Doing the maximum AoE damage with Q. Or taking them out whilst they're alone, if you're really an ahri main you should be able to 1v1 even a fed vayne, or a draven, once again, it's as simple as landing your charm(E) and then it's simple to finish him/her off :)
When you reach my elo and see your team going 1v4 one by one, try to catch the dmg dealer from behind 4 tanks and then tell me she can carry alone.
: I would say either main Top or Jungle. If you are as consistent on tank bruisers as you say you are, then you can have a pretty big influence on the map and in team fights - potentially winning the game. Just practice CSing in custom games with your preferred toplaners and you could be very effective. But it really helps to play a role you find fun, so jungling might be a good choice too. Once again, practice your clears with your preferred champions in custom games, and make sure you gank - jungling is another role that can influence the entire map. In a ranked game, if I were you I would queue up with your roles as Jungle/Top or Top/Jungle.
: Okay, try very much
I am ahri main and I can confirm I'd rather be good at something like fizz. He's unstoppable, Ahri cannot carry by herself.
Toukami (EUW)
: lost LP in remake even if it wasn't me who dc?
Dia+ people also lose lp when ppl in their premade party dodge. It is written very clearly in your client, but I guess no one has time to read instructions.
: Leaving in ranked, lose more LP
Considering the amount of problems rito has with the servers and the neverending bugs players get, from being unable to reconnect to the game to"unable to connect to the internet" and the casual bugsplats, it would be a bad thing. Many people leave simply bcs they are unable to go back due to a bug.
: Akali post Assassin rework
They promised to rework her someday. Until then we'll spam q and basic attacks bcs our r's are practically inexistent :D
: I think that I will just stop playing League of Legends.
You can do better than waste your time on this broken game. Ever since Flex Queue was implemented, the game went downhill and ranked is very messed up. Why bother to earn another rank and waste a lot of time of your life and get angry over a game when you could play smth better? This comes from someone who has played for about 123 days of his life.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why is everyone in Bronze-Gold so obsessed with taking Baron or Elder instead of finishing the game?
Rismosch (EUW)
: > I never feed You are a liar. Just a quick look at [this](http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=GoPro92) and I see a Hecarim game and 2 with Shyvanna and one with Orianna and in all of them you have a bad KDA! Everyone feeds once in a while. EVERYONE. You are no exception.
+1 Also winning 3-4 games with scores like 1/5 is op. You shouldn't complain.
: stfu, you are prob some silver trash yourself.
One man cannot carry a bunch of mentally ill goats no matter how good he plays on his lane, period.
Furoche (EUNE)
: Im having good KDA, good farm and im losing and its not my fault, so theres no way to improve my MMR. My MMR is going down and down and i cant do anything.
I had the same experience in s5 and couldn't get dia no matter what I did. I got so tilted that I started to sigh when someone died even once. You cannot control your teammates, you cannot make them listen to you, you can only break your nerves and pray for better teams...
: [BUG] Loading borders gone
There are no borders bcs it's a completely new queue. Your borders show up in aram/blind pick and soloq.
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DemonikSoul (EUNE)
: Placement games set up VERY LOOSE mmr restrictions, especially for a new mode that has NOTHING TO DO WITH SOLOQ, and if he played 10-0 placements and you played 6-4 or whatever of course you wouldn't set up in the same league thats literally impossible. If he was 10-0 with my mmr of lets say 6/4 (just an example) we shoudnt be playing toghether...... yes the queue is new but thats not my first game in it nor is his ... it should be impossible to place us in the same game if his mmr is so much higher then mine.........THIS IS JUST STUPED and you saing Yeah, maybe it's too loose and kinda weird, but they do it for a reason is just .... WTF... whats the reason behind placing a bronze player with a gold 1 players in flex queue mmr not in solo queeyey mmr but in this new thing mmr..... what you are trying to say is that in this new ranke game mode u get to play with people all over the skill bracked FOR A REASON .... who will want to play with bronze if he is challanger or vise versa P.S. yes i cant spell quueueu i jsut hate that word :P
A silver 1 was in my plat v mmr(after the 10 matches) game. Pretty cute as well. Rito promised to fix the placement.
: ehhhh Aram .. =P
It makes sense that they wouldn't show up in a completely new queue. You'll get em for ur solo q. In 32423 years prolly{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Even stupider is that we didn't get borders for 3v3 and 5v5 this year -.-
you can see them in aram.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Diamond master players are really bad.
Winning your lane does not make you better than your opponent. The game is about tactics. Strategy. Cooperation.
: Which rank did you get from Flex queue?
Dia 5 soloq-5/5-Plat V. Not even mad, anything is better than bronze
: Ranked Flex is the worst thing riot has implemented so far!
I play vs high dia and master and I'm barely dia 5. Our master went 1/8 and trolled. I guess we're never lucky rubber ducky
TrolerSK (EUNE)
: Didnt get alpha client icon
It is 11th of november today...
TrumpSaro (EUW)
: I am unbanned from league tommorow but will i still get my rewards ?
: To many premade (4s/5s) in normal draft
You should try full blind pick eune. I'd take 4 premades over blind pick anytime of the day.
Singuard (EUW)
: Season Rewards
Apparently it shows the rank you had in s5, many other people reported the same bug, myself included
MoSlayerGx (EUNE)
: How do i get free RP points
It's simple. Go back in time to season 3/4/5 and get lvl 10 or smth and voila{{champion:119}}
: Stuck forever in platinum 1
Play another lane. PLay jungle. You can jungle with most of the champs you play on top with. Babysit everyone and win. Or take shen with tp on top and gank/help bot everytime they fight with the enemies. Try to play the most op champs at the moment, such as olaf, for easier laning phase and 1v3.{{champion:103}}
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Die2Born (EUW)
: Plat 3 getting teamed up with S1
Did you wait a lot in queue? Sometimes rito just places us where it's a free spot and tries to make up for the mmr difference by placing ppl like that. I am dia V and had to play with plats and gold I. I was support, so..yeah, defeat.
Antony9 (EUW)
: Should I keep on playing support?
I have always loved playing midlane, big fan of assasins and mages, but I found it hard to carry if botlane always lost. Also, I hated the vision and the help I got(or shall i say-didn't). I couldn't always get my lane, so I tried adc too, which was a dreading experience. My support afk-ed next to the turret and built ap in most of the games. I became the support I never had. I alternated these three roles in the past seasons, mainly playing mid though, but I was unable to go past Plat I last season. I got back to plat this season using them, then switched to mostly support. Guess what, I'm diamond. Vision and protection are great things. As long as you can keep your teammates alive and rescue them from shitty situations they got into, you will go far. I reccomend you to stick to champs with shields/heals rather than full aggresive such as blitz. Keeping the lambs breathing is better than feeding them and watching them go 1v5 just to die :) :) *tristana jumped 1v5 about 3 times in a game, I have traumas*
Foxeh (EUNE)
: League-of-Legends-(TM)-Client-has-stopped-working
I have tried repairing and nothing changed... I was able to go back into the game when it ended and I saw their scores and stuff, also my "leaver" thing. I tried to go into a new game afterwards and the game crashed after champ select.
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