: fpx deserved the win, prefer standard comp: tank/brusier top = kled, naut, trundle, poppy or hyper carry = camille, fiora, a real mid = dps mage, real adc and supp and whatever jungle is meta over the G2 cheese pick: glacial veigar yas, grag bot pyke mid and just hate pyke in genral (broken piece of shit) would be balaced without the invinsiblity tho tris mid
When Gragas, Trist or Pyke was permabanned vs G2 they were fcking genious picks now they are all troll champs. Just admit G2 played really bad. Elise should shut down Lee Sin in the jungle. Akali should dominate Kled all game. Perkz looked like a bot or whose got 300 ping in soloq against LWX.
Feathermane (EUNE)
: When you throw your first two games with bad picks, you probably don't even feel like trying in game 3. If they were serious about winning, they should have started game 1 with a serious comp, and not handicap themselves. How come KR and CH teams never come out with any 'original' and '4fun' comps? Always the most meta OP champs you can get and a straightforward strat every game and that's it. Your chances grow a lot when you don't start every best of 5 a game or two down.
They drafted well just they played shit. I would ban ryze after game 1 if they could not win Ryze top and thats all. But FPX fcking played lee sin 3 games and G2 could not punish the worst late game jungler. G2 would not win a single game today even if they play bo10.
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mihail1000 (EUNE)
: Chances to go pro ?
I'm not sure but the lowest rank lcs player was Amazing with high dimond and he was a german caster so he had a lot backup. And there are a lot of players who are top 50 constantly but they are trash in competitive play. So rank does not matter too much. But a master or challenger rank is a must have but not guarantee anything.
: Who wins today? Fnatic or SKT T1?
: RNG was technically never the best team in the LPL, just because RNG won everything else. IG are monsters we cannot underestimate them.
Actually if the worlds was at the {{item:3124}} meta i'm sure they would win.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: What skins do you think they will pick? Lee Sin jg - Le Blanc mid - Viktor top - Sivir adc - Rakan support?
I would say Swain or Sion top, Lee Sin jungle sure, Irelia mid, Sivir adc sure, Pike or Braum support.
: Well, Ekko has been historically known to ruin Viktor's life, but that was back in Tank ekko days, he build Ekko full dmg and expected the same results which ended up as him burning ult ever 2-3 min
I dont know who told them Ekko counters Victor, because its clearly not. They made a big mistake.
: Why is Korea not even in the semifinale then? Why did a a korean team lost 3:0 against an american team whic lost 3:0 against an european team?^^ Just need some reasoning here. :D
Other teams can practice a lot in korean soloq so i'm sure all teams improved a lot in Korea while they were just under pressure all time to show up like old SKT.
Eambo (EUW)
: EU > NA
Is it even a question? EU was always better than NA. NA's considered best adc (Doublelift) never get out of world groups.
Wen294 (EUW)
: *Mandatory note to be careful with putting big spoilers in your titles.* Were some nice games to watch, but honestly I do think RNG should've taken it. The first 2 G2 wins were mainly due to a failed draft from RNG imo. I mean yeah G2 plays an amazing game when they get the champs they need to get, but when they don't get them they struggle. Basically only the last game was a real victory by play, the other 2 felt more like they were won through draft. If you ask me tahm should've been banned by RNG every single game. That said I was real hyped during the games and I was happy to see G2 pull through. Upsets make the pro scene all that much more interesting to watch and i wholly agree with the casters that this is the best worlds due to how unpredictable it is.
I would say its the wierdest worlds. Like any team can win if they draft better cause so much champs are playable, that macro play and these pro shits are not so important in which lck, lpl teams are still better just they cant get the lead from these now. Altough RNG made a lot mistakes. For example Uzi played too much Lucian with the same anti-tank build (without crit item) when G2 had 0 tank. I would rather see an Uzi Kogmaw, Sivir or anything else. They mostly could not stop Perkz assasins even if they had the counterpick option etc... Overall G2 worth the win but i dont think G2 is the better team.
: Perkz on RISE, Spider-Man and the Regional Qualifier
Anyone realised that Faker in the movie, but we wont see him on worlds??{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
They have no chance against RNG, KT or Griffin on worlds. These asian teams kinda play without mistakes now. FNC just good in Eu but they have no clue how to play against a better team, thats why Na and Eu always fail on worlds.
Viscious (EUW)
: Having the problem of switching mains every single week
If you think you can climb with OTP riven you can uninstall the game now.
Hansiman (EUW)
: But isn't it to be expected that running into units slows you down? They might not have a soul, but they are corporeal.
Do i miss something why minion block is way bigger since last patch???? I always lost some cs because my champ want to go around my minion 2 ways at the same time and im literally next to the enemy minion but it wont auto attack. clap, clap... {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} I also saw in lcs when Nukeduck went for a kill under tower and he had to flash out from 2 mage minions because his Ryze did the same thing.
: Zyra is not a support for peeling she is a catcher .Her utility is weak when it comes to protecting .She is one of the strongest agressive supports at the moment but if you need very good protection(counter zed for example) for your adc ,her items and her abilities are bad if not awful (a snare and a knock up which will be triggered after a long delay). Zyra/brand can't do anything vs (good) assassins (only brust them down with their damage which is no possible if you are already behind ). Same for brand ... Both are viable options for someone who wants to independent and not relay on his/her adc . Janna/nami/lulu/braum/tahm are having way better kits for protections.(but less damage obviously)
I dont know that Zyra hipe, i dont find any succes with her since plants nerf.
Kat Pool (EUW)
: what champions are good to onetrick this patch 8.15 and so on
{{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:35}}
: First blood determines the outcome of the game. See the proof here.
From my last 15 quinn games i lost 4 games and win 11.
: Riot only cares about oppinions when they come from the “ pro “ ones. If Faker or Sneaky tells Riot to remove all turrets and leave the nexus open, they will do so. Look at how they’ve screwed the game with this meta. Irelia, Mordekaiser and Yasuo adc?! Normal adc’s are simply useless from the last nerf they got. I play as Jinx and there comes Irelia, stunning and walking all over the place with insane dmg. The entire game is screwed. Master Yi can one shot me as adc even if he is 1/10. Garen is still screwing everyone who is his enemy, turrets don’t exist in mid and late game, players still intentionally feed, troll, but let’s punish the ones who said “ %%%% you “ in chat. This game is ruined by Riot. I loved this game until season 8. {{summoner:3}}
I dont think Faker or Sneaky likes this meta.
: So let's get some feedback for the team. I can't fix it but I can definitely share the concerns. So if towers are not in a good place right now what is the core problem and how should it be addressed in your opinion?
I never saw turret buffs for 3 years. But just nerfs. Mostly thats why people say "clown fiesta meta" in season 8. You' ve gone too far with 8.11 patch. My idea is that Towers should be different like in "dragon rework" Outer towers sould be weaker (similar like now) but inners sould be stronger tower by tower. Its very dissapointing when both nexus towers just fall in 5 sec and nothing can be done even in 5v5 because 1 team always snowball hard.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: How come Jayce isn't played on bot in the current meta in competitive play?
Jayce is in a very bad position now. He is completly out of meta because most bruisers counter him. He is very bad even in soloq. Jayces only good in poke meta.
: Choosing my one trick and why I need an opinion on it
XD Unlock camera pls!!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} It helps you to see the map, and ganks maybe. For Silver you just need a little game knowledge not a super op champ. But i would try {{champion:74}} or {{champion:6}} {{champion:33}} they are mostly strong against what they usually pick in bronze/silver.
ThellXD (EUW)
: Aatrox Rework
I just hope the new Nunu wont be worse than this one. Most fcked up rework for Riot all time.
Eambo (EUW)
: To ask a silly question, have you reported this player to support? While our automated systems can detect *some* blatant cases, it can't detect them all and is tuned on the side of caution when it comes to inting ('cos being banned for being bad at the game would be real shitty) Contrary to what has been said here, support **do** manually investigate - while they can't tell you the outcome of the investigations, submit this to support is the best way to get eyes on it.
I dont understand why cant get someone a little punishment who lose 5-10 ranked games in a row???? These players should get a 24 hours ranked ban telling them its enough for today. But if you ragequit at 34/3 and your team dont want to surrender, and you dont want to waste your time. You instantly get 20 min leaverbuster for 5 games. (maybe on my alt account i could boost myself to bronze 5 with this strategy)
Leyruh (EUW)
: Reworked Aatrox isn't perfect, that is a fact. I won't comment on his kit since I haven't played much of him, so I won't disagree nor agree with your statements. However, I don't get the part about the model. Does he look that bad to you? I find the VGU well done. His model looks neat. I don't know what you're on about the pixel stuff. Did you zoom in to see that? Perhaps you're right, I didn't compare Reworked Aatrox to Nunu or Udyr. But to say his model is pixelated, and more than Nunu's ( which is, I won't lie, ugly ) , that seems harsh. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
I mean his VGU view looks trash or half done, just look at an {{champion:136}} or {{champion:142}} They could do this shit 2 years ago. I dont see the difference beetwen this and an old champ, just way bigger than the old one.
: so...aatrox
i have to say New Aartox rework is the worst in lol History. Appearance: 1 this is not a better VGU rework, Aartox has more pixel in than Nunu, or Udyr. Just see them together in one game. Man do you see how splendid Warwick, Poppy, Yoric now? Aartox nothing like them. New Aartox just way bigger than most champs and thats it. But maybe the 13 years old kids like it. But my biggest problem is that Riot made a promo video for Aatrox in game and His q jump is just not like that what we saw in the video. Nice clickbait i have to say. His 3. jump is sow low, I mean i could jump that high too hehe.....!!! I dont feel the power what we knew from old Aartox when you Q you jump over the map and you just dash down with all his power. Mechanics: First i have to clear that i did not saw a good Aartox play so far. Maybe its super powerfull in the right hands. But i want to talk about how dull his mechanics now. Q, super easy to kite, + if you dont have Q you simply cant do nothing. His only potential if you use W right but thats also easy to kite, I think he is just a high risk high reward champion, I liked the old one when you had to decide you go for sustain or the higher dmg with his old W. But now no thinking just spam abilities and try to hit right hehe... New E. It was a joke right? His E just made because he cant dash with his Q now, So they had to put in 1 dash ability. And here is his E only can use when you dash over walls, I really feel Riot fcking did not know what to put on his E ability so finally they decided on this. His R is similar to the old one so thats the only thing which is ok. :) All in all: He is just a base stat hero with his ridiculous passive dmg and life steal, He is exactly like an Udyr just without movement speed. Good job Riot. Next time if you have no idea how to rework a champion just skip it for later time maybe.
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Rstonius (EUW)
: Everything that is wrong with LoL right now.
How this got 4 downvotes really? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Most of about this is true, only braindead/greedy for kills players enjoy this meta, and only they can go on the ladder.
: The marksmen cris
You have no clue whats going on this meta. "tanks doesnot beat burst" Man did you face against a Mundo, Singed, Chogat or Sion? Its nothing about what class beats who!!! Nuke mages and brusiers always beated adcs, but they did not use it on bot. Games become shorter and Adc class has a later power spike, so simply most adc dont fit to the meta. Thats why there is the power up tactic with duo mid to get an Adcarry power spike earlier to carry the game.
: How Patch 8.11 will affect EU LCS
Absolutely interesting 1 snowball scuttle or first kill will decide games. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Although i like that they can pick any champ that hard counter enemy or can carry.
: What is Bronze like?
Rioter Comments
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Who's the most rewarding champion if you can hit skill-shots?
ssenerg (EUNE)
: My daily experience for the past year
RIOT wants to create more faster competitive games to be more enjoyable whaching pro games. Thats my conclusion for season 8. Now its completed with 8.11. most of my games just a base race to me. 0 tower power, Towers collaps like minions. That crazy shuttle boost in the river . If you have jungle control, you put behind even more the enemy in gold/xp to be impossible to come back. (Just a few days ago i saw that if Herald hits a tower with 40HP it destroys half the tower hp... Just why??? This should not work like this.) And all these affects players behaviour. There are trolls because everybody knows first 3 kills on one team wins game, first 2 towers wins game, Jungle cant farm in his own jungle lost game, 1 lane behind 50 cs lost game. So why they bother if they know who will win after 10 min? Just ff15 and go next. But of course there is always 1 who vote NO to wait 5 more min. For days i had only 2 games what we could turn around. (- 1: I had to steal baron with a GP ult. after that we could take the advantage and win with just 1 teamfight. -2: We destroyed 2 enemy inhibs but the enemy had tanks and we had not so after they could tank everything we lost.) As for the new items: I like the crit nerf and new items, it will change the meta a lot. Actually i hated that {{item:3087}}{{item:3094}} cancer meta. When the luckier poke adc won every game.
cssghost (EUNE)
: Stormrazor and Ezrael
I tought about that but i did not tried because EZ need a lot mana and i cant buy it for 1st item. But it works on GP so i really dont know if it could be a bug
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: It feel so nerfed that just give you opportunity to carry in min 50 ... when you full build , If I play normal and not of challenger/master I would get probably 3 high cost items which are infinity edge, stormrazor , lord Dominiks in min 34 ,where the gold income will be around 14 k or more ... depends how you farm ... , and with this bad update it feels so bad farming that I have no clue why items cost more =)) ,it's ACTUALLY FUNNY TO CHANGE THE GAME AND MAKE ITEMS COST HIGHER =)) , more funny than this is that every damn adc game got higher cost.... , so is not just 1 item ,almost all of them got increased cost ,so it feels so stupid that I have no ideea what was into riot head when they bring this patch ... Adc can't carry now in early game , can't carry in middle game, he need to wait for late game 50 + min to be full build , from my entire 15 games I had 0 with full build , why because game close faster than I could get there to get my full build so this is such a disaster that riot should be punished for!!!! I barrely do more damage as my support who have ap items , let's talk about morgana ,zyra ,zilean, some ap heroes who deal a lot in this role ,it serious so bad that you deal 20 k damage to enemy in min 34 :| , when before you used to apply that damage in min 17 if you was playing good or faster... The problem is that now adc feels so useless that you can't even carry the game if you are good ... , is feel too dumb this update who just turn the adc into the support role of the support , cause support carry now bot :| and adc just assist it ..
If you play crit adc and {{item:3031}} you did not read the patch notes. Adc' is not usless just you dont abuse the new items and playing with the same old adcs. There is 2 way of building adc. 1.) those adc who can abuse {{item:3095}} and {{item:3508}}, and cheap life steal items, can carry with 2 items already. {{champion:236}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:104}} 2.) The other way if you play with on hit adc like {{champion:110}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:96}} and abuse these items {{item:3124}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3115}} which give you a good early powerspike. Now {{item:3031}} only playable with Jhin and Tryndamere because they have passive crit. Others need too much time to be usefull with it.
Whitehman (EUW)
: Nerf Quinn's ulti. Increase her CD
Thats Quinns potential if you can abuse her ult. If you cant deal with it your team just sucks.
: Is this Khazix nerf bad?
I dont know this champ but i just met him in 2 games, and could 1 shot all game. I think he was nerfed because he would be too op with the new game changes. I
Zerrantoss (EUNE)
: You ruined the game - again
XD Varus is an op champ now. See you next week. :)
: First impressions of Pyke?
I think Pyke is a terrible champion for support. His only potential if you can 1 shot and use his hiding good. But mostly all supports can counter him. Its like playing Pantheon support. Worst champion concept so far from Riot.
: Oh boi, and I'm seeing this just right now. {{champion:421}} s ultimate isn't useless. Sure, the tank version was kinda better and she got good map pressure, I agree with that. But with the new ult you can still go or even more aggressive on the back- and frontline to pick out squishies or carries which works best as a bruiser with GA. Heck, some players are even playing her with full-crit and win some games in NA high elo. And she's still good as a tank too. You just need to know how to play it. Buuuut I would also like to see the old ultimate again.
You are right. Every champion can be playable in good hands or teamcomps. But with the reksai rework its like if we lost another champion and got a new one.
Rioter Comments
Egillion (EUW)
: Jhin's AD with Guinsoo's Rageblade..
Jhins Gunsio is bugged, it gives more ad than it should. This item is banned on LCK, and other E-sports on Jhin. I just dont know why its not banned on normal games.
: It's time for a NEW healer support :/
Dont hurt Soraka {{sticker:sg-soraka}} or you will get banana in .... you know where... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Watching the Dive... Feels like NA hates us.
First its really hard to know which region is better NA or EU, i think its the same. Second FNC or NA has no chance to win MSI. I think FNC is good in EU, but they are not that good against a similar bot lane, if you know what i mean. Second who thinks Korea era is over, He is just stupid. I think SKT wont be on MSI too if im not mistaken. Just look at KZ team members. Without doubt the best team so far in LoL history. Gorilla for me was always better than wolf. SKT underperforming because other LCK teams just soo much better. All korean teams have 2-3 world champions winner or second place members. SKT sold 2 of their best players and now SKT have just faker and a "OK" bot lane. I think Peanut is the best player in the world. If this meta wont change much mostly the better jungle can snowball and win. Second best is Khan. 3st is Gorilla.
RageChaos (EUW)
: Riven is very good team play champion. Fighter/bruiser/assasin that can engage can escape can bait and can burst and provide cc.
Of course. Tell me more {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Second champion to Cassiopeia?
1.) Cassio is good if your team has a lot slow or close up cc to easily hit and max your dmg from Q-E, also perfect for a shield or heal support. But usually need a good tank top or jungle to dont get focused first in team fights. 2.) I pick cassio only if i have a good use of my W. If a lot champs should use dash, like a Lee Sin, Talon, Riven, Wukong etc.. if you hit them with W in a all-in team fight they just cant do nothing until they walk away but than its too late. I dont pick cassio if the enemy mid has a 1 shot mage like Veigar, Lux, Syndra, Xerath etc... for them usually usless your W, and really hard to hit your R as they have more range. 3.) She never gets ban, If cassio is not good in your team pick whatever should be usefull.
RageChaos (EUW)
: Came back to play 2 games and what i think + idea.
Interesting i feel the opposite you say. If a team get advantage there is no turning back, they just go for objectives, towers and you can do nothing, and after 20 min 1 team has double gold than the other team. Maybe its because you just play that trash Riven, its a useless top laner, Like Lee Sin jungle or whatever. You have a little early advantage but in team fight you can do nothing, if you are not 2 lethality items ahead.
: How do you counter Kai'Sa?
A good {{champion:145}} cant be countered in jungle. I play kasai jungle and i only lose with her if we lose all lanes, and there are 2-3 feeders in my team. In a fair matchmaking, so easy to get 1st kill as you get a passive thats almost half hp of the enemy and you just need a little cc or dmg from your mate. +{{champion:145}} jungle is like a {{champion:102}} or {{champion:5}} you can counter it or get early lead, but if you get 1-2 item your jungle clearing gets faster and faster and you come back anyway if you are not in 1v9. + tanks are not a good way to stop her as she has a lot true dmg, no matter how much resistance you have. So you just have to avoid hard cc and burst, and after that you go for the ace. + Dont forget if you have {{champion:145}} jungle there are 2 adc, and both of them needs hard focus. - For bot {{champion:145}} is easier to beat. A Varus or Lucian with a poke support should punish {{champion:145}} badly.
: Choose 3 champs that you think can go from Bronze to Diamond and I rate you
{{champion:90}} mid {{champion:145}} jungle {{champion:40}} support Class: Utility or hypercarry
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