: My thumbs up emote is gone
Mine dissapeared when I got my first emote (I bought the Ahri one, I think it was named Charm)
: Yes, you do something really bad. You care about people you should mute the moment you understand they are flaming you. After all, you really think that reading their insults or try to reason with them is going to do anything even remotely useful? It's not. At best, you zone out of the game and tilt even easier than you otherwise would, at worse, you can be dragged into a flame war and get punished for it. So first rule to get better: ignore and mute flamers. And of course report them in end screen.
Thanks, I'll deffinitely take your advice and mute people a lot sooner now! When two or more people group against you and make you the reason the game isn't going well, it puts so much pressure and it's even harder to perform decent as they're breathing in your neck and pointing out every single thing you do.
K4tárina (EUNE)
: Would you like me to show you some things myb to help you improve, if so add this acc: Stonescrusher i will just show ya some small things and help you improve a bit and give ya some tips
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: the instant feedback message isn't 100% it only shows if the person got banned with that game being the final cause ie if he plays another game gets reported in it and then gets banned you won't get the instant feedback but if you play a game he logs off and then gets banned after some time you will get the message on the toxicity part yeah i don't know i've dealt with this kind of shit since season 2 when i started ranked it's nothing new the difference is that back in the day people were allowed to talk shit and vent properly now people are repressed and they have to find a lot more unique ways of being toxic on one hand it's sometimes funny on the other it takes a lot more energy and effort to tell you to "proceed to ccoitus thyself in the area the sun doesn't witness" than to simply "go %%%% yourself"
I see, well then I'm really hoping that those harassers do get what they deserve eventually, thanks for the quick response! May I ask how exactly the punishments work, ie do they get a warning when they're about to get punished, and what are the punishments, is it muting chat, or getting temp banned etc ?
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