Èclair (EUNE)
: Copy-paste from [previous comment](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/new-player-advice-euw/jo0AHGJA-blue-essence-system-still-a-problem?comment=0004) I made on this topic: > [{quoted}](name=MadEclair,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=jo0AHGJA,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-08-29T16:15:39.984+0000) > > So my level 10 smurf at the moment has champion pool consisting of: {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:498}} > > Let's break it down, shall we? > > * **Brand** and **Garen** are free champions unlocked by leveling (I didn't include their value in the estimate since I'm not sure they are given as permanent shards). _I thought Ashe was also part of it but I don't have her and I didn't disenchant any permanent shards _; > * **Lux** was given to me for free for completing tutorial as her. Her permanent shard was worth **1575 BE**; > * **Darius, Miss Fortune, Master Yi and Cait** were given to me for completing missions following the tutorial. I'm yet to claim Ahri as a part of the mission chain but those champion shards were worth 2400, 1575, 225 and 2400 BE, wich gives total of **6 600 BE**; > * **Janna** was unlocked from regular shard, so her value is **270 BE**; > * **Annie, Talon and Xayah** were unlocked via shard permanent awarded from buddy missions. Their respective value is 225, 2400 and 3150 with **5 775 BE** total. > > If I were to disenchant all those shards, I would have additional 14 220 BE on top of 4 620 BE I got laying around, wich sets value of my 10 level smurf account to whopping **18 820 BE**. You can almost buy three 6,3k BE champions with that. > > **I didn't put any money into this account. > I didn't get any champion shards from chest drops, only champion capsules and shards from mentioned quests.** Newbies don't really need champion pool consisting of 100 characters. I'm playing this game since season 2 and I can't even get my grip on mastering 100 champions, let alone a person that just starts playing this game.
I see, I see. But, a bad history doesn't mean it's still not a bad design. But I do get what you're saying, it's better than it was.
HdtvSK (EUW)
: It's pretty ridiculous, but on the other hand most people only like 2-3 champions at best, figure out what champions you like and master them, it takes a long time anyway.
How do you know what champion you like, when you can't test them all for free? It takes forever to get to play them if you're saying wait for free rotation. Plus, when you play on free rotation you're not even eligible to recieve rewards for them, so that still makes it bad. Just bad design, but they can't accept that it is. Just like EA GAMES with their Battlefield Vagana.
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