: What? Are you sure this is the right comment? If it is, care to elaborate what my comment has in common with yours?
> [{quoted}](name=KING 5HARK,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WL9NpBL5,comment-id=000900000001,timestamp=2016-04-24T19:53:34.423+0000) > > How are people supposed to understand a tone in your voice if there is no voice? In all seriousness, if you use sarcasm without /s or some other indicator on the internet, youre probably either an idiot or didnt think before you wrote anything(NO OFFENSE). How do you think someone should see through your comment with all the bullshit that is posted on reddit/the boards/the internet? All take a lucky guess and just assume you are not one of the retards that spam forums with their QQ? Saying that pigs can't look up would be an insult to pigs.
: i had a 7/22/1 riven in my team today. our jungler still ganked for her when she was 2/8 against ap shaco. and 2/21/4 mf on the enemy team in another game "omg velkoz perma cc"
Haha, our riven flamed panth when he was 0/2 against quinn top instead of ganking.
Frozen379 (EUNE)
: I can't even...
Yes I do know that kda means nothing at all, you can stop trying to comment that.
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Mr Naekh (EUW)
: Secret to climbing (and get free money and fame, bring back loved ones)
Serious question though: I had a game where my (I am supp) adc was kinda, well let's just say, shit/having a bad game. I didn't flame or anything but adviced him/her not to flash when enemy is full hp (we were semi chasing which is already bad enough and he flashes to catch up, wtf). Then after a bit when he/she really needed flash, obviously died. Another one was when he/she flashed away from fight then just walked a bit to nearest brush and started backing while (already fed) lb just WW'D into brush and istakilled that adc, I just kinda passive agressively said that moving your ass to fountain faster is safer (as in keep running instead of standing still). Seems like both times he/she got it and even said thanks both times, didn't see any more flashes for full hp enemies that game either... Am I just lucky to get such rare find when a bronze (I am bronze myself) is actually willing to get advice instead of flaming me and telling me to get cancer and die because of it while I am burning in blazing inferno? Our midlaner was kinda the same, but well NOBODY flamed in our team and played, and eventually we won, enemy had one afk, but lb was kinda fed. TL;DR Should I try to advice people or should I just add this to the "never argue" list? (No I didn't have to spam those "advices")
Strižník (EUNE)
: ou yes, small champion pool helps you to climb up. But then... The higer your ELO is, harder is any champion swap, or trying new hero. And you need new champs. Otherway it falls into routine and you stop enyoing the game.
I have big champion pool and I never swap with anyone, because nobody has big champion pool...
Lawful (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Frozen379,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZL2Azbd2,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-04-26T13:49:08.411+0000) > > Elo hell doesn't exist. Because elo heaven does not either... Thats deep.
PlizNerf (EUW)
: Worst mistake possibly made by riot was to put mastery into this gamemode, nothing but tryhards, everytime yi xinzhao zed ezreal morgana maokai evelyn galio and so on, tanks and adc doing stupid amounts of damage and surviving cause lifesteal wasn't balanced for this gamemode.. man wtver I'll stick to normals
Goes to a mode where everything is broken as it wasn't designed for almost double the max cooldowns (yeah, 80%, but atm max is 45%, used to be 40% when urf was originally made so kinda still double...) Complains about how broken everything is.
: God forbid you do bad in a lane against Shaco and Ezreal because they didn't ban them as well. Wanted to try Warwick because of having huge sustain and a 14 second ult I think it was. Too bad I could never get chance to farm as Shaco and Ezreal is just poke city. Needless to say me and Irelia was blamed for the loss because picking Melee champs is an instant loss in Urf, or so they claimed. xD (When some of the most OP champs in URF are Melee)
Early game? yes Later? You must be stupid not to spam Q and ignore them completely, doesn't matter whether you go tank or full AP...
: You guys should try Tahm Kench . It helps a lot after you lost a urf where you had almost no fun playing
I 1v1'd syndra in midlane and she started flaming after dying 2 times.
: How are people supposed to understand a tone in your voice if there is no voice? In all seriousness, if you use sarcasm without /s or some other indicator on the internet, youre probably either an idiot or didnt think before you wrote anything(NO OFFENSE). How do you think someone should see through your comment with all the bullshit that is posted on reddit/the boards/the internet? All take a lucky guess and just assume you are not one of the retards that spam forums with their QQ?
Are you that one kid who would also flame me if I asked why you build X instead of Y? Because that one kid takes everything as a personal assault, basically feminist.
: I don't care about the meta (unless it's ranked). I play certain champions becuase of their playstyle and the way you can mechanically outplay someone. For me, anything but ranked is for fun. And also: - I always have fun playing and won't let it be ruined by some kind of... tryhard - Premades can do whatever they want but their reports are instantly thrown into the bin because they're false. Retaliation is useless - I'll never obey anyone, I am independant and remorseless - Mistakes can't be prevented, they can just be reduced - I'll not suffer any flaming, there is a little button that prevents it I don't know if this post should be serious or just a joke, but I will never ever take any game serious.
I don't care about meta if it's ranked. #I DO NOT COUNT ITEM BUILDS AS GAME META EITHER, BUT FOR PEOPLE THAT DO, WELL BE HAPPY I DON'T PLAY AP RIVEN I build what works for me(ap riven doesn't work and is trolling 100% of the time) on what I can play good enough to even bother taking it to ranked.
: > [{quoted}](name=Frozen379,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WL9NpBL5,comment-id=00170000,timestamp=2016-04-26T18:24:05.782+0000) > > I caught on with it, played few games with her, got rekt by AP malphite (ULT + Q + E = DED AHAHAHAHAHAH), guess which I preferred more after that. Lol, well, I had 150 K mastery points with her before URF, so I do fairly well with Sona on a regular day. That helps in URF mode ;) Only onse I had trouble with was Shaco and Alistair, for some reason.
You meant ping pong game while invisible guy gets you from behind kappa.
: > [{quoted}](name=Frozen379,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=llYOijAr,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-26T16:03:56.913+0000) > > Then just autoban people with such QQ threads because you know that they made smurf just for that? To QQ on forums? As they already are banned on original one? You kinda missed the point here. The QQ threads are simply a symptom of bans resulted to otherwise well behaving players who do not know that report calling is A) useless and B) bannable offense. If Riot would create a clear infomercial of why people should not report call there would be less bans due to it and thus also less QQ threads. If you catch my drift.
How about stop arguing and realize that if you say "Report X for *some retarded reason*", it is actually reportable and counted as negative behaviour? If I catch your drift.
: Thanks for teaching him stuff for me. :)
Rule number one: Stop following meta and master 1-5 champions you like or die in burning inferno. P.s. "non meta picks" are a lot better because nobody plays them, nobody gets rekt by them, nobody knows how to play against them...
: Okay, i don't want to sound rude but why would Aatrox exist, if not to be played with?
Normally noobs try him, feed and blame champion, then want everyone to blame the champion too.
: As aatrox in some matchups (when you need to rely on your abilities not your autoattacks) starting off ap is actually better (going into a hybrid build with tank stats of course near the end kind of like jax) Or idc i found it better this way (in some certain matchups like vs jax or teemo) xd And if a riven who is building ap can win lane and do more kills than deaths i dont give a damn about it xD I do still think that build is bad for riven but if the guy can win with it i will not have a word on it :)
That was twisted treeline and not even ranked, I was talking about ranked. If I meet him in ranked I will instadodge.
: If you go Blitzcrank jungle though in a ranked...
Look at cook13's post and go play ap riven jungle, it's totally fine if you want to win! Nah seriously, even ap blitz in bronze... I WILL INSTADODGE EVEN IF THAT MEANS 30 MIN WAIT AND BRONZE V 0 LP AGAIN.
: I climbed out of bronze playing only support and occasionally mid. What's your excuse? Get good, learn the champions and their builds,get out your confort zone and practice other roles.
My excuse? Well I asked for tips, wasn't Qq'ing about my team too much and didn't really play too much ranked since I lost 3x promos in a row. Which was last year, so obviously can't climb while playing normals, I guess?
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: You have some restrictions since you can't earn a loot?
Rito pls nerf misunderstanding or I will uninstall...
Goldcloak (EUNE)
: Iam not much of a forum guy but getting perma without warning makes me want to blow off some steam ty for listening and not being a polak anyway
If you aren't bulshitting me, just contact them again, they *might* think about it again.
: I did it once, won the game, and yes, I did try to win. The biggest reason behind the build was to bring the great shame of losing 1v1 against an ap Riven with GP to an extremely salty enemy.
: > 5) DO NOT REPORT A SUMMONER FOR NOT STICKING TO THE METAGAME https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player#h2q5
Okay, just tell me one thing, just one simple thing, either yes or no. #Do you think any sane person who wants to win would buy AP on riven? Go AP aatrox in ranked? Just because there's "Rule 5" does not mean that every "break the meta" (I don't follow meta btw) is viable and not a troll to ruin my ranked game. If yes, then uninstall, if no, then let's stop arguing, alright? Because first of all you have to be good at something to play it, not just "play out of meta ap riven omfg so gud" and make me lose another ranked game. Edit: Either way I won't respond anymore.
Goldcloak (EUNE)
: Everyone reports for flame even if it was about trolling and afk because it works
Well exactly my point, except I did a test on my smurf and it seems that intentionally feeding is apparently, NOT punishable as I didn't get even a damn warning. (Poor low levels)
Goldcloak (EUNE)
: For example in ranked game in s5 I lost Internet,later I open the game to find a chat ban.. That's how flawful the system is
Maybe you did flame before and riot found your chat log when you got reported for afk which most of the time people still spam "verbal abuse"... Anyway never got that either, except leaverburster got my ass after afking for 2 games. (one was internet, other RQ)
Goldcloak (EUNE)
: Scripters aren't stick in silver 2 for more than a month. And how aggressive the community on the banned players makes me sad of idolizing the tribunal that we know has endless flaws
Personally I can't recall any ban or mute which I didn't deserve so this conversation is pointless at this point, I can't help in any way doesn't matter what I say.
: It doesn't matter what you think, I just stated how things are.
Yeah I will totally try to win with ap riven... If I try to win it's acceptable, right?
: Report over a championpick?
"Report X for picking Y" can be reported as negative behaviour. Just for future reference. If it was punishable for picking Y, I don't think Y would exist in game in the first place.
: Don't worry, you'll not be punished for picking a champion or using a build that's uncommon, as long as you try to win with it. At least this is what Riot has stated. It doesn't matter if it's ranked or normal, you can go ahead and play something like AP Aatrox if you want to, as long as you try to win with it.
No, just no. Normal - do whatever you want, this is where you can test builds, champions (AND SHOULD). Ranked - play only what you can play, no AP aatroxes and other bs, thanks. yes you probably can play ap aatrox, but why just not get some tanky items, bork and kill your enemies with more efficient way without having to wait for ult just to do the damage... then become useless again until it goes off cooldown like other abilities?
Goldcloak (EUNE)
: Maybe someone did it on my acc but I checked the history and no only I play and support keeping all info away
Every game has false positives, but LoL doesn't get that many script kiddies so idk why you would be legit.
Goldcloak (EUNE)
: For some reason my 1year old acc gets banned for scripting that I didn't do and support says no u did. What can we do? Nothing
I used mkjogo before, didn't even get a warning, don't use anymore anyway, maybe probably because I mostly got banned for flame... Either way I call bullshit m8.
Rhasta (EUW)
: Excuse me, lying to myself...? Unlike you, I never had the luxury of pocket money, and had it earn it by working in restaurants or delivering stuff on weekends for pocket money. Now that I'm older, I'm teaching piano for my income. I'm not exactly sure what you think I'm lying about,
Still sounds like bragging right now but I would get *some* money only once a month, not really what you would normally call "pocket money".
: Normal game etiquette
Sounds like TF2 rules. I can agree both communities kinda suck(flame rage etc), but LoL one does more... Including me. So yeah, they should try this. Get friendly hoovies into LoL! Rito pls braum hoovy skin kappa.
: help me pls
I you need to ask if you will get banned after not flaming for 3 months. I congratulate you, you don't give a shit about how you act, you just are scared only of consequences, but don't understand that it's because what you do is wrong! Now get your childish ass to work and do something like I am trying to, and reform for real, to become a better person, not just in this game. P.S. I never had a question like this come to my mind, I thought there couldn't be worse than me. Anyway to really answer, yes you will get banned, they reset all history to give chance for everyone, equal one. And many people (me too sadly) still didn't care about it and kept doing whatever they want... Then make threads like this.
Honuz (EUW)
: Na, there is one chat log only. In pre chat Lucian said "do not worry i'll carry", i'm supp. Lucian said that i was bad cause i do not save him .. well.. he as been caught by Blitz at least 5 times .. ! So .. to reply to his assumption that i'm a bad supp, i asked him where was his carrying. About the dash .. well .. i peeled Blitz near our red to let's say 30% life ... he run .. flash to Drag pit .. and ... annnndd ... Lucian miss his dash .. and bang in the wall .. Blitz escape. Lucian will end 0/9/3 in this game and flamed me only because ... he was bad and can't carry. I warned him un pre chat cause i wanted to take a supp that was able to carry, Lux, Zil or even Sona.. that's were he said .. "no take a tank i'll carry". When i said "you're kind" it's the other supp said "naaa you're ok Alistar, your adc suck" ... lol.In fact i really feel that i was the cool guy in this chat log.. problem is that the agressive part is missing .. the one from the other players.
Weird. You see, I NEVER got less than 3 chat logs, but ALWAYS 3, maybe I am just that bad, but most of the time you get banned/muted because of several games, not just one.
Rhasta (EUW)
: I'm afraid your idea, although interesting, won't really work... Considering if the opponent bans all three of your chosen champion, or the fact that your team mates could've chosen the same champion as you have (jungle nautilus, top nautilus + support nautilus, for example)... things like that would complicate the issue massively. Also, I just feel like that won't really help you improve in League of Legends, confining yourself to solely playing a handful of champions and just one role. Lastly, think about the Queue times. If we randomly pick 50 League of Legends players, you'd be lucky to find 1 support main in there somewhere. I myself rarely finds another support main other than me. I have no problems queuing for ranked just because my role is desperately needed by everyone else searching for games. If you're a mid lane main, you'd have to wait possibly half an hour for a game, and that will be disastrous for Riot's business.
Explains why I got support 5 times in a row even if I set my support as secondary and wanted to go top. (I main support anyway so wasn't an issue really)
Rhasta (EUW)
: oh... that's bad then -.- Get a job, or at least a part time one ^^
Stop lying to yourself, I am just a bronze kid like everyone else :^) Also it was technically already "my" money which I saved up over time as I used not to buy anything at all for a few years. While my sisters would just spend everything they get on the same day XD
Frozen379 (EUNE)
: I got banned for nothing
1 Downvote already, hmm let's think who that might be, oh right kid flamer who got banned and makes QQ threads. Community in a nutshell, when I got banned I stuck my QQ up my ass and did other things, not kept spamming here how I don't deserve it and how nice I am (because I am not). Just saw quite a few threads like "this one" and decided to waste your time, bye.
: > GG report support....didn't ward my asshole hmmm maybe i should try playing support more often :3 {{champion:119}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:32}} {{summoner:3}} if you know what i mean
{{champion:121}} Don't forget to buy pinks or you will find out that your adc got STD called evelynn-phobia Oh wait, that happens only in urf and nobody adc's in urf.
: Got it, makes sense to me. Wish me luck!
Goodluck to never meet me in ranked! (Phew you can't actually.)
Rhasta (EUW)
: https://gyazo.com/a49e52449e8c4f913822f19d081e51ad Oh please, 250 Euros are nothing ^^
But I stole them from my mom :( (Kappa)
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einar43 (EUW)
: Criers in normal games
Ahahhahah, I just wish it was you in my first time jungling, I had 4 "friends I met online" who wanted me to jungle, saying it will be alright... Just to fucking flame me all game for all mistakes when I am jungling for my first time ever.
Mada (EUW)
: You can get it here. But be careful, it also shows you how much moneys you spent and it might give you the sads. https://privacy.riotgames.com/en_US/
I SPENT 250EUR ON LoL??? This is what love and girls did to me. (Yeah, I never spent a single cent on any game ever before I had a girlfriend, idk why it changed) KILL ME PLS.
Kilroy666 (EUW)
: First of all why would you change team behaviour ? it will cost you lots of energy and may affect own behaviour. You should focus on yourself more then on team, Lead by example! keep your spirit high.
In my last game I was spamming memes and teaching mf how to play. (ranked is best place to argue about how to play!!!) Little did I fucking know she will thank me twice and not even a bad word in my team will be said that game... I honestly expected some flame when she died (because of my fault as I initiated with around 250 health, at least she thought so, while I was just ulting to let her run away), but she didn't flame xd Sometimes you can get a team which plays like levels 10-15 (mf flashes for kill when enemy is at full hp, flashes out then goes back in and etc, doing it multiple times) I told her if she flashes she should just run without stopping (after she died to lb when she flashed away but stopped in brush (why??)) and she just said thanks, not sure if sarcasm or she will actually do it different next time, anyway it's not that hard to change how your team plays. (Yeah I was support) Kinda similar with akali who would feed because of going back in when there's teammate fighting (she has like 30 hp and jumps on full hp enemy adc while I am dunking it into the ground and mf tries too) We fucking won that game anyway, GG #Reported for verbal abuse and trying to change team behaviour, kappa Nevertheless, that game happened and I think I can find something good even in bronze... Which is kinda very weird.
Honuz (EUW)
: No really ?
ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND I can see only one chat log, normally you get 3 game chat logs. Yeah you deserve it.
Rhasta (EUW)
: Well, I only have your word for that. Whether or not I believe you doesn't matter, I can't make a judgement until I actually see. I think this conversation will get nowhere until you're willing to show how good you are at the game, as I don't want to make an assumption without any basis.
Even though I play for 3 years (with kinda long breaks inbetween that period) I used to base on other player skill a lot more than on myself (this guy sucks, I will just get fed by him and roll over all team too). Except when it's ranked, it seems that my enemies always are Gold++, even though they are same bronze V's and IV's like me and I do nothing but farm(as firstly I try to get some small damage and back off except they seem to know how to punish me for wasting ability and trying to go away, my own fault) and then come to teamfights (which start at like 12 mins, lol) just to fail miserably. Comparing to normals my laner gets scared of me when I do that and teamfights start at 20+ mins...
Crai (EUW)
: Dude, at this point I'm not sure if you're trolling me or not.
The only troll is that I will go flame in bronze like I always do, even though it's true, for all games except last 4 ranked ones, I flamed really hard(in all other ranked games, not all of normals urf and etc...)... Just trying to reform :P
Rhasta (EUW)
: Getting discouraged by other people on your gameplay is not the way to improve, but it is extremely normal. We're humans, after all. It's not your fault. There are many people who blind themselves into thinking they're better than what they can do. This is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect, where less skilled people falls into a sense of deluded superiority, whereas smart people feels inferior. In a general summary, stupid people doesn't understand just how bad they are, whereas smart people thinks the things they find easy are things everyone finds easy, and therefore they're not significant. This doesn't apply to everyone, but it applies to a lot of people. To truly understand yourself, you'd need to criticise your own actions, and find any faults in what you do. So in this case, your Vayne and your Jungler suffers from Dunning-Kruger effect. Whether it's serious or not, it doesn't concern you and you should focus on yourself, and to try your best to understand your own game play, your own skill level, your own understanding. I've already said that I can't really help you much further than this unless you show me some gameplay of yours. There are various recording softwares available, as well as online services (replay.gg).
To be honest I believe I deserve(Kappa, ego, ego everywhere) at least Silver V as some people with Gold V+ thought I was kinda good at the game while I just have my bronze V shining all over the place.
Rhasta (EUW)
: If you're bad at a certain champion, you're going to be in a big disadvantage no matter who you face, so unless you want to get better at him/her, don't try her in ranked. Instead, play her in normals to train. If the opponent ADC instalocks Vayne, they're either extremely confident, or incredibly cocky. Punish that decision and assume they're just cocky. Use champions that negates what Vayne does, for example Braum, or Nautilus, or Thresh. They have a strong engage as well as AOE abilities to counter Vayne's Final Hour + Tumble. They're tanky enough for the time being to survive Vayne's damage output, and provide enough CC to shut her down... all this said, you'd have to land your abilities first. If your ally instalocks Vayne, you should also assume he/she is just cocky. Try and find out her playstyle - is she a passive farmer early game, or aggressive? If you don't know, assume the former and pick someone who's good at disengaging. For example, Nami, Janna or Thresh (I like thresh ^^). Consider more about what champion suits better at what situation, and decide on that. This comes from experience, and I can tell you all the matchups I've learnt, but you won't be able to learn anything until you experience it yourself.
*As a dedicated bronze V main (literally) I can tell you every vayne is cocky and agressive trying to fight instead of farm that delicious bork to kill them later*. Sadly I have only Janna (I used to kinda main her before but not too sure how I would do with her if I picked her again for now) from what you mentioned, but I will make sure to try it, for now I won all 3 matches with braum in ranked (not 3 in a row but last 3 braum matches were won one or another way), so I guess I will stick to him for now, not that I like him or I think he is op, I just like that I can jump in front of my (sometimes stupid adc who always makes bad decisions) and take morgana's Q (or even blitz in worst case.....) instead of them. With hopes that they will back off while I slowly die... #*Enemy double kill, gg report braum noob* And I never pick a champion that I am bad at in ranked, I play only what I tried out before and have some sort of success... For example I have malzahar, I bought him yesterday but now I don't even want to play him in normals because I got a jungler flamer as I was doing poorly against annie with him (first time ever playing lol). On the other hand I have played shaco teemo sona and janna a lot, did good with braum most of the time even if I still have him on mastery level 3, so I pick those champions instead (teemo might not be a good idea to carry though)
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