: Why ask advice from a plat mid laner when you could get it from a diamond/master player? What you're doing is good but you're not good enough (not saying you aren't good) to be able to give advice to players. Like you can give a bit of advice but you can't really coach at this stage.
hi, yes im plat main mid laner, but remember this, not everyone coaching free, if take diamond/master players they most want money for coaching, im here cuz i like to help other, and im doing for free :)
: Looking for mentality advice
hi, the way i deal with inside game... i ignore the chat... i dont mute just ignore. when someone play bad (team mates) i just dont care and think about "just play to have fun", sure not fun when jungler give kills, but remember u can still win over the enemy, it all mater what ur doing :) ignore and just focus to play for fun always work for me
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: Help me improve
hi, im a main mid player, main ahri, neeko, anivia. i can play lux, syndra... u can contact me on discord FrozenGlace#2121 i can help with coaching :) or any advice :)
: Looking for a coach midlaner
hi, i can help with coaching :) can contact me on discord FrozenGlace#2121 Im a main mid laner, (maining ahri, neeko, anivia) i think i can help :)
: I need Coaching
I can help u for sure :) can contact me on discord FrozenGlace#2121 Im main Mid laner so :)
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: I wanna play mid but...
Hi, im a main mid laner. i dont play katarina, but i can tell that katarina is not easy to play... i would advice like i did about anivia, to focus something similar something easier... I would advice to take assasin's that is easier, diana is one example. about me and Anivia (anivia is also difficult) i did take my focus on ahri (my 1 main), and i did practice with ahri, anivia use her q to use her e... so with ahri i practice alot with charm (e), so i would advice to practice with another champion that is easier, that way i learned anivia better :) Hope everything good!
Shamose (EUW)
: Still better than ubisoft support.
to be honest, longest wait time i ever had with riot is 1 week, then i dont even message my own ticket xD
: Yes, exactly. Every time you add a message in your ticket, the ticket gets pushed back as if it's a new one
I must say, its ridiculous if its gonna be like that... maybe riot need to change this... cuz its people sending ticket that message more cuz they have more information...
: I do not know about you, but the evenings when I play and when I have a problem with the game there is no one to fix this, they write in a few days with just one of my messages without referrals. I have the feeling that 5 people work for the entire Support team player. Everything is extremely slow with their answers and most of the times the answers are useless. I had bought my skin and I could not play with it all night because it had a bug with the skin itself. It was 8-9 pm I wrote them and they answered me after 2 days after I had paid for my skin and there was a problem, they decided it after 2 days ... which was absurd I could not use their product that I personally bought. For me, Support Player Team is at a low level in some areas.
thats very weird, i have had problem with their pack, like the Ahri KDA pack... i had problem all time with the pack (they fix it now) that i never got the kda ward... and when i did go to support, i did take live chat with them, and it did get fix same day... right now cant use live chat, thats too bad, cuz i think that work better than sending a ticket
: Whenever you send another message, you ticket gets pushed to the end of the list again, so you're basically making yourself wait by sending more messages. Wait for your turn and they will answer you. There is also less of them working during the week ends which is quite normal
im not giving new ticket, im only sending message on my own ticket.
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