: not a bug. only players from last year have it
I had it and now it's gone. Can't buy it again.
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: The mission is to activate your Poro.
My poro was active before this mission appeared and was completed.
: That mission is for the effect ingame, not the icon itself. The mission basically appears ONLY after you craft the icon.
Interesting - I crafted whatever is to craft, played one game where I had both my icon and poro, and then got the mission with the reward - poro. So this is this rare bug, that Rito makes none of - lag with missions and rewards? ;)
: Why do you cry ? You get it right away, fk off that mission.
I could spend those 70 tokens on something else - two more things to choose from.
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: Its early in the season, people are still climbing, give it a month or two when they are back where they belong, bronzies are back in bronze and plat + are back where they are supposed to be and games will be less tough. i for one love the challenge :D, playing against diamonds teaches me a whole bunch tbh, ive never been higher than plat mmr. Whereas when i play against bronze and silvers, its like a machine, they step out of line, you kill them, its that simple.
Yea, my highest was S1, I presume I could go as high as G5/G4 maybe, so playing against Plat is not something fun ;) Also I can win my lane, but what good my damage does (many times I had more than 2x damage than my team) when nobody follows even if somebody engages, then I follow as a mage, but that's it... It's frustrating. And I don't get this - why seed Plats in Bronze? Is this some wicked trick to make me hate this game? I've spent real money on that because I thought it was fun. Now I don't think this any more and won't buy skins - good job rito.
: yes its normal in gold we get vs diam and plat
Good to know - this gives me motivation to play when I lose every 8 out of 10 games doing good on my line and helping others, but my bot feeds.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Why are you looking at what players had in season 6? We're in season 7 now. You're also not matched up based on ranking, but rather your MMR. Both teams have roughly the same MMR, and an equal chance of winning.
Trust me man - I was in that game and it was not equal chance of winning. Guy from bot wanted to trade for mid - my friend agreed and then this mate takes Teemo and feeds mid :( Also Olaf top did horribly against Yasuo - this was not even a close fight :(
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: I didn't even knew people checked stats and ranks in aram I'm sorry to say, but people that complain about normal games already makes me laugh and this is a whole new level ! You shouldn't bother really, it's aram.. just have fun :)
If you enjoy dying so much, maybe it's fun for you. I check the stats only when I am not able to leave my turrent and even there the whole enemy team dive so good that they score ace between our turrets. Then yes, I check whay is that happening and I see this match making - I would like to play a game where I can win. This one I couldn't even scratch the bottom ;(
Baterijaaa (EUNE)
: Did u win the match?
Yes, I won the match in loosing the ARAM ;)
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