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: Rift Scuttler nightmare Rift Scuttler best friend River lurker Nature is my home In grass I live {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
i like the last one thanks surely gonna use!
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: Thanks Riot
what app, please info!
: Longest solo/duo queue winning streak?
like 13winstreak to dia4 and then a good ol' lose streak:D
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: The Paradox of Flame
Hello, i have been banned like 4 times, permamently, 2times cuz i was in promos to dia5 and i was so tilted and just rocking my role hard, but other lanes were feeding and i just write some abusive stuff, but next two bans i got was because i was answering guy which were taunting me , i reported him after game but i got banned. But now atm, im improving and i have honor lvl5 and ive trying to see in every lose, mistakes i have made and watch replays, and if somebody is trying to taunt or argue im just muting , and trying to tell focus on game dont blame, and say like good words , we can do it just play, and stuff.


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