IvAnHoE84 (EUNE)
: (Suggestion) Volume in champselect
Task bar>Bottom right>speaker icon>right click it>open volume mixer if thats what you mean :C
: League of Legends Anime?
League of Legends Series Animated By Madhouse {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} GIVE IT TO ME!
Cypherous (EUW)
: Riot, i ended up in bronze 5 after my placements
hoodieman (EUNE)
: Stats for supports
This wouldnt be the best thing to do, i believe people will be even more toxic even tho the stats would be nice to have... Imagine a thresh having used 40qs and 6 of them found a target.. "AAA NOOB THRESH RIPORT IT HE LOST US THE GAME" xD
: Overpowerd champions
Top: Poppy Mid: Twisted Fate Bot: Graves and support i would guess janna Jungle: Reksai
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: 3 RP Riot...
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi GR Heisenberg, If you're referring to the personalised snowdown store, these do not change. The only time they changed was on the first day for EUNE due to an issue and the store had to be reset, but your friends should not be getting new cards every day.
i either got trolled or their cards are getting changed everyday.. well i can snitch you my friends for some RP tho
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Azy Sin (EUNE)
: Ilaoi is not broken.
I stopped reading when you said " no sarcasm" xD
Eveninn (EUW)
: When you start heading down the road of toxicity, ...
i head to the road of toxicity when: I count the hooks my support uses and he will land one out of 10, and after a while he blame me that i suck.. From the lobby i type that i will need 1/4 of the ganks that enemy team will do and i get none even when i set him up for one, the responce is "learn to play without ganks" and i get none.. I try to comunicate with pings, they ignore my pings, they die,and i get flamed for pinging.. In the first and second case i probably just go afk just because i dont want my mood to be ruined.. I think every week there should be a window (unskippable) for 10-20 minutes that would explain the summoners code and why you should follow them, and what you can earn by following them or something..
Okatec (EUNE)
: Lucian: The Culling (R) not doing bonus damage to minions
Same!!!!!!!!!!! i was like "HELL YEAA I KILLED THE ENEMY AND NOW IM GONNA PUSH THOSE WAVES TO THE TOWER AND THEN RECALL!!!!" I ulted and i barelly killed 2 minions.. FeelsBadMan..
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Stell (EUNE)
: One more thing riot could do to make people buy dem wards
: What Champ makes you tryhard the most?
None xD, it depends on the match.. Now that the season is over and a large amount of people that are boosted and are playing ranked i dont even mind loosing games, there is no reason to try to win..
: Best sentence you ever said after a penta?
: Female streamers
The worst part is not when a woman/girl thinks that she deserves to be threated special because she is a "girl" and she "plays video games".. The worst part is when she actually does get threated special, some of them dont even play video games, they just drink alcohol, say some stupid shit, and here comes the donations and the new car next month.. Dont get me wrong, i dont have anything with this kind of woman, you put a title that you play league of legends or something and instead you smoke cigs and drink alcohol? And you getting paid for this?????? Thats a bravo from me! But.. What kind of people the internet have? And what opinion those woman have about these man in their mind? Does anyone think that? Food for thought..
: I dont bother with dpi at all, i just adjust the sensitivity for my death adder.. I dunno, what the difference between sensitivty and dpi to start of?
They say DPI is the "resolution" and sensitivity is how fast the cursor moves.. I heard if you balance those 2 to your style it can really help, but i dont know myself too much about this matter..
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Hey! I have the same mouse, and I run it at 2100 DPI.
Good stuff!! For mousepad you use the g240 or g440? Or just an other one?
: Steelseries Sensei: 810 DPI, Windows 6/10, Ingame 40 Mousespeed As former EAS CS player I am using CPL MouseFix ofc :D Btw. I don't see any reason to go high DPI. I mean if your sensor can register mouse movements over 1/100 mm fine, but this won't have positive impact on your performance. Unless you are a robot with ultra precise hand movement xD
Ofc there isnt any reason to play in high DPI,in league of legends at least.. High DPI can lead to the opposite of precision and accuracy in fact xD What CPL MouseFix is?
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Kljestic (EUNE)
: You can say anything but they atleast can get countered on lane or counter jungled! And who counter riven? Hmmmmm oh yeah! If you are able to hack flash cooldown to 0 you are able to counter riven! (But only in escape you still wouldn't be able to fight her!)
Because you dont know how to counter riven it doesnt matter its not possible, dont change the subject from "easy champ" to "how to counter" champ just because you dont know what else to say and because you just proved that you are not as skilled as you trying to prove to be. If you dont know how to counter riven its just sad. PEACE {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
A Ocean (EUW)
: Completely wrong analogy. When you get attacked by people with guns, you have to defend yourself. When you get flamed by idiots, it's 100% your fault if you retaliate and you deserve a ban.
Kljestic (EUNE)
: Hahaha says someone who has riven on the top of mastered champions!
Master yi/vlad main just said that {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Oh you're that "Omg this junglers, no ganks" or "My support is so bad, doesnt ward"- guy?
Kljestic (EUNE)
: I am scared of ranked!
: If I do bad in a game....
Best part is when someone have a bad game, and he doesnt admit it and he starts blaming others(thats what i do, HUE!)
: Tips to lane against blitz?
There isnt any magic trick or tip xD you either dodge the grab or stay behind minions.. or run away from him but this probably will cost you xp lose since minions will die in the meantime while u aint around.. learn to juke
: "I Agree" Leaver Buster
Riot will ban all 10 players that are in a match if their server crash.. ok jk But when it comes to riot there is no fair justice, thats what i learned the last few years.. i was in a normal game with a friend and there was 3 other premades in our team, they bullied my friend and he just got mad after a while and started flaming them back, the 3 premades reported my friend and he got chat restrictions while when we reported the bullies its not sure if they got punished or not, at least we didnt get any kind of those "notifications" when a guy you reported gets punished.. Heres my thought: You are getting abducted by 3 man, all 3 of them man have guns, the third guy comes to bring you dinner, and he leaves, when he leaves you brake the plate to have a sharp thing to defend yourself when someone of them comes, they hear the sound that something broke and the second guy comes to see whats up, you have a piece of the broken plate in your hand, when he tries to get the broken plate from the ground you stick the sharp broken piece of the plate into his throat so he wont be able to scream and alert the other 2, you take he's gun and you kill the other 2 later.. You call the police to tell em what happend and you get to jail and sentenced to life prison, the responsible for getting sentenced to prison is Rito Police..
Grammos (EUNE)
: Jarvan,Rene or Lee ?
bronze 5? renekton..
: Tilting Hard, Need advice.
Take a break from league of legends for few days/weeks.. the rest of the advises are useless, there isnt a cure like "play normals". the cure must not contain league of legends, it must contain social life and no league of legends.. Trust me on that one.
ChainS89 (EUNE)
Rioter Comments
: Toxicity reduced in EUW.
I played yesterday on euw.. i think you was just lucky in your matchmaking cause it was the same for me with toxic ppl that flame in strange languages... Even tho i hope that toxicity droped in EUW and i was just really unlucky, i dont think thats the case..
Doporter (EUW)
: Feeder,Retard in my Team
in my last game i got ganked 12-13 times in total(legit).. and my team ganked 3.. still i carried the game with most damage done, most gold, most kills and i closed it with a penta kill... I know that me myself is the only one that can carry games in solo Q.. The problem is to improve yourself, thats the only way to get higher elo.. If you cant do that, you might aswell uninstall the game, or dont complain and play normals for fun... Peace!
: Is pre-season normals the most toxic time of the year?
League of legends will NEVER, become less toxic, it will always have more flamers,more trollers.. The "o our system takes care of them" and "o toxicity levels have dropped" is just a big lie..
: I've lost my touch with League
Taking a break is the best thing you can do, trust me! Not about your physical health, its about your mental, emotional frustrations (anger, sadness, stress, etc) can lead into lack of focus.. Once in a while i need few days or weeks break from league, why? Cause i get frustrated everyday every hour i play this game, i cant focus if i gather this much of frustration into me.. Take few days brake, dont touch league, or even better dont touch video games for few days.. Even professional players take few days off once in a while, why? Cause you need a limit on every kind of things, too much oxygen is bad, too much workout is bad, too much masturbation is bad.. The same goes for video games, especially if you attach emotionally with them like i do.. You definetely should try not touching it for few days/weeks.. I know its hard, but try it!
Sffc (EUW)
: Wards should cost 500 gold
why 500? why not 5000?
Rioter Comments
: I've been playing since season 2...
i spended most of my IP into runes and rune pages.. i know people that have earned less IP then me and have all the champions but only have a decent amount of runes and rune pages.. I got higher amount of runes and rune pages and they have all the champions, i mean, whats the reason to have urgot/quinn etc?
MadClown (EUNE)
: I am completly wrong when i ward more then supp even tough i main mid?I am completly wrong when i know when to split push and when to snowball which lane to feed if i am jungler?I am completly wrong in those situations?I am wrong when i realized my mistakes and improved and changed champions on mid for example instead of taking zed and wining my lane but having problems if other enemy lanes are fed i take ekko and vlad whos ults have given me penta kills?When you get your head out of clouds and realize that you dont know that much and still need to know more you will carry and with that climb.I play this game everyday especially normal draft and constantly i am matched with plat players recently even diamond feel free to check my matcg history i know my skill cap i i know how much i can do and where do i need to improve so playing against silver and gold means nothing to me and its super easy if i am being honest.But like i said its you its not your team nor your afk nor your duo jungle its YOU when you improve and learn where can you do more and how that is when you will climb.. Edit i think i posted to the wrong person...meh
Too much to read, so i wont read it all... Anyway, You said gold and bronze is the same.. You Are Wrong,because the difference is extremely big, thats all.. Also you mentioned "eune" which i dont understand since euw and eune is the same in low elo.. and by low elo i mean diamond 1-2 and bellow.. Maybe you ward more then your support, maybe you know when to splitpush, but.... How many times you died trying to clear a ward or to put a ward? Did you ward on good places? Did you attract more then 1 guy on your splitpush mission? Did u die? was it worth it if you died? There are many things, im not saying you are a bad player by any chance.. But dont say that you know the game, cause u dont, trust me... In bronze and silver wards DONT win games.. Almost everyone in that elo DONT watch the minimap, the only reason a support would put wards is to avoid the "o noob no wards" when someone Suicides.. Wards or not, no one watch them.. 1 or MAXIMUM 2 of the players in the team will watch the minimap.. The rest just go straight and pray to the lord for kills..
rctboy95 (EUW)
: The skill level between bronze and high plat / low diamond is not that big tbh.... maybe between D2 there is some 'big' diffrence.
MadClown (EUNE)
: On eune the differencen between bronze(1,2) enitre silver and enitre gold is non existant
You are completely wrong, because you play to win games not to learn the game.. I know the game better then the most, the difference between bronze 5 and bronze 1 is ENORMOUS.. the difference between bronze 1 and silver 5 is not big, but is existant, the difference between silver 5 and silver 1 is very big.. the difference between silver 1 and gold 5 is not big, but is existant..
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: ur talkin about boosted silvers? boosted golds? You're really hilarious you do not need any skill to get those ranks, they are relatively low.
The skill difference between a bronze and a silver is HUGE, the skill difference between a silver and a gold player is also HUGE.. In short, you are wrong
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: I just believe that a person can't be fake for a long time, sooner or later you show off what kind of person you are, even if you try to hide it.
My answer is this: Money
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: You can't hide yourself forever, Boxbox is nice because he is always nice, not just for image. On the other side, few days ago I saw C9 Sneaky's stream and all he was doing was blaming someone, instantly disliked him.
You dont understand me.. People dont act the same on stream and the same out of stream, at least not all of them.. Plus dont forget boxbox stream is he's job at this moment.. the only source he makes money! Yea he is a good person, but would he be the same person if he wasnt a streamer and he was just another random player? Cneaky except the fact that he is a broadcaster, he is also a professional player.. not the best example of a player of course, since a broadcaster gave better example then a professional player, which deserves credits! Anyway, i dont think cneaky cares about someone disliking him on stream, he makes tons of money from being in a team anyway! Of course, thats just a second thought...
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Follow BoxBox's example
Yea, boxbox have a couple of thousands of people watching him, there is no reason to ruin he's image for a random scumbag, he's example was good, dont take me wrong, but i wouldnt be toxic either if i had thousands of viewers everytime i was streaming (even tho im one of the most toxic players in the solar system, a rioter can confirm this).. I love boxbox, dont missunderstand me! Here's what i mean.. I am a 10/10 toxic player, i flame a lot when i am right about something and someone else is wrong! But If i was streaming and had hundreds or thousands of viewers.. I would be quite kind etc in most of the situations..
Krestek (EUNE)
: Guys which is stronger in your opinion, Rengar or Kha'Zix?
Rengar ofc.. Kha Zix have higher mobility but he's dmg is just decent, and if he falls behind theres no coming back..
Eambo (EUW)
: On top of that Luis Sc and GR Heisenberg mentioned, the newest Nvidia graphics cards have a battery boost that, when on battery, will cap you to 30FPS. I daresay you've probably been trying it plugged in too, but just throwing this one in as it caught me when I first got my new laptop! :-)
OMG A RIOTER MENTIONED MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0VrockeR0 (EUW)
: [Resolved] FPS stuck at 30 in new computer
either what luis said, or go to the league of legends settings (i dont remember which tab) and make the FPS Uncapped..
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