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Siferuk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SoldCocaineForRP,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VFBMHlZG,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-25T00:41:46.694+0000) > > OK so I've played my chat restriction games , I served my punishment , it was hard to interact with the team with a few messages , > I admit it , I did fed the trolls many times by throwing toxicity into them but they deserve it and they don't even get punished because they didn't flame , just blast the irony to make the good players angry . > I got punished , I served my punish . > AND NOW I CANT GET loot from hextech crafting !!! > Why is that ?!?!? > I passed my punishment why am I still getting punished !?! I'm in your boat mate the system is pathetic, I play LoL a LOT solo and many times I have premades threatening to troll me unless I give up my spot as jungle and trolls ruining the game and I end up with the ban because they all report its ridiculous! It is human nature to get upset when premade kids ruin your game. There should be a FULL video of the game play which needs to be watched before people can use the tribunal. I served my game restriction but cannot take advantage of the new loot system. I've spent hundreds on this game since it was released and I cannot believe I am being shit on by riot because of something I have already been punished for!
Yes man , i got mass reported by some premades and got banned even if i mostly was innocent . The system is crap
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
Yes , this is not fair . Riot thinks that the punishing system is right , but it is not . If it was right why i still get my mom insulted or im retarded cuz died once in a match ? The real toxic players will never be gone . Toxic players make u toxic , this happened to me ... I was solo in a premade match and all my teammates didnt helped me at all while i was playing top but their team helped top a lot and then my team started to insult me for being noob , that my mother is a etc.... And of course i went toxic on them . Then the next day got banned . They are toxic all the time but they do not get banned . And if i go toxic once ? I do get banned , 2 weeks actually ! But this is the system , i was mostly innocent but because i got mass reported the system punished me this is how the system works .
Brolando (EUW)
: Don't worry, mate. If you didn't use chat like you said then you shouldn't get punished. Just some salty nitwit who thinks his report that was made out of spite is gonna do anything.
I hope so , but its so upsetting to have your ''best match of the day'' and then see warning for nothing.
Rarife (EUW)
: You were trying too hard and you ruined other team's game because they were clearly destroyed and had no fun. You could also stress them badly and negatively affect their mood.
Ok , but why offensive language ? I didnt used chat at all , wtf
alasarcher (EUNE)
: How is "playing good" related? You were probably toxic to your teammates cause they were playing bad.
Cant you just read ? I was premade with friends and didnt used chat at all , also carried the whole game . Go read again
Kolfin (EUW)
: Even if you get a 3/16/4 as the score, players are not reported/banned because of their skills ... but for their BEHAVIOR in the chat. And you only get a warning. > and Riot will punish me for nothing You don't get punished 0_o.
As i said above : If i get reported lets say 3-4 times in one single day i can get banned or punished , this crap happened to me before , got reported for nothing and i had ban chat -.-
Kageryu (EUW)
: its always fun when people can´t differentiate getting a heads up from getting punished.
If i get reported lets say 3-4 times in one single day i can get banned or punished , this crap happened to me before , got reported for nothing and i had ban chat -.-
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: I was a Darius main before 5.16 and I've got a message for you riot.
I beat the hell outta Darius at every hour of the day and u guys cry telling me he is OP ? If u guys dont believe me i would gladly do 1 v 1 against your Darius....{{champion:17}}
This concept needs a lot of work for its balance . A 4 team map would be easier to made but the map would be doubled , wich increases lags and affects movement
: If you write "gg izi" or stuff like that at the end of the game, open this thread
: you should try to open your eyes. I gave you genuine advice but you just throw it away and ignore it. Match history was only small part of my speculation.
You told me to improve my skills . There is nothing more to improve if i alwayst won my lanes and do my job well and you just dont want to get it . Yes , in some matches i have negative scores wich is true , but do you know why ? For example , your mid laner and jungler wants to gank your top and instead of helping you , they dive the turret and both die and feeds the enemy top laner . Of course he gets pretty much amounts of gold , and becomes hard for me to keep the top positive . Or , you play ADC , the ADC should be protected most the times , but guess what ? Your shiny team completely ignores you at team fights and they just leave you alone and if a stealthed Rengar jump on me im dead . Most of scores and stuff comes from team and you just dont want to get the idea . And if you dont believe me i would grateful play some matches with you , or against you .
: now you are being ignorant. i checked you stats and match history. everything i said is accurate. you just need to accept the facts and then you can become better. the game isn't a single player game.
youre not helpful at all , match history isnt accurate . I wish you can spectate one of my matches
: i auctually fail to understand what the purpose of posting this on the forums is its not like riot has people hand picking teams that'd be a weird and kinda pointless job
I just wanted to know if there is any possible way to get players of my skill level or something like this . It is very annoying when you win your lane but the other teammates just feeds enemy -.-
xLonerin (EUW)
: people who u are teamed with are on your same skill level ergo if u say ur team suck ur saying that u suck too
I wish i would play in a team with you and im pretty sure you will change your mind...
: want to get to higher elo? improve your skills. This might sound rough but i will tell you how things are. you die too much when you are losing. Your minion score per game is very bad. you pick champions which aren't good atm. improving those thing will get you to gold if you just play. Or don't just play the game, learn from every mistake. your, ally or enemy, it doesn't matter.
Man , i win lots of 1 vs 1 , i mostly do the first bloods and i hardly lose my lanes . I also play champs that are good in both early and late game like Yaso or Garen for example . And the dying part ? I mostly play tank-fighters and i dont die so easy . It is no more about improving skills and as i said , if the team is not decent then my work is in vain....
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