: but aram doesn't even count as a normal game, since it's all random and actually it started out and still kinda is a troll game mode it doesn't matter what you do, losses dont'matter wins don't andd ofc SR is the main thing i mean come on.
well you don't play ARAM for win, you play it for constant action and back to back fights, now you don't have it. other non main modes get adjustments as well so all i wanna is simple fix to repair ballance
LA Reborn (EUW)
: Well the thing you see, isnt it just the ranked mmr, like if you check a site like lolnexus? Remember that ranked and normal mmr are two different things :p
i dont know much about that subject, but from what i understood, every queue has its own MMR thats given independently to ranked achivments of players. me and my friends use http://quickfind.kassad.in/ to monitor our progression in aram
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Gainerator,realm=EUNE,application-id=mmWRnfcc,discussion-id=z7jMKhOA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-11-12T15:51:23.565+0000) > > As i mentioned i do realize it, but it seems kinda weird that implanting feature that impacts SR so little, and at the same time ruin balance of other mode, is worth it. I just hope sb from Riot will see my post, and like you understand my reasoning so i can go back to LoL. You may think it impacts it so little, but along with all the other changes it has its reason/place/effect. As i said, i have no doubt that in due time they will get back to tinkering about balance on ARAM, it will just always have kind of the 2nd seat, behind SR and everything involved there. A lot of the Rioters surely enjoy ARAM too, i know it is a bit annoying that your favourite gamemode does not get the priority and attention if there is other stuff going on^^
my ques is that in PBE ppl actually wanted to check out as much new stuff as possible so they spammed normal mode. Somehow i can imagine que times beeing so long in aram pbe than noone actually noticed that issue. Well as you said for now i just need to wait and hope for the best. I just couldnt let it pass quietly becouse if noone talks about a problem it has no way to get fixed.
LA Reborn (EUW)
: How exactly do you calculate your mmr in arams? o_O Also as you said, keep in mind that SR is the main gamemode in LoL, and we are all influenced by the big amount of changes, but it is preseason after all.
well you cant calculate your mmr but you can see the avg mmr of a game [ 10ppl avg]. As i replied before i just think that is strange that something with so little influence in SR and at the same time so ruining ARAM was worth to change. Also theres no need to change anything in SR since Riot has ability to add / exclude weapons and their props for 1 game mode only. My only hope is that my voice in this wont be singular and Riot will notice issue and apply easy fix.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: ARAM is a fun troll mode. They arent gonna balance game arround it/
My point was never to change SR game style to ARAM. If you read carefully you will notice that the simplest solution was to adjust few items to mode. They done it previously, why not now ?
Bizkutz (EUW)
: Although not as much as you, I also play mostly aram, and have played a few games in the new patch too. Yes, soraka is way OP in ARAM, but still fairly easy to kill. She has always been a problem, but is no tankier now than she was already. Same goes for sona. If you want to talk about op champs on that map, xerath, anivia (both my mains), and ziggs do stupidly well in that mode. Aram isn't about balance, its about a game mode Tha you can take less seriously and just enjoy the game. For example, my friend and I occasions get alistar and maokai respectively, and go full tank. In that situation, it doesn't matter what the rest of the team comp is, we usually win for the hard cc and tankyness. The only real change is the lack of blue pots now in my eyes. Its still a stupidly fun mode
well champs you mentioned are skillshot based so you simply just need to dodge, same got for nida, in low games nida is a monster and you can singlehandly win a game, but when enemies got better they mostly dodge spears and skillshot based poke monsters like nida or xer got rerolled a lot. I cant really agree in squishyness of Raka, since her main build include going hp regen tanky with warmogs to ensure constant heals for your teammates. Sona is always at back line and same as skillshots snowballs are mostly dodged so its not easy to reach. Now in preseason all you need to have with sona or raka is strong tank and its gg. Dont get me wrong i play for fun also, i just dont see a fun in raping team 30kills to 80 or beeing raped 50 kills to 10. I like even matches where its hard and every mistake counts... unfortunately at this patch its impossible
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. You make some good Points there, the changes however are mainly done with SR in mind, and i think it is only fair to understand that SR is, and will keep being, the primary mode and concern in terms of balance etc. (Atleast until an equivalent comes out, that replaces SR in competitive etc.) Now, i have no doubts that adjustments will be made at some point, to account for all the changes/new stuff etc. on ARAM aswell. Just give it some time, and let them "fix" and finalize all those things on the primary Map first. :-) Despite ARAM being your favourite (and i like it too!), i am sure you can understand why SR is the focus and priority with such changes/things, and that by no means indicates that Riot does not care about ARAM. Aram is not played in the world Championship tho, and neither in the LCS or ranked. SR is just a notch more important for the time being. Have faith! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
As i mentioned i do realize it, but it seems kinda weird that implanting feature that impacts SR so little, and at the same time ruin balance of other mode, is worth it. I just hope sb from Riot will see my post, and like you understand my reasoning so i can go back to LoL.
coolbe (EUW)
: oh cmon as if ARAM matters wtf dude
believe me or not, but most of my friends actually don't enjoy normal games since there is a lot of toxicity, its much less in ARAM where you dont have 20 min farm fest, but nonstop action and since picks are random there is no hard feeling behind it.
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