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: 3rd day that EUNE doesn't work
I and my friends have log in problem but it look fixed from yesterday btw i from greece
Dharthez (EUNE)
: They didn't. I still can't login.
Where u from? btw in greece it fixed i think
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Artexis (EUNE)
: We should get something for this wait tho
Wait bit more
Ifsoman (EUNE)
: Main support Sona looking for 5*5 team (rus)
Здесь не так много русских
mpo0mpo014 (EUNE)
: cant login
Other people cant log for 3 days now
sinis1999 (EUNE)
: is there any promblem with the servers?
No its you cyta problems
: My CYTA won't work either. Didn't try on different tho ...
I try and it work normal on other
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Wax Fang (EUNE)
: EUNE day 3 of being unable to log in
Where u from and what is name of you ineternet?
gmodfin (EUNE)
: Eune servers down? I have not been able to log into Eune servers for 2 days now? Why is this?
HEY SAME WHEN I USE my internet (CYTA ) but when i use other it log in normaly {{item:3070}}
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Spectra (EUNE)
: Log-in issue[FIXED]
Really i cant log for hours still cant
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Koracks (EUNE)
: Is Ekko or Azir stronger?
Bronze Question
: Champions are O.P.
Noob comment
: Platinum 3 from Eune searching for premades on Euwest at least gold V
Morinkashi (EUNE)
: Riot i need 1 LP please give my 1 Lp
Sorry dont be idiot when u have 99lp you have 2 matches to go to promo this is how work
OG xEror (EUNE)
: Fizz is too OP!
Rengar FIZZ MF need Nerf Velkoz Taliyah need some buff Nunu yorik rework
LUCIAN MALZ need nerf Velkoz casiopia taliah some buff
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MetaTrace (EUW)
: Paysafe Payment Method
I have 100 euro paysafe for 6 month and cant use becasue i from greece and we have capital controls...
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: What's Wrong with Vel'Koz - Vel Main.
The Only good thing now he better in late game game than before but but but
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: What's Wrong with Vel'Koz - Vel Main.
And i dont like New Velkoz better back old with some changes and Rework Zed every game ban zed and if no some1 will pick him
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: Higher ping than usual
I normal have 70-80 last day 104 to 200 or more


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