zanbuko1 (EUNE)
: True haha but still they cant just put us on ''will solve when we'll have nothing else to do'' list
still sounds better then the "%%%% them we have enough players" list that i im starting to feel we are on.. :/
zanbuko1 (EUNE)
: does it look like we've got ingame notification yet? i dont think they notcied anything. Maybe they did but they just dont realize how big this shit is
maybe they just don't like us xD after all all of us here in the Balkans are a little weird :D
zanbuko1 (EUNE)
: I hope they will...send this to all ppl you know with same issues and let them comment here.Lets make our voice heard!!!
not that i want to be a downer but most of the titles in the board are about the problems with the game and client... so if that doesn't get their attention i don't know what will :D
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: The brilliant minds of Riot employees are gathering their powers to solve this devilish of a problem!!!
tonight ill sleep peacefully....
bobymoby (EUNE)
: League client broken again??
well it was good while it lasted ... client broken again (p.s. Bulgaria here aswell)


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