Murdarici (EUNE)
: yes, they stay in their offices and in lunch break they order pizza and drinks and some time pick a random player, now was your "lucky" day and mess with him while high-five each other and laugh. rioter 1: let's give him some game crashing other rioters: hahahaha, omg man, come one, hahahaha rioter 2: now, how about give him a penalty for afk other rioters: sick dude, your sick, hahahaha, do it! rioter 1: let's stalk his ingame chat to see what he say other rioters: lol, wtf, ok do it! put it on the big office screen other rioters: omg he's flaming us, calling us idiots !!! rioter 1: give him 10 games restriction rioter 2: no no, I will give him 25! other rioters: hahahaha, high-five each other
didnt necessarily say they handpicked me to bully, but its so stupid how there are way worse people and here i am badmouthing them once and there goes my chat restriction. And yeah, the fact that i lose lp because their game wont let me in, even after i reconnected to my perfectly working internet a few times, is still pretty unfair
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0rcGa5M (EUNE)
: Sometimes it lags out and u get the xp 2-3 games later lol
sometimes it lags out and i get the xp the very next day when i log in
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: Just gonna drop this here
notice how this post comes from "pastor yorick" lmao. Yorick is the strongest top laner atm, a bit too strong too. Deletes towers and champs like its nothing. I literally remember going 2 kills and 20 farm behind against a darius as yorick , yet i still won the lane and ended up murdering him again and again as soon as i got my first item
: People don't know how to build good team comp. Or they just don't care. They feel like Zed, and they will Zed eventhough their team picked Rengar and Teemo and enemy team has Sejuani, Rammus and Malphite. Also smurfs are huge problem imo. Riot should make a guide on choosing the good champion for the team.
well in that case the problem shouldnt be on the zed, should it? i dont think volibear or sion would work too well on midlane
RW Heaven (EUW)
: When will you start permabanning players for real life threat?
idk who actually downvoted this, but while real life threats are something more serious than being called idiot and so on, a permaban might be too much. I think a chat ban and/or suspension for a few days should be ok
Sarokh (EUW)
: %%%% League of Legends and thus,
did your mommy just buy you fortnite skins my dear?
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Muuaahh (EUNE)
: 1 Loss on 0 LP and straight demote?
your mmr is probably dead
: League of %%%%%%s
mundo are you ok??{{champion:36}}
: Helllllo
{{champion:23}} {{item:3113}} {{champion:22}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Is NA worth to play over EUW ?
an advantage of leaving euw/eune for NA is that youll never see "ty kurwo" or "alguna habla espanol" again
boomteemobg (EUNE)
: This game is unfair
goodbye toxic
: So I get 10 Games Chat Restrict for Self-Defense? OK RIOT...
you seem toxic as all hell lmfaoo. Why u complain about others when ur just as bad?? Also what do you mean by "self defense"????? its not like you would be in hospital if you just kept your mouth shut and ignored him, but you enjoyed it as much as him. enjoy your ban
: This game needs more bans
hell yeah lets ban 50% of the champions so that everyone is forced to play the champions we believe are fair just because we dont know how to deal with assassins!!!!
: What to do after you are ahead top, get first tower and your team is behind?
leaving a message here cause id like an answer too Also, what kind of spastic downvoted this thread for no actual reason???
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: Do you actually get worse players in your promos?
i swear promos are way worse, and not necessarily that my teammates troll, but they r just TERRIBLE. How does literally every one of 4 teammates end up with 10 deaths under 15 minutes???
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Rekkon (EUNE)
: I have a 12 defeat streak in ranked without even deserving it
idk why but that happens to me when i play too much league in a day. Like i would lose a game then i play another rank, not because im in the mood for league, but because i want my LP back , so then something would happen and i lose again. I tend to win games when i only play when im really in the mood for some league
: Endless Toxicity
first of all you are not allowed to name them on the forum ( its a stupid rule i know ) just report and hope for the best. Also riot team cant just watch over all games, if more players report the toxic people then they will look into it and ban them, i know it cause ive been told more than once that a player i reported was banned. Also its a bit harsh to ip ban them just for a few insults, i think suspensions or account bans are enough, since they would have to make new account after so theyll have to learn their lesson
lRaKsOl (EUNE)
: I play from beta of this game and saw it colapse.
ur friends dont play anymore probably because, like you, they grew up and are busy. Also seems like the problem is you, u told them ur gonna "find them"??? literally threaten a bunch of little kids that u will hunt them down and u want justice?????
: LeBlanc Vs Zed
Snackito (EUW)
: Every second time second role, not my first. Rito please!
restart queue time and stop it when it reaches 1:40 mins, then restart again and repeat. Youll get your role 100% ur just gonna have to wait alot more
: Anyone getting sick of ARURF? I don't think I can continue presently unless player feedback is heard
idk man but all this novel here makes it sound like youre not satisfied with a fun game mode cause it doesnt go specifically how you want it to. Pretend its not there and dont play it at all if it annoys you so much jesus christ
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Eclectic (EUNE)
: Rework the LP Gain/Loss
thats not fair either since the fed akali who only goes for kills and then jungles for cs and ignores the team will still get lp
TumbleV (EUNE)
: Suddenly 70ms
never heard some1 complain about good, perfectly playable ping before
: Chat filter
just /mute all if words bother you
: Matchmaking
sometimes you get good teammates, sometimes you get the worst. However, like most people on the boards say, "if u cant carry 1v9 u dont deserve ur rank" yeah i know, it sounds stupid
Silverfoil (EUNE)
: for the love of god change the tips
you sound like a very toxic person so the tips would probably be good for you
: Depends on the last hit and your own jungler, but it won't be that much of a gap, max 30 cs . You just need to learn how to last hit the minion :) .
30 is something else, 60 gold is only like 3 cs or so
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Nerf that doggo already
for real, you just cant beat nasus unless whoever plays him has no ideea what hes doing. Idk why they didnt nerf him yet he is ridiculous
: How to lose less games
im pretty sure if you towerhug the enemy laner will be way more than 60 gold ahead unless they really suck at farming
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JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Learn to farm using mostly AA... i guess... Not much else you can do
nearly impossible since most mages have almost 0 aa damage, you gotta be faker to get that last hit when the minion has exactly 1 hp
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Garda23 (EUNE)
: why? you lost fair and square. If the player wants to rub it in your face good for him, maybe itll motivate you to play better next game
idk why so many people got offended by my comment tbh, bunch of sad snowflakes i tell ya. If you cant handle the toxic people you cant stop them anyway, just mute them
T00Late (EUNE)
: Nerf nasus w
idk why they felt the need to buff him, hes always been good but now hes almost unkillable from midgame
: Ban fizz URF
ban karthus on urf
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Don't rub it in the enemy's face when you win :)
why? you lost fair and square. If the player wants to rub it in your face good for him, maybe itll motivate you to play better next game
Rismosch (EUW)
: You acknowledge that you can't carry a silver game but in the same breath claim to deserve gold? How does that make sense? You just aren't good enaugh. Realizing that you are bad is the first step at improving and getting better at anything.
i dont think i mentioned anywhere that i deserve gold, i just said i dont deserve to be demoted to bronze so id be happy if i could stay silver
: play simple champions like malzahar, he's what got me out of silver in s7
i used to play malzahar too before they reworked and nerfed him to the ground, now idk if its a good ideea to, since his ult does almost no damage now and his voidlings die way too fast
: 1. Don't choose your champion before champ select! See the enemy laner champion and then pick counter. You must have between 1 and 3 tanks. 2. Playstyle- Tell me your main role. 3. chat- instead "ss" use the "?" ping twice. Always write when someone use his summoner spell or ultimate. Don't be toxic. 4. shop- Buy control wards! 5. CHILL! If you are stressed don't play ranked, play one/two 1v1 with friend. Don't think for the win. Forget you are playing ranked. When i was in promotions for Gold i had 2 wins/0 losses. In the next 2 games i was thinking only for the win and i lost. In the fifth game i was very calm, i even forgot i was in promotions, but i won. 6. NEVER SURRENDER! If you surrender you lose automatically, but if you don't you have at least 1% chance for win. 7. Don't play 2 games in a row if you lost at the first. That's how i became gold. And last thing- it's easier if you play solo (without premades), it's quieter.
Im a tryndamere one trick and i dont worry about counterpicks too much cause i dominate my lane most of the time, about 20 cs ahead no matter if its someone like teemo or jax i play tryndamere top, win lane, roam, go back and splitpush, join teamfight, splitpush and repeat im not toxic , most of the time i just pretend i dont know english and avoid toxic teammates, but yes i spam pings when enemy is missing/goin somewhere or when it uses a summoner spell i do buy control wards im chill before every game, go in confident ill win my lane but then in midgame it all goes downhill unless someone in my team isnt braindead i never surrendered in any match i dont worry about playing too many games cause i do as well as always, i just cant carry
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