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Kyuseishu (EUNE)
: LF members to make a team for flex q ( diamond + )
IGN: GoPro92 Main role: Mid / jungle Curently finished my solo que promos in plat 2 but i was dia for last 2 seasons and will be back in dia in matter of days.
Fang (EUNE)
: Pretty sure your team carried your ass there. Would you think that it's fair and well deserved for someone that's gone for 10 minutes to harvest the reward of your effort? I'm sorry, but I'd take the lost LP and apologize to my team. You might lose this LP, but on the other hand, you could have caused 4 other players to lose their LP as well. 10 minutes is a long time -- most games would be over by then when it's 4v5 with no ADC. Just be happy that they managed without you, I really don't understand how you feel entitled to earn the LP when you barely contributed to the game.
So what, we are watching every day people geting lp who dont deserve it at all, both in my and enemy team, who troll and intentionally troll till they see that they can actualy winn, and now you are placing all the blame on a guy who got dc-ed randomly ?
Kyoma (EUNE)
: TLF Diamond + Jungler and Midlaner
I already send you the friend request IGN: GoPro92 Current rank: Dia IV Main role: Mid / jungle
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GLurch (EUW)
: You understood it correctly. Losing a game makes you lose MMR and winning a game makes you gain MMR. However, there's no way to know your actual MMR. Websites like only guess your MMR, they don't actually know it. You also shouldn't pay attention to ranks when winning: The enemies should usually have about the same MMR as you, just like with your teammates, no matter their ranks. During times where next to no one plays, it's possible you'll be matched with people whose MMR differs though, since instead of waiting for someone of your MMR or close to yours queueing up for a game, which may take even an hour or longer, the system doesn't want you to have to wait that long. Your LP gain and loss is calculated by comparing your MMR to your current rank. If your MMR is below your rank, you'll gain less LP and lose more, if your MMR is above your rank, you'll gain more LP and lose less.
I was geting 19 lp per winn, then i played 6 games, 3 won and 3 lost and now im geting 16 lp per winn. Why do i have to tank mmr when it should be same...
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Shiroe (EUNE)
: LFG Onslaught S
Same, add me
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Marvals (EUW)
: Yeah it's like everyone talks shit about you being plat diamond or so , that every rank it's the same and there is no difference. Yeah that's why only 3 % player are plat 3 or above because it's easy and everyone can be there. So %%%%ing tilted about flaming coming from people 1 or 2 tiers below having no %%%ing clue and telling you they are in elohell because of people like "me"
I know right. I have games going 15/2 and am still thinking about all things i could have done better but a yasuo 10/10 is blaming enemy jungler for camp and does the same every game. Get some logic man...
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Sceizer (EUW)
: thats why I suggested it ;)
Ty a lot, i will try to think around it, like BurningSand or SandWarrior
: IgniteSlayer or something :D
Sounds cool actualy but ain't what i'm looking for, ty for sugestion :)
Sceizer (EUW)
: SandCastle92
Hm... Curently Azir is my main so you actualy are on to something, ty for the idea !
: GoPro93
This comment made me laugh hard, thank you ! xD
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: Yes Azir needs buffs. Competitive is excuse. Syndra destroyed competitive for a long time but they didn't nerf Syndra.
Few days ago Perkz literaly one-shoted orianna with syndras R whil ori had her shield up... The comentators sarcasticly said "outplay" and were comenting how he needed to do nothing but press R for it, is that realy fair ? Azr may have been good in siege but he wasn't able to oneshot anybody like lux, anivia and major of mages still can...
Infernape (EUW)
: Riot said they're going to eventually take a look at him and change around his kit so he's balanced in both casual and higher level play. If they give him a solid buff, the chances are he's going to become dominant again.
Yasuo's kit is broken and they haven't nerfed him very long...
: azir still destroys you late game just hard early
Realy ? 90% of my games end till 30 mins
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Peyzar (EUNE)
I'm making a team and am only missing a supp if you are 18+ and want to join us add me. IGN: GoPro92
Xenoo (EUNE)
: Plat III ADC LF Plat+ Support to climb with, have a jungler that plays with me.
Well add me and we can try few games. I main tanky supp's like {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:111}} and i do have TS.
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: a question i have for dynamic haters
I played a game where we killed 3 enemy team members and the last 2 alive were gp and azir, we has 2 choices push towers what was hard because azir and gp can deff hard or go for baron. The team split with us 3 going for baron and 2 trying to push and dying, ofc gp ulted us on baron and their top aced us with teleport and we lost a won game cuz timers were too high. The point is, if we were 5 friend premade we would easy come to an agreement and go for 1 objective. I'm plat myself and i play with silver friends and we pulled some crazy hard games vs plat/diamonds cuz of the synergy and decidion making. To make it simple, there is no flaming, decidion making is fast and synergy in team is insane when you go with 4-5 man premade so that even a silver can beat a diamond, is that fair ?
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Altershock (EUNE)
: Looking for good & friendly players to team up with, Plat and above if possible. :3
Axecution (EUNE)
: RANKED TEAM 5v5 (Plat 5+)[EUNE]
IGN: GoPro92 Age: 23 Rank: Plat 3 Available: Daily basis Communication: Ts 3 Main roles: Mid & Jungle Champion pool: {{champion:268}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:112}}{{champion:8}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:113}} etc...
erkerz (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Road to Diamond - need motivated players
IGN : GoPro92 Rank: Plat 3 Role: Mid (Played a lot of jungle in case mid is taken) Champs : {{champion:268}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:8}} (Azir is my biggest main) Motivation: I want to reach diamond same as you, i invested a lot into this game so i want to improve even more I have ts3 and am online on daily basis.
: [EUNE] Ranked 5s plat-dia
Just what i'm loking for , i'm a plat 3 midlaner and would like to join your team if posible. Right now i'm looking to improve both my mechanics and my logic. I can also play other roles as well. My IGN: GoPro92 Rank: Plat 3 Main role: Mid Sub roles: Jungle, Supp Champ pool: {{champion:268}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:61}} Looking forward to your reply :)
Hooter3331 (EUNE)
: Dia V (plat I now) support Bard looking for someone to play with.....
I'm plat 3 right now and on my way to diamond so if you want to play i will send you an firend request. I mostly main mid but can play other roles as well.
Seanyr (EUW)
: I usually play my main Aatrox Jungle full dmg with GA. Even though I'm lowering my deaths, 1v1-5, solo drakes and barons I'm still not climbing without a cohesive team. I'm a good brand player, I think I try with him. I'm pretty solid wards always check at the end of the games to make sure I'm putting down the most.
Aatrox is not in meta now but in lower elo you can play him i guess, building him full dmg is BAD ! After 2-3 dmg items build at least 1-2 armor/mr items depending on what enemy has and don't forget lifesteal on him. Brand is very good but you must know how not to die too early in a fight so learn staying behind your team most of the time with him.
Seanyr (EUW)
: Am I expected to climb though carrying every game?
1. Don't play tanks or champs without dmg ! If you realy are better then your team play a carry role, take a carry mid/top/junle and never go tank because if you have a bad team you won't do much with a champ that has no dmg ! 2. Play meta stuff. Right now tank swain, Vladimir and Irelia are still strong and can carry from top in mid game if you di well, also champions like lux and annie are good when enemy has squishis in their team and brand + velkoz vs tanks 3. If your enemy doesn't want to ever group, play a split pusher and try trading enemy towers till your enemy starts telling you to group because you give them an example of what hapens when you go solo 4. Wards, if you are ahead it's very important to ward enemy jungle and pick kills on their jungler I hope some of these help you, gl in your games !
: Vlad in the current meta?
His base dmg was nerfed but AP scaling buffed so play a little more deff early poking enemy with 3rd Q and farming safe. He's very strong mid/late game if you build him right. Don't forget that he is more of a bruiser not a tank so you can't take too much dmg or dive reclesly without a follow up. And yes, he is realy strong right now, here in plat he's banned almost every game.
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Minstrel (EUNE)
: Yes, it is. However it isn't easy. To be demoted to a lower tier, you have to: * Be at your tier's last division with 0 LP * Have MMR equal to that of a whole tier down * Lose a game So, for you to be demoted, you'd have to lose a game at Platinum V 0 LP while having the MMR of a Gold V player.
Wait you realy meant Gold 5 mmr or Gold 1 mmr ?
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: What do you think Problem in this match ?
The matchmaking, it's funny, silvers playing against plats...
Garison (EUNE)
: Offering freelo
Today a guy added me, saying he's a great supp and he has and even better adc. He took vayne an late game adc into a lucian while enemy mid had twisted fater. I told them to play super deff and i carry later. No surprise, gragas around mid in 3 min, np i was expecting that so i easy escape, i then poke tf and gragas flashed wasting my flash as well, still np to beat tf, 20 sec after gragas tries to gank again and i'm aware that i won't be able to farm normal. Meanwhile my bot died when they pushed. I tell them to play deff cuz tf is 6, 10 sec after tf ganks bot cuz they pushed enemy under tower, double kill lucian. To make it shorter we went 2 / 27 in that game and i only died once.... I just want to know, how you guy's make it to diamond !?!?
: you know what? i am shocked (and surprised) that this happens in plat as well.... i always complain about the exact same stuff in my bronze ELO..... i thought in plat people should understand how the game works.... so apparently you play with teammates boosted by Dynamic Queue premades, and now you want to be part of what players always complain about?
I was realy shocked to see that every second game my supp does't have sighstone, that's somethin you learn in silver and when you get gold you should know that's the item that winns games, but to not have that in plat i realy get boosted people, i just want people who realy are plat skills not to be carryed but so i would have a chance to carry when i'm fed and not pray my team to group for a basicly free winn and ending throwing because my lee sin REALY awnted their red in 50 min game when 1 mistake ends a game....
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Garison (EUNE)
: I do play, i realy love this game and it's so fun with friends, but solo Q is a real hell but i do have the competive spirit and the skills to go higher. I always go for objectives and always ping them, always try to trade towers for drake and vise-versa. I will try to post a picture of a game and give me any tips. So please look at this game. I'm a Talon main, nothing made me more happy then free kills from orianna in mid lane, but top and jungle knew i was gonna get fed at took a top and jungle that counter me so i did have quite a hard time since lee was often mid. I did get fed in the end and i always died taking orianna or tristanna with me (mostly both) and then get killed cuz of their cc, and i realy don't know how my team lost most of teamfight even after i took down 2 of their most dmg champs. ALso please look at Vladimir build and his farm in 45 min... I want to say again that i play vs people who were plat lastseason and rito gives me people like him to play with. He and orianna flamed me for being useless, orianna also said i was "easy" at the end of the game, she must have been very frustrated. And ofc i was top dmg, around 50k i think.
: _"i just don't know what to do anymore..."_ Keep playing :D _"and not only was i top dmg in my team but top dmg in whole game"_ i know those games from my past game. i used to be pro there. yes, i had those matches too. you just keep playing :D _"i'm normaly the one carrying but how, how to carry a team, a retarded team, that when we ace them chases a stupid shaco around the wholme map instead of finishing the game"_ Well if they are chasing and you are not, go fo rthe objectives. I mean if the enemy team is dead you should be able to get at least a tower. Just let them chase. Who said you have to chase with them? The only way to prevent a retard team is to get a team by your own and handpick all the players in it. Otherwise you let matchmaker pick your team mates. And those guys can be "retards" by your definition. It's how this system is. You can love it, you can change it or you can leave it.
I do play, i realy love this game and it's so fun with friends, but solo Q is a real hell but i do have the competive spirit and the skills to go higher. I always go for objectives and always ping them, always try to trade towers for drake and vise-versa. I will try to post a picture of a game and give me any tips.
: _"i'm a silver player right now, playing vs plats to get to gold, how fair is that ? :D"_ Your elo (actuallly called MMR now) is independend from your rank! matchmaker doesn't put RANKED together, but people with equal elos (MMRs)! That said a guy might play like for two years and never ranked. Then decide after two years of play to start playing ranked. And matchmaker will look for adequate teammates and opponents. Those might all be plats. So he will be unranked with plats in the same game. Because his elo is equal to the plats. He just never played ranked. Edit: In other words, if you see rankes above you playing with and against you, you're actually better than your rank! might want to remember this next time you feel treated unfairly ;)
In normal my and my friends play vs diamonds's almost EVERY game and it's not strange to me beating a diamond mid, i'm realy good midlaner but i'm not a god, when i get someone with equal skills in my lane the ranked is mostly lost, i was maybe carryed 2-3 times in all my ranked games, i'm normaly the one carrying but how, how to carry a team, a retarded team, that when we ace them chases a stupid shaco around the wholme map instead of finishing the game (Yes i had a game like that and i'm so stupid tilted now), people tell me statictich mean nothing but every game i have top dmg, i had 1/8 brand supp yesterday vs dia's and not only was i top dmg in my team but top dmg in whole game, they told me they though they were playing vs a dia and got shocked when they saw i was jst a silver scrub, i just don't know what to do anymore...
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