candoodle (EUW)
: Hextech crafting just another middle finger to solo queue players
im only gon play 3v3 from now on, dynamic 5v5 with no premades feels almost unplayable for me
: yi deserves a nerf
what he really needs is a rework, i dont think he is broken but i do believe his play-style is bit binary and toxic, much like old rengar, he either runs at your team and kill everyone winning the fight or he gets cc'd/kited and he gets blown up in split seconds. then again isnt that how every ad assassin works ?
Dane Sha (EUW)
: Remember Dominion
jayce in dominion is one of my favourite things to do in lol lately, just run around and kill people without worrying about gangs or unresponsive teammates.
: Which champion should I replace the old Shen with?
"the new Shen lacks this cool playstyle" go ahead and play yorick if you are into that kind of low interaction toxic playstyle.
: Best Combos you've seen/done
i played master yi once, i mashed the keyboard and got triple kill, it was an awesome combo full of complicated mechanics
: Pathing is still so bad
its not bad programming its indirect buff to kassadin fizz and phantom dancer
Squaid (EUW)
: Can we do something about Featured games?
90% of the guys just want to check when you go online and watch your games.
: so this patch you decided to label mordekaiser as a marksman
he is a marksman , haven't you seen his amazing macescoping abilities ?
: Client crashes upon entering ARAM Champ Select
i've heard that 3rd party apps like mk jogo cause stability issues on aram
: Imperium (40k) > Galactic Empire (Star Wars)
don't know man, as a 40k fan my self i always seen imperial guard as a massive mechanised war machine with striking resemblance to ww2 germany and soviet union, their le man russes and other armored vehicles look so archaic and old that seem to be fuel by oil, imperial guard is pretty much is a ww2 army with a few cool futuristic names and toys like autocannon , just a cannon , basilisk , just a self propelled gun and the list goes on. If someone was to form an image on how imperial guard fleet could be like solely by what they see on their ground troops they would think that ig fleet is made up by huge space biplanes and weird sub galactic zeppelins.
: Strongest late game champions for each role?
Top : {{champion:119}} Jungle : {{champion:119}} Mid : {{champion:119}} Adc : {{champion:119}} Support : {{champion:119}} honorable mentions: {{champion:119}} edit: forgot to mention draven
Squaid (EUW)
: I cut my Hair. AMA
~~nudes~~ ehm i mean ... pics ?
: Master Yi - Alpha Strike (Q) [DEATH IN ALPHA]
omg nirf mooster yi , always rans me and kills me 2 hits before i hits him, broken op champ only nab pley , i cri ery tiem i go against always ran always kills ,pls nerf
RageFuel (EUW)
: "Random" Skin Option
That would only make people with few or no skins feel even worse.
: Which Champion is the hardest to play? Requires most skill?
i remember picking up xerath back when i was about the same level as you, he was the first mage i ever bought and i really found him extremely hard to play, but if you insist on playing him, he will surely teach you a lot about skillshots
Arvith (EUNE)
: Lee Sin jokes
here's another one :{{champion:64}} balanced come at me haters
: {{champion:3}} and {{champion:6}} (Don't you judge me!)
you play unusual and weird champs , i liek u
Eololee (EUW)
: you should stop play with game .cfg XD
its just some files from the input folder i gave over to a friend of mine that had some settings issues, im too lazy to delete staff from my desktop
Rioter Comments
: When you feed with your main
it doesn't feel that bad for me unless my teammates make it worse by saying staff like "refund your skin", "why you can't play such noob champ ?" etc.
: Is it just me or is stacking ArPen really easy and strong right now?
Most of the guys that can use that 25 arm pen at level 1 are also champions that have their main abilities scale out of bonus AD (zed/kha zix/jayce), without that 15 ad from runes their abilities won't do any more damage that their plain auto attacks.
: Lets talk Shyvanna for a second.
She is kinda boring , just another demacian/noxian fighter trying to run at you, but unlike her counterpart's glorious moments when they finally get to be on the face of the enemy poor ol' shyvana just spits some fireballs and does a few bites. the fact her early game presence is almost nonexistent could also be a factor on why she is so underplayed , why play a champion that does nothing till she gets 6 when you can just play lee sin or pantheon and control the flow of the game as soon as you hit the rift , and even if you dont want to play those guys shyvana still faces some major competition among the devourer junglers like master yi, jax and aatrox.
: Permantly banned ( again )
give this man an unban, along with permanent chat restriction.
: When will "Lee Sin Mania" subside? - Bruce Lee would turn in his grave
Lee sin is popular because he is fun to play, he is not an Asian stereotype neither he displays or represents martial arts, lee sin has his own persona and a kit that is focused mostly around his blindness and how he works around it rather just a kit of a guy kicking people's ass using fancy fighting moves, As if he is broken or not let riot decide about that , hes winrate Is nowhere 50% in any case.
: 600 base damage, 200% scaling, %bonus hp of TARGET. He would be more balanced with just one of these. = build 1 damage item, feel as if you built 3.
go on bro , believe what you want to believe I wasted my time talkin to you , it seems you are no less delusional than the OP thinking lee sin is some kind of martial arts ambassador and Bruce lee reincarnation
: There's really no reason that he needs to have that power on his R, it's already the best disengage in the game.
its not much of a power , it has a bonus ad ratio so he wont do much damage if you build tanky and you don't have tons of armor pen , so a lategame full damage lee sin with 200 bonus ad given that he is lucky enough to get collision damage into a ad carry wont do much more than 700 damage, that's less than an average lategame critical hit ...
: What I don't why his R needs 600 base damage + %hp damage. I don't get it. Why is he allowed to build full tank, hit 1 Q = INSTAGIBBED.
if you ever play more than 20 games with sin you will realize that there is nothing broken about it
Takeoff (EUW)
: I am Lvl.7 on Vayne, Yas and Zed then! YIPPE!
you are very unique , none ever plays those champs, for real though, those three guys along with riven and lee sin are the most played champs in euw silver- bronze.
: He has no gapclosers. He has no hard CC. He is immune to CC but things like Trundle pillar or Anivia wall make him useless. His immunity to CC is not permanent. He can be kited with any character with a dash. While splitpushing, he will need to 1v1 other splitpushers or be able to escape a 1v2-4. I am not really sure if Olaf can 1v1 a Tryndamere or a Jax that are equally fed. I don't know. People think even Illaoi is OP, while she suffers from very similar drawbacks as Olaf.
olaf can pretty much 1v1 every toplaner with the right build at least in one point in game , I'm sure he can 1v1 tryndamere most of the times before the 6-5 item mark and he can 1v1 jax before the 3-2 item mark .
gia poion logo bre noobako ?
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: im gold player and i buy wards all the time and i always make sure i have my pink ward placed all the time in mid/early game in the jungle , yesterday i was playing a normal game and my teammates were diamonds and platinums i was so happy that they were all putting down wards whenever they could we had 5 pinks almost all the time on the map that made me so happy that the team was cooperating so nicely ^_^
Vision is overrated m8, wards are for noobz m9. Just build damage and 1v1 everyone ez.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: I play ranked to climb not to have "fun" In ranked games you are supposed to give your best not to simply "oh I'm gonna go play some ranked, just you know, for fun, lolz"
So now its about you ? may I remind you that not everyone is like you and there people out there that play ranked for climbing and fun at the same time, so before you call many of those guys "worst kind of players" next to griefers , scammers and other cancers take a minute to realize why people really play this game .
DireXcon (EUNE)
: I'm speaking about ranked games.
you just spoke about ranked games, there people that play ranked for fun anyway.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: The most annoying kind of players
Some people just like to play the game, they don't care if they win or lose, some of them just want to kill time, others try out a champ and need some more time in the game, there are even those that want to get maximum ip out of the limited amount of games they can play per day, there are so many reasons to not surrender and its not always the belief that the game might turn.


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