: League has become toxic
You are terribly wrong.There might be kind people that don't flame you for missing a cs but there are metric tons of trolls and disgustingly bad people even in gold+.Trust me,nothing has changed other the fact that since riot has become more strict about verbally harassing others,nothing's changed
: Tryhard
Those people that really want to win no mather what,will 5 man dive you at lv 3,make invades,buy 10 pink wards,waste all they have on 1 or 2 kills. Fatasses with acne that all they can do is play LoL all day and give their best in normals games wich is stupidly annoying.
: Tryhard ?
If you really want to win,go play ranked,if u want to have fun go play normals.It's that simple
: My Prayers Before A Game
Wish all you want fam,retards,dickheads and trolls are and will always be retards,dickheads and trolls
: Not at all. You are 5 vs 4 until she joins and if you can't win a 5 vs 4 without wasting all of your resources sorry but you deserve to loose because you are doing something terribly wrong. You don't need a global ult cc to stop kata, a single target cc is more than enough. If kata is first picked then you have to make a cc team, it's just how you counter the champion, like you are supposed to pick magic damage vs a rammus if you don't want to be at a disadvantage. If kata is last-picked into a 0cc team you brought her on you: You are vulnerable to hard damage carries that need to be stopped, like if you make a full ad team and then you are surprised because you loose vs a malphite/rammus/taric comp.
Wow so my whole team has to pick 5 champs with CC just for Kata,see that should not be allowed.Maybe I want to play Zed but I have to pick Ahri or something because they have Kata,like c'mon fam that's fucked up
: just cc her
Easier said than done fam.You don't need to be fcking Einstein to wait 10 more seconds after the teamfight started to jump on the sitting ducks and press R
: the enemies will waste all they have Then how is kata's fault if enemies make a huge mistake like not saving a cc for her?
And what about the rest of her team huh? Are they supposed to keep something like idk a Sej ult, or a Ashe Ult, or Lee ult up just for when kata will go in? That's insane if u need to keep such a impactful ultimate just for a champion don't you think?
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