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xNeoSeoul (EUW)
: 2 weeks ✓ 100+ games played ✓ Chat not used ✓ A single Honor checkpoint X
When someone afk from ur team and trolling and the enemy team all premade on ranked flex and flame you all time said EZ GG Noob and ... then you will wake up tomorrow and see you are restricted and your honor level dropped and lock So in this world, only me flaming but, others not... They can troll. afk , flame and being toxic but,if I flame my troll teammate I will become ban Abuse department of this game is terrible I do not care about seasons reward but, this rule for honor or dishonor is really sucked its natural that you become angry when you lose the winnable game I hope I can find League of Legends CEO and say to him, please fire your abuse department employer and hire someone HONORABLE {{summoner:3}}
: The best way around it is to accept it happens. If you're below where you should be, you will climb eventually, as it's more likely that the enemy team will end up with the troll/afk/"noob" player (they have 5 chances) than yours (4 chances unless you are the one D:). Although looking at your match history, you have quite a high death count - maybe you need to re-evaluate the right times to start fights, or when to disengage.
Due to the bad player I had high death man, I know I must do better but It is not fair that you always have a bad team last month I had a good team and climb up like 10 in a row but now reverse
lil Pepsi (EUNE)
: Get out of Silver :(
Same problem as me 10 lose in a row cause of this problem
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