: Try to play easy champions ({{champion:12}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:32}} ...) in low elo u will do better, and u will be relaxed, helping ur team,....u will improve in time,.... And if someone flaming u abuse just use /mute u will do better without them,.... CYA Bro hope i helped.
: And with the exactly same annie it will be much easier to fix your mistakes and focus on them instead of focusing on perfomance on that yasuo. You basically agreed with me but still didn't want to agree to fact the skill cap is much higher with yasuo thus you will performe micro and macro wise much worse than with annie. Yeah you your decisionsmaking might be but its much easier to fix it with easy champion "annie". Why on earth you think LS tells every low elo to play annie ;)?
What is LS? And by blindly listening to everything someone says is the same as not learning the game. For example, "Why did you pick this champ": "oh becasue (insert person's name) said so". "Why did you go that jg route/Why did you not gank the extending (insert immobile champ name)": "oh because this person said so".
: Not by a long shot mate. He's not easy but he's far from being one of the hardest.
I would say that Azir is one of the hardest champs to be even decent at.


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