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Yes Matchmaking system is pure shit or Riot set-up on purpose that people cant rank up . Simply Riot setup one endless round of trying to rank up :D funny and sad in same time . Just from now i will get all screen shoot when game finish stats how much have played games people with who i get macthmake to show u guys a beautiful matchmaking :D
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: >Riot can make when u click to play ranked u must verify that is ur account simple verification send to email with verify code and u can see that code only in email i think that will stop that sells Before every game? That seems a bit excessive. However there is a solution Riot can implement, however I strongly doubt they'll ever manage to read this post. Steam is capable of detecting your machine's unique MAC (or physical) address every time you log in. If you log in with a different MAC address, Steam makes you re-verify your identity via e-mail because it detects that you're logging in from a different computer. Unlike dynamic IPs, MAC addresses don't change on their own unless you manually change them (usually that requires the help of your network provider). League could use a similar system that makes you verify via e-mail every time your MAC address is different from the last known MAC address associated with your account. I don't think this will stop ebay accounts, as they'll just start selling e-mail addresses to go along with them, but it'll certainly make the whole process of selling accounts much harder to pull off.
True selling not stopped but much more harder because sellers have many accounts on one e-mail why because when sell accounts, after some time they bring back again those accounts .And not every game just when u log and start first ranked game every time when u log yep.
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: Gold 3 Division in ranked mach make with silver ,unranked
> [{quoted}](name=Gladiatrix,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xO9T4VGE,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-03-28T01:26:55.955+0000) > > Why riot doing this im gold 3 division and mach make with silver and unranked . Not need fast mach make im ready to wait 1h just find me gold 5,4,3 like my division .Second to many trolers in this game worst community ever , one of the solutions for trolers .While people in queve i think that riot must make for players to vote that all agree for picks and can start mach becose if someone trol pick some stupid pick just u have a buton to vote not agree and queve finish and start new queve search and that option give impossible to troling And yes i expect someone wna be smart and explane me about mmr awcorse i know everything about mmr how function and this is not about that i have lover mmr simply riot fuck up machmaking dont try to defend them they cant find solution or they dont wna build solution for this tipe of broken machmaking its simply broken and shity machmaking ever
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