: Post the work in progress pics to prove it.
There, I have posted some WiP pictures. rene1 - picture after 2 hours of work (sketch not included) rene2 - picture after 4 hours of work rene3 - picture after 6 hours of work There are more pictures, but currently I dont have enough time to transfer them from my cell phone to pc. If required I will do this later when I come back home from school. Apologies if some photos are crappy, but my camera is not the best one.
: Too bad it isn't hes own creation.. Spotted a fake miles away.
Please read a picture description. "This is my first post here (yay) and I would like to present you an idea for a Renekton skin. It is based on warhammer tabletop wargame." As you see I've made it clear that inspiration and idea is taken from Warhammer Tabletop Wargame. You can also notice that the picture i posted is made with COLORED PENCILS, not in photoshop. I've put a lot of work in this drawing and I do have Work In Progress pictures for anyone interested. Since I regularly play Warhammer Fantasy, and Lizardmen are my army of choice, and I also play League of Legends a lot, I don't see why this 2 hobbies cannot be combined. No one can stop me from imagining my favourite champion Renekton in my favourite Warhammer Army. And I do think that this type of skin would be helluva awesome to exist. To conlcude this, please dont be a douche. Read the description and investigate before you start throwing accusations. I never said that idea was mine (that's why the title of this post is FAN ART), but the drawing i posted DEFFINITELY is the product of my own work and labour. If this "taking credit" part is bothering you, perhaps my fault is that I didn't explain it good enough in description for EVERYONE to understand. I will edit the 1st post. Have a nice day. p.s and just so you don't have to google it: FanArt - an existing idea that has been redone by someone else on a slightly or more increasingly different way.
: I still like the timelapse. You have some good drawing skills. I'd love to see an Anivia or Syndra drawing. Skin or not, wether it's your own idea or not, wouldn't matter to me. Good art takes time to make, so I wouldn't be in a hurry. I just wanna see nice art really ^^
Both are added to my list :) And for a bonus, here is my Vi fanart as well :P
: Damn, this is good. I was like, he seems disproportionate and only then I realized it was a helmet he was wearing. This is amazing, I would love to see more. Would you draw something off request? I'd love to see some epic drawings from my favourite champions.
I already did some Vi fanart and few others that are not really much, Renekton is best one so far. But if you are still interested I can post them too :) As for the requests, I am currently busy with my high school graduation and some other projects. You can leave the request here and maybe I'll get to it if some awesome idea crosses my mind :) If you find drawing interesting, here is my one and only timelapse video xD Quality is not much, but it was just a test on how would it look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW8GZ7tdzac cheers!
Solash (EUW)
Thank you! I'm not familiar with this forum, but I wish that it will be shown on Fanart pages :)
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