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: Gm can see my massage ?
anybody ?????? are you here riot ????
: lol :XDDD...
Gm can see my massage ?
: no
lol :XDDD...
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: Hey Kay :) > Will I lose my rank if I'm unable to play for a few weeks at a time? There's a decay system in place which is harsher the higher your rank is. This only applies to the ranked system, which you cannot access until level 30. You can't lose levels. When you do reach level 30 and start playing ranked, after a month of inactivity you'll lose a set amount of LP per week depending on your rank. You can drop divisions and tiers through this system, but your MMR will remain the same, so if you were to come back after a long break, you would rapidly climb back to where you were if your skill level had not changed. Only players who are platinum and above will decay which occurs at the following rates: Plat: 35 LP/week Diamond: 50 LP/week Master and Challenger function differently. You find out about those once you reach there :) > Is it difficult to start playing? No, but the game is very complicated. I reached diamond 5 with just an understanding of the mechanics. There's so much more to the game, like strategy and tactics, that I haven't learned and the meta game (that is, the strategy within the game) itself is still being developed by pro players. There's a somewhat low barrier to entry but an incredibly high skill ceiling. > Is the community as toxic as csgo? I haven't played CSGO and my experiences of toxicity are few and far between, but if you do encounter someone being toxic please do report them and/or mute/block them as appropriate.
can you open my account? i have 2 days susspended
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