Davytjuhh (EUW)
: Searching botlane champions (I've no idea what to play)
I can suggest Caitlyn for safety, and mf if you wanna play aggressive. For the support I suggest pyke , sona- something for catching people (for the engage itself)
Quastein (EUW)
: Getting Chat Restrict for no reason...
Hydnoras (EUW)
: ah the korean annie. If you want advice though, you should watch an english stream.
Or pretend you are Korean {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} found his twitter btw https://twitter.com/CuteMAUOvOb?lang=en
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I forgot the name of the streamer ls suggested to watch for Annie advices You mean annie bot?
No, someone else Edit: found him: Cutemaouvob I think that’s his Twitter
: > [{quoted}](name=Golden Penguin1,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZnELFWcW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-31T15:38:28.474+0000) > > Hello fellow top lane main > Have you ever heard about the word roaming and helping other lanes to snowball and get your other laners ahead? > That’s why you are taking teleport > > Try rewatching your games, see where you could’ve done better yourself. > > (Comes from someone who never was in bronze, started silver climbed to gold and plat) I usually am unable to roam due to top lane pressure or low HP after a trade. If i was to recall and TP to botlane to help snowbal my team, my enemy top laner would use that as an advantage and potentially take a tower from my lane before i could return back
Either push and roam mid or poke, push recall and tp bot After teleporting bot watch how much is your enemy lamer pushing his lane If he pushes hard recall and walk top, if not, try getting bot lane turret or drake You can also walk bot lane or use kled ult in bot lane Remember that 3 or 4 pushing a turret will usually break the turret faster than only enemy top laner. I would also recommend playing simple champions that people In low elo have a hard time playing against: Garen, Darius, malphite etc. (search ls tierlist on YouTube)
: Impossible to escape bronze
Hello fellow top lane main Have you ever heard about the word roaming and helping other lanes to snowball and get your other laners ahead? That’s why you are taking teleport Try rewatching your games, see where you could’ve done better yourself. (Comes from someone who never was in bronze, started silver climbed to gold and plat)
: dude that was like a new champion release .... look at ww rework look at irelia rework ...the kit is similar to the prework kit but just got tweaked in a better way .... aatrox didn't get the biggest gameplay rework ..... he got the biggest gameplay replacement ... beleive me i feel sick playing any other champ im not being kiddish but i just dont like the new aatrox
3 jumps instead of 1 A slow with a grab back to a place Extra dash An ult to revive Problem?
Yllavyre (EUW)
: Banned, but no message.
Try restarting your client
: Is Annie really simple to play ?
Fix: LS suggest using Annie to climb to diamond not just gold Annie’s q returns after 1 sec if it killed a target, you can try and save your stun and farm under turret At lvl 6 you can prob stun tibbers+ all other abilities +ignite and your target will usually die You can stay on your turret until lvl 6, cuz if you will stay under turret, the tank potential will be lower I forgot the name of the streamer ls suggested to watch for Annie advices, search it on YouTube or smth
CJXander (EUNE)
: According to OP, giving free RP would also increase the sales, aylmao.
: Looking for friend for one bot game. Level does not matter.
: the new meta of " i got autofilled ... so i troll "
1. Actually haven't encountered a trolling autofilled for a while now. 2. Usually, if it's a role I don't mind playing, I can autofill (I hate jungling). 3. I'll ask usually if I can switch with someone else if I get autofilled, since autofill is just playing something you are not used to- which is harder if you are in higher elo playing something u r not comfortable with. 4. They are changing the ranked next season so autofilled people will get an elo based on what they got autofilled into 5. if u see someone saying that they are gonna troll dodge the game (unless it's your promos)- dodging means u will lose less lp than a lose.
Coxis (EUNE)
: The Newbie Project - Volunteer Contest - Winners Announcement
It actually was fun to draw by myself and see everyone else's draws. WE ARE ALL WINNERS. GJ everyone, ty for this contest, and congrats all the winners {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Just Wolf (EUW)
: insane lag in game then everyone dced
I got dced twice in 1 aram game just now :/ {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Death screen: Boosted
It will tilt the player more than he got tilted by dying to the camp.
BiernyPLHD4 (EUNE)
: Question about Polish Players.
I usually don’t have a problem with any nationality, except one occasion- typing in chat in a language that isn’t English. Don’t get me wrong I’m not an English professor or smth like that, and I have so many grammar mistakes, but if someone talks in chat, talk in English. And for some strange reason, most of those non-English chatting are polish (not trying to sound racist, just being honest about my experience in the last 2 years- I already recognize the language)
younisnoar (EUNE)
: Im not saying change im saying i dont wanna use W automaticly ... i wanna to press W
I understood correctly, as I said, if you will just press your w- you will probably save it to trade with your enemy- because of that you will deal more dmg to him. It will be unbalanced
Furiranda (EUNE)
: The rubbish of this community
1. You can report the enemy team, they will prob get punished for it. 2. If they trash-talked in-game as well- /mute all 3. early ff vote is available in 15 minutes, 20 for 2/3 to surrender 4. Even though you say it's just a normal game - remake it, it usually won't be worth your time, and you won't enjoy it that much. 5. IMO (THIS IS MY OPINION-NOT YOURS) Your lux probably did the right thing -sometimes being labeled as leaver is worth. heck, people are doing it in ranked game when they see they don't have a chance. I'm not tolerating that behavior but it's probably for the best.
younisnoar (EUNE)
: Kled (W) need to adjust ?
As a Kled main myself, He doesn't need this change, it is fine as is. At the end of the day, it will probably even make Kled overpowered by letting him active it by himself. I usually won't lvl up w until i think I can go for a trade at lvl 2/3 If I see that I can't i'll lvl w up and start farming. Think of it like that: everytime your opponent wants to trade with you, u r just saying "lol nope" and proceeds to win every single trade in lane because u saved your w for trading only.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Answer these questions
1. {{champion:58}} 2. Dragon Trainer Tristana 3. {{champion:51}} 4. Staying here in plat 5 (I got play today for the first time so I’m happy with my results) 5. {{champion:78}} ‘s hammer 6. {{champion:133}} 7. Either koro-sensei (from assassination classroom), Ryuuko Matoi (from kill la kill) or the Lich king (from World of Warcraft) 8. Santa kled with reindeer skaarl 9. A sliding penguin ward 10. 3:33 a.m and I’m tired af, but other than that, I’m pretty good. U?
: Maybe you have true but i have 200 and more people who can told you at 100 percent I couldn't play that time. You have true about "most players that rage quit will use it as an excuse (Because they just can)." but they don´t have evidence and I don´t want to removed my LPQ but if LPQ will be removed it will be great. I just think about reduction my LPQ, I left my game for technical problems but I still left the game but I knew before i played game that this could happen because it was bad weather and I knew probably electricity fell out but I still clicked accept
1. How can those 200 people contact riot with those evidence. 2. So people that rq can’t ask their friends to tell riot about it? 3. LPQ is in almost every multiplayer game, it is showing some good results so it won’t be canceled. The only way riot can confirm it is by talking with the electricity company, and they prob won’t do it (I mean come on, be realistic) Riot can’t confirm that you had technical issues, so they prob won’t lower it. If you still wanna try and get it lowered/removed, send a support ticket
: Riot´s unfair Leaverbuster put me in Low Priority Queue
Here is the thing, There isn't a real way to find out why you left the game. Even if you say "Electricity went down", and your low priority queue will be removed- most players that rage quit will use it as an excuse (Because they just can).
: between 0.01% and 100% will have them. if you keep this in mind and play to your best efforts and don't rage back at people being toxic. then you're fine as is. rank is only a fancy bling on your profile and loading screen. (just my humble opinion as an unranked player by choise)
As someone who plays some ranked, it really is :/
Kitsu (EUW)
: There's no new Kled skin since his release (2016)...
AND IT'S ABOUT TIME THEY GIVE HIM (and they announced they will give him something this year)
Boomerang (EUNE)
: What are the next "Legendary vs" skins?
I actually want both my favorite yordles that believe in their region and fight for that region those are {{champion:78}} vs {{champion:240}}
: Thank you very much for the help. The problem is that my friends main Soraka, Zyra and Morgana, so they feel much more comfortable with them. The other problem is when they pick after us and counterpick us. I usually ban Kai'sa because she is just unbearable for me. I tried MF but honestly I don't enjoy playing her much. I mainly play bot because I like Jhin and Lucian a lot.
> Thank you very much for the help. Np > The problem is that my friends main Soraka, Zyra and Morgana, so they feel much more comfortable with them. That's actually not a problem, soraka can help you sustain in turret while waiting for the junglers, while zyra and morgana stun onto that support means instant kill or summs (cc chain train to their brain (kill me plz)) > The other problem is when they pick after us and counterpick us. Hate the power of counterpicks, I usually ask someone in champ select if they mind if I picked for them before me, just because i hate blind picking top lane. If no one wants me to pick for them I usually go for my safest pick possible (when I was in the bot lane, it was Caitlyn, because I understood her range, and abused a bit against most matchups. u can get a whole aa before they start attacking u- jhin is also considered a safe pick because of his high dmg and long-range abilities ). > I usually ban Kai'sa because she is just unbearable for me. Everyone bans what they want to ban. All of my bans are at Renekton, he is my most hated matchup EVER. > I tried MF but honestly, I don't enjoy playing her much. I mainly play bot because I like Jhin and Lucian a lot. Logical (tho now with those 1 shots q's (so satisfying)). That's where u differ from most players - People play champions but they don't have fun while playing them - SO WHY EVEN PLAY- YOUR TOP PRIORITY IS TO HF.
: Any advice for the botlane?
> [{quoted}](name=Dead Delicious,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JFAE5k1l,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-23T13:59:23.087+0000) > Twitch + Fiddle, Ezreal + Brand or Kai'sa + Alistar (God forbid) Kog+Lulu during ardent meta (Satan forbid) But for real now, against those high dmg comps, I would prob sit near my support, and either wait for my support to initiate or jungler to come in, prob farm on the turret or get my close lane bush warded. the problem of those high ap dmg comps is their lack of escape, either u sit near turret or you go in hard. against fiddle, u can stay a bit away from your own minions, against brand stay close to them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an adc main anymore (I was like 2 seasons ago), but I remember a bit of how I used to play. Add to that, when I always asked my support to pick any aggressive tank supports (Leona/Ali) and just poked down people with my mf q and obliterate them with ult (I Highly suggest picking mf up, her learning curve isn't that high, and she is pretty fun overall. Almost every comp will punish hard for a misplay, but most of the misplays in the bot lane are in the positioning and warding. Try punishing for their misplays as well, for example if the enemy support goes to ward, and the adc is alone at lane, just go ham on him the support won't be back in time. If you have any questions hit me up. GLHF
: I admit I had to go to your match history just to see if you're another Ahri main who wants the Japanese voice over. :D
I laughed more than I should’ve
: Yeah, EUW is a terrible place language wise. There are some groups in particular who pretty much get toxic towards you as soon as you ask them to speak English (ya'll know who I mean). Best advice what I can give you, is not to let it get the best of you, just tell them not everyone is fluent in every European language, if they flame hit the mute.
I mean, eune isn’t that different by that tbh
: Dumb things you done
Kindred ulting the entire enemy team yeah i got reported
luginbrp (EUW)
: I need a jungler champion
skarner/shyvana/zac/sej enjoy freelo
Rioter Comments
: Oh. I meant champions that can basically get healed deal tons of area dmg + high cc. :P 2) I've seen some of them, but i enjoyed shaco from all of them and heimerdinger+teemo 3) Hmm. Kha'Zix and Zed seem like nice picks. I'll also buy Nautilus and Thresh coz they're amaizng. I've played Darius, not my cup of tea, but i like kled because of his craziness. Thanks A LOT for your recommendation. :D
Np. and about the heal cc and dmg, karma might be nice (although she has few of all of those), soraka and bard as well. seems like you lean towards the support side, you should check the controllers class, they seem like your type of playstyle ;)
: Received a 14-day ban after repeating that you shouldn't insult people with the f-word
I should really post what the support told me once. I got banned once for the same thing (the chat log might still be in my boards profile), but I didn't threaten to afk for the rest of the game. After I got the ban, I contacted riot support and got [this message](http://prntscr.com/kjsu2z) . You should contact them as well, they might not lift the ban because as I said I didn't threaten to afk for the rest of the game, but it's worth a shot. Gl on the rift ;) Edit: found my [chat log](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/sN6Ab5w9-got-banned-i-think-for-no-reason)
: Any champions similar to this playstyle?
1. I'm not sure about smite's playstyle characters (if u can describe them, I can prob help u with that) 2. The first 3 champions that come to my mind with the words traps are Caitlyn (her w is a trap on the ground, next basic will deal bonus dmg and will be double range) , Teemo (his ult is invisible poisonous shrooms) and Heimerdinger (you place a turret on the ground with just q, if u hit your e on enemy your q will send empowered attack.). another one is the full ap Shaco, your w boxes are dealing magic dmg (it's currently one of the weakest builds, so I'm not recommending it that much) 3. I feel like Pyke is more unique than most champions, his kit combines an assassin, and a support (and in my opinion, he is pretty similar to Darius with q and ult). If you lean towards the support side of Pyke (setting up kills by cc chaining someone), you should try Thresh, Blitzcrank, and Nautilus. If you lean towards the assassin side of Pyke (deleting a squishy target by combo-ing your abilities ), you should try Zed, Talon,Kha'zix, Rengar and a lot of those assassins (there are way too many). If you like the kit itself of Pyke, Darius and Kled have some similarities to him.
WildDoggy (EUNE)
: Is it? I thought that wasn't bannable (anymore).
I think it’s still bannable Not 100% sure
: {{item:3364}}
Llama Bell (EUNE)
: Greetings, Okay first of all I think the main reason is the negative attitude for saying surrender/condece etc. Instead of talking to people who flame just do /mute all and don't give a jam about them. Also another reason to report you is "WildDoggy: end WildDoggy:end **we are letting u** WildDoggy: **push it**". For me that deserves a negative attitude report. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
You can add the report calling, since it's bannable as well. And rito gave u just the last game chat log, there were probably more games that u had that negative behaviour
Kamille W (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Miss Lunari,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vodiXwQi,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-10T09:28:22.874+0000) > > omg this will never end "Perish with honor." {{champion:5}}
"Honor compels me!"{{champion:80}}
: wanna %%%% em up? {{champion:240}}
lycann1 (EUNE)
: sometimes,like that guy who told his teammates to kill themselves and says i didnt deserve this xD it made me laugh honestly.
Whenever I'm feeling down, I'm just looking to laugh at those threads
Coxis (EUNE)
: The Newbie Project - Volunteer Contest
So I said to myself: "I will prob get bored by it, so no thx". The next night I said to myself, ok you are bored, try doing it for like 20-30 minutes. AND HOLY HELL after 2 hours of drawing (IT FELT LIKE 10 MINUTES SO IT'S THE SAME), I was proud of myself that I finished, but facepalmed because I never thought of doing that. So I decided to take my favorite main- Kled (and Skaarl ofc) and decided to make a drawing out of those 2 (because KLED NEEDS A NEW SKIN RITO PLZ) (btw, it's my first drawing an actual thing on paint) I present to you, FISHERMEN KLED AND SKAARL - WITH TACOS OFC. https://imgur.com/a/hCXTF3g?
: It is not a faction it is a city as the name says. If icons were made for every single piece of the map there would be a ton of icons for all the smaller regions on the map if you zoomed enough to see them (e.g. Wuju, Icathia, Kinkou monastery).
But, as you can see in the [Universe](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/regions/), Bandle City (and also the void) does have an icon and is mentioned as one of the regions, while the small pieces on the map don't have it
Phoe3nix (EUW)
: Do i buy Kai'sa or Yasuo
I prefer kai'sa, i don't know why but her playstyle is fun for me.
Chùos (EUW)
: Master fizz high quality gameplay
Rioter Comments
: League of Legends timeline (Player created)
I believe I joined a week after gp rework Kindred came out like a month or 2 later. I really started playing around illaoi’s release.
Dyrocx (EUW)
: I finished a Secondary Grammar School which is in the top 50 Grammar school in Hungary. And I'll travel to England to study CGI - Computer Generated Imagery in BA hons for 3 years. Like 3D modeling (artist), VFX, a little animation... My main interest is Caharcter desgin to build one in 3D and making texture for it etc.
Holy, sounds cool GL in your studies ;)
Dyrocx (EUW)
: But i dont think ill play with LOL after I move to England to go to the Uni
Btw out of curiosity what will you study?
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