Sayainji (EUW)
: Finally made it!!!
Congratulations! I just made to silver yesterday! Started to really play with the win mentality about 22 days ago. Before that I just kinda grinded Bronze not thinkin about winning or climbing. Now I just have to keep that chat log clean like you do :)
: Sadly im on EUW, but congrats ! Just be carefull, because if you are at silver 5 0 points and you lose to many games in streak, you can go back to bronze, i dont know how much games are necessary to fall to bronze some people say 5 games others 10 others 15, just play your best champions when you are with 0 points.
It shows EUNE, but I'm actually EUW nowadays. I changed like 1 week ago.
: Silver is the same or worst indeed .. i can tell you that because i'm stuck here. You get new comers, you still play with bronzes most of the times and then you have some silver players who managed to get to silver but still don't have improved themselves in nothing compared to bronzes. Also you still have the flamers and the trollers. And here i am, in the rollercoaster always up and down, 9999x this season i was s5/s4 but in the last few days i missed only 1 game to go to silver III what hapenned ? Yeah, trollers and so on, and now im sitting on s5 again.
Sounds like I need to add you on my friendlist :)
Estti379 (EUW)
: Huh, you said you would be back after one week only. You are 15 days too late!!!! Nah, I'm just kidding^^ Still, congratz =D
Yeah. I had a little setback when I changed from EUNE to EUW and dropped from B1 to B3 :) Had to climb again the ladders of Bronze pit of fun.
: There is no lack of 'need' to win. After 1000 games you shouldn't be in bronze if you play them like normal games. Because let's face it, normal games are more difficult than bronze games.
Goremaw (EUNE)
: I just came to tell everyone, that it's time to move on from the Bronze.
Well. I just came to tell everyone that I'm silver now. GG to me :)
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Since english isn't my native language it would probably be more than 10sec for me, considering how I'm scared to make grammar errors, so ignoring them is my answer
You can copy paste that every time a game begins and then control+v it when needed :)
: I mean it could just be that I've played this game for 4 years and having my main banned with all champions, lots of skins made the game less enjoyable. I still loved to play on smurfs at that point but now every game there's something that pisses me off even if I win. Winning games doesn't feel like an achievement, it's like ofc I've won the enemies are incredibly bad and are clearly not deserving of this elo.
And when you lose you blame luck and bad team and still the enemy dont deserve to be in that elo. Oh the logic.
: > [{quoted}](name=Goremaw,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=scH6b8c8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-13T15:49:35.168+0000) > From the way u talk, it means if he was a normal plat, then he would have 50% winrate ? {u said he is dia,so he must win more} System doenst care about that.not even mentioning the DY que that fked everything up. from the year 2016 i droped down to plat 5 and cant climb more than 50 lp, Luck and better team comps wins everything. if they have bronze top darius and u have bronze adc vayne most likely u will lose, cuz darius can go tank and use Q Q Q and its ok.
Well better team comps should win over bad team comps. Thats logical right? What comes to luck, you think some of the people playing in diamond had so good luck, that they managed to get there, but you have so bad luck that you don't get there. What if some gold says you just had luck to get to platinum and they supposed to be there instead of you but they just have bad luck? That is just irrational thinking. It has been said 1000 times. The only thing that is the same in all of your game is you. Your map awareness, helpfulness, pings etc. all affect the game. And remember, toxic people lose more than happy people!
: Ah right, sorry I didn't realise it was one match, I assumed you had to do all of your placements again
That would been very nice compared to how they do it now.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: If only I would ever have that much time in game to write all that
Well you have to dedicate yourself for the response. I know 10 seconds is a loooong time in the game and you never die so you don't have time to chit chat so you don't have the opportunity to answer. But I die usually 4-8 times in a game so I have time to reply to insults. Lucky me.
: You should have read up on the risks before you transferred
I read the terms and I knew there will be one match which decides where i go. But the match I got was a remake (which means 0lp to all parties involved) thus having a negative impact on my position in the division. That's the rant about...
Okuma (EUNE)
: What champion suits Donald Trump as a person ≧◡≦ (Comment your opinion)
Draven! Trump owns the League and gets the dollars! I mean Draven.
: why did you transfer to euw in the first place, its not like you will get a rank easier or something.
I have friends playing there.
Mr Anonym (EUNE)
: :D bronze 1 or 3..same shit other bin... :) no worries if youre good u will climb up in no time
Yes ofc I will climb. But for what? I was thrown back for stupid transfer. Now I have to replay myself from B3 O LP to B1. And that is just completely unnecessary work for me. Why didn't they put me on b1 or at least gave a good game to play and then put me in some division in B. Now the enemy surrendering the game in remake gave me nothing and thats why im in B3. You would not like if you would be thrown 30 games back where youre now because you just paid 15 euros to transfer...
Rioter Comments
: Ouch, that's a hefty time for people that had to leave for a real reason.
Seriously, I have played this game for 3 years and not left once for a reason. I'm equipped with a brain and a sense of time and I know what I have to do and when and I know if I'm needed somewhere else and when. If you open up LoL and start a ranked/ARAM whatever game it's your responsibility to dedicate yourself for the next 30-60 minutes for this game. And I know now someone says "yeah but I had to leave to hospital to see my sick brother". Yeah ok. One person out of a 10000 needs to go to hospital to see their sick brother, that should not have any impact whatsoever to this game and its penalties etc.
WiThLoVe (EUW)
: Wishing death to people
If someone wishes me death or dismemberment or that my family dies, I just reply "I know you would like it very much to have magical powers over people, but this is not a fantasy novel and youre not a wizard, so your wishes has no value whatsoever".
MasterKota (EUNE)
: no if they make me cry its late alredy for mute i cry my mom sees wants me stop game no ban toxic
I know this is your idea of being funny, but if you mute them in the beginning of the game, there is no "late" situation. Also, youre not funny.
: I'm crying IRL.
Dude. If youre crying in normal games when youre trying to get to level 30, I think you should quit this game. You have absolutely no idea what is coming when you dip your feet in the ranked pool. Also, I seriously hope you don't have any 4/9/2 games, because then there is probably a guy who went 18/4 in your team in that game and lost and he made a similar post here. So you know, just sayin'.
Kilagram (EUW)
: I got perma banned for saying "Ez" ?
There are rules, which you promise to follow when you start to play this game. Some of the rules are: Don't be a di*k. Don't beg for reports (you know, 1 report is enough - your report. You don't need more. Just sayin') Don't say "easy". Just don't. I know you finally won a game and you wan't to rub it in the opponents face because youre not a gentleman, but it will get you in trouble. So instead of getting your account banned you can go to your neighbours door, ring their doorbell and when they open, you can tell them how easy it was to win a game of LoL. They will then pat your back and say "good boy, good boy". Don't call people noob. That's what little children do in the playground when someone don't know how to swing in the swing yet. Youre not a little child. Or are you? I don't know.
MasterKota (EUNE)
/mute all /thread
Lsayu (EUNE)
: >by the white knights of the boards. More like by the etiquette of the forums you're using. >picked smite ghost Garen and said it was his troll champion with whome he had trolled over 80 games. Lol the guy has a dedicated troll champion. If I read that in game chat I would laugh even if I was in promos out of bronze or about to demoted, I would laugh so hard that I probably would have messed up my gameplay *how can you be serious the guy has a fucking dedicated troll champ*.. God I wish it wasn't punishable to say "This is Garen, my troll champ with whom I trolled over 80 games with".
Gotta admire the dedication! There is this one thing i need to say about this Garen fella and people who get teamed up with him... How did you get your MMR so friggin twisted, that youre teamed up with a professional loser? That's... that's just wrong!
: Plat elo is the worst experience I've ever had
Apparently you are a toxic player because your other account got banned. Just sayin'. The problem with "a team who stomps another" works both ways. Either it's your team stomping the other or the opposite. Don't know how that has anything to do with the fact that your stuck in plat. Youre in a positive situation, because you always know there is at least one diamond player in your team (you). The others have only plat players or boosted accs in their team so logically you should win more than you lose because youre better than plat players. You know, just sayin'.
Perilum (EUW)
: You want to start to play serious? Then keep the mouth shut.
Iskierka (EUW)
: Uuuh you did receive a ban for THAT? I ve reported people for more harassment and the system didn't care.
vladz2k (EUNE)
: The only proof that someone is boosting if they have the sudden MMR increase, otherwise, you can say youre a god and it shouldnt be truth.
Didn't I just say so?
Rioter Comments
: Next time you catch boosters just report them at the end game screen. (At cheating section)
I'm not going to play with boosters. It is not fair game and I will have no part in it.
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Im Allah in human form. Just because someone said something, doesnt mean its true.
No kidding. But if someone says something, and tell prices etc. and then Riot checks the accounts and sees that the accounts have suddenly gained significant amounts of MMR and rank... well, you do the math.
Rioter Comments
: In bronze games.
Wrong. Because bronze games are more about luck than skill (because you know you get beginners, you just don't know how beginners they are) and if 1 out of 5 is always just playing for fun and trying new item sets and new champs (me) it means that the team has now only 4 spots left for players who really want to win. The other team has 5 slots. So basically I'm always a negative bonus to team, because I'm not there to win (as in playing always the champs i know how to play and using generally effective item sets). The way I play would be impossible in higher ranks, because you can't be in silver or gold just for fun when everyone else are hanging to their dear life to stay in the tier and are doing everything to be there.
: Because normal games aren't filled with bronze people unless you've hit bronze mmr there as well.
Correct. Now let's do a logic test. If 4 out of 5 in normals (my teammates) are averagely higher skilled than basic b5-1 players and if I'm playing just for fun, where is higher possibility to get wins: in normal games, or in bronze ranked games?
Goremaw (EUNE)
: I just came to tell everyone, that it's time to move on from the Bronze.
Well, since I've started to play seriously and also started to boost my teams morale by being positive and giving good tips, I have gone from Bronze 2 to Bronze 4! Success! This is going exactly as planned.
: There is no lack of 'need' to win. After 1000 games you shouldn't be in bronze if you play them like normal games. Because let's face it, normal games are more difficult than bronze games.
Why are normal games more difficult than bronze games? I wonder... There is the key to the mystery. But if you want to say that I am just a bad player and willing to win has nothing to do with this, so be it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
: >I have over 1000 games in bronze. You may ask why, and I will give you an answer: To me, bronze tier is like the normal games. still makes me wonder how you havent gotten out of bronze after 1000 normal games
Probably because I lack the need to win. But now I have summoned the need to win, and we will see how it will work. If I'm not in silver in one or 2 weeks, there clearly is another reason why I'm in Bronze than the lack of need to win.
: nope you dont lways get a message
I know. That's why I wrote _at least_. If I send 100 reports and 2 of them cause a punishment where im informed, I'm just happy.
: > So without further ado, adieu all the bronze pro players that react to every little fail with a fanfar of "Report X for X pls pls repor". Ah. I'm going to miss them And then people still believes that report system is working at bronze xD The 50% of bronze should have been banned for flaming and another 25% for trolling and refusing to communicate .
True. But in the last week I have received 2 notifications, that my report caused a player to be punished. I've probably sent 100 in the week, so 2 out of 100 reports were at least handled and dealt with.
: silver is the same
Rioter Comments
Solash (EUW)
: I feel like there should be a gorilla champion in LoL.
Can we just have a Nunu skin, where Nunu is dressed as a princess and rides a Gorilla :)
: How to survive champ select
Every time someone tries to get people to dodge, I just laugh. If they target me, I'll just say "dude, I have 1000 games in Bronze, do you think I give a shitt?" Because I never dodge, I know that sometimes they do what they threaten to do, but it happens rarely.
: This is Riot
But i like dynamic queue... First I hated it because people didnt know how to fukkin pick and lock. But now, it's all good. Gone are the days of "MID MDIMIDIDIDMDID" "MID MID MID" "I SAID FIRST" "THEN 2 MID" "HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARFHGHAHDHA"
MadBaron (EUW)
: Is it better to have the camera unlocked?
Lol I play with unlocked camera but with space bar always pressed. That way I have my champion always in the middle and when I want to look around I just release space bar. Gets a bit tricky when youre doing combos, but I have played like that for 2 years now and got used to it :)
: ***
Weirdly enough, my last 7 games had also 3 afks in my teams :)
Goremaw (EUNE)
: What has happened with the boxes?
Hmm. I opened the game again. It installed a patch and now there is the golden borders again on my champions. Ziggs also has now golden border, but I do not have any more boxes that I had before the Ziggs game :(
ZartarUK (EUW)
: did you get a ban or punishment?
What? No. I know that chat restriction or ban will deny any boxes. I have received boxes normally until my S-game yesterday.
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: Dodge queue
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