: Sarcastic comments are the same as a "Joke that can kill" Comment. Just beware of that. Just like real life.
I'm pretty sure *jokes* that are posted in a category which is *designated for jokes* isn't something out of this world. There were no bad intentions.
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you read the deletion message, you'll note it clarifies some pointers. One of them being: > Begging. Sorry, while everyone loves free stuff, begging the community isn't welcome
It was sarcastic though, hence the poor grammar and *tHiS sTyLe oF wRiTiNg*, I wasn't actually asking for anything. Also, kind of a poor choice of a category overall if I were to beg for something.
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: Has this ever happened to anyone else ?
It could be due to hardware issues, especially to those running LoL on a low-end PC, typically where there is a shortage of RAM.
Xiley (EUNE)
: Voice Chat
Heh, I made similar post about this and got mostly downvotes without constructive criticism. Here though, I agree with your points. League is a competitive game and requires fast and coherent communication. It is team-oriented, which is exactly what Riot has been promoting over the last couple of years (teamwork OP).
: Still me, i wanted to point out that in your last match you were vlad and, despite not being an optimal build, going FULL TANK in that situation could have saved you since you convert bonus HP into AP (spirit's visage, thornmail, dead men's, warmog) i want to see what neeko can do to you in THAT situation
True, she would have a harder time killing me, but that's about it. I wouldn't be able to kill her since she was duoing with Kayle. Also, the game was over in general, so not much to do.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Bummer, mid-range elo really cannot realise Neeko gets outscaled by ANY adc late game. I think the community needs a bit more education to be tiltproof rather than nerfing champions.
I don't disagree with you on the fact that Neeko gets outscaled late game, however, the game needs to last long enough to reach late game in the first place :I
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: Why isn't there a voice chat yet?
If you're going to downvote it, at least tell me why, I'm open to your opinions.
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: I understand your frustration and I relate to everything you said, I posted a thread about that too but all the answers I had was vague and unconvincing. A time they say it's a team game and other time they say it's a game to test your own skills. They don't even know if it's a game to determine an individual player is good or a team game basically. from what I learnt is that I should always expect the worse in the game that I'm going to play, this will make you expect low expectations from your team and not feel upset or bad about yourself and no need to chat with them because they're basically boosted by the system. or they might surprise you and win their own lane for a change and just win your game or promos. I see that you're a gold player which is really good!, climbing gets worse by the next high elo. so you need to expect more toxic and salty players so you won't get upset. I'll be happy to play with you if you want :) it's just to see players who actually wanna win in ranks, for some reason no one is even trying in ranks but they sure tryhard in normals XD. Cheers :) .
I'd be more than happy to climb the ladder with you! I just got back into the game after a much needed break, and I enjoy it a lot more, especially since I don't have such a competitive mindset anymore. Losing lane: oh well, just farm, don't die, get picks and gather as much gold as possible. Winning lane: close the game out. Everything seems much more cleaner now.
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: You lost boi? Need help?
You didn't answer the question.
: What a selfish player... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} He just show us that he can play this game in a regular way by don't breaking the rules. Shame on you.
How does not breaking the rules make you selfish?
: ***
If it makes the game less toxic, that's fine with me. Also, smart pings are a good enough way to communicate with your team. The fact that my chat is muted, doesn't mean I don't communicate with them. I will throw an "ss [insert lane here]" or "care [insert champion here]" here and there.
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: why do I feel like crap?
I have the same exact problem. I feel frustrated and tired, regardless if I win or lose. It's definitely of the reasons Shadowflame listed before.
PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: It's based on your MMR and others MMR best way to check from my experience is on OP.GG here is the link to your profile http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Gr8Jelly0fDoom Now it's not correct or exact as Riot's MMR system but shows you approximation of what it is. Your KDAs are good but you need to get 50% Win Rate at least to have decent LP gains I'am between 53-55% atm but it still happens that i gain between 19-23 LP all thou my WR should push me from 21-25 LP based on experience from previous seasons . Best way to climb is to win ofc but in some cases you can't even if you are above that skill lv... that is due to team m8 factor ++ and Match Making trying to keep you at 50% WR. best thing to do when you see you will lose is either to go for a desperate play to bring the game back or just play for KDA so your MMR would not dip as hard, and ofc grind grind grind.
It sucks, because I'll lose because someone might *cough* troll *cough* and there is nothing that could be done. About the grind part, if only I had more time :( Also, it's showing me a winrate above 50%, so all I have to do is consistently still get good kda? This is all confusing :/
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Kalviras (EUW)
: Shield bash abused by Viktor yet?
Jesus no why no more pls i cant take it anymore %%%%
: 10 Years Celebration mode
Riot already addressed that all the champions that have been reworked are basically gone, and it would be really hard to bring them back, let alone the old SR map. Probably not gonna happen, but we probably will get something cool nevertheless.
: I think the client is laggy and buggy enough tbh.
Well, if it isn't connected to the client server, I think it would be a-ok. There would be complications though if there was a leader-board of some sorts. That is precisely why the dinosaur on Google works when there is no connection :p
Serlirea (EUW)
: What sucks about this game (my 2 cents)
Riot doesn't care about your 2 cents. I don't think it would change if you gave them 2 grand either ;)
: What will be your goal for S9?
I was gonna say Plat V, but school man, too much work. Don't have the time ;-;
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: I don't understand riot's balancing...
Nocturne can be easily popped with a little bit of focus. He isn't really tanky, he may have burst, but similarly to other assassins, he can do damage, but can't take much in return. Also, his ult is never on a 20 second cooldown. Maybe after an ace, he might have a cd of somewhere 30-40 seconds. Otherwise, his ult has a cd at rank 3 typically around 60-80 seconds.
: Rek'sai was played in worlds!
Rek'Sai best Jungler <3 {{champion:421}}
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: You are going to downvote this post
Cypherous (EUW)
: I don't see a bronze in your recent ranked matches, show me it
https://imgur.com/gallery/PwwrFPz Some of the players in the enemy team and my team are low Silver as well. The ones that caught my eye is Pyke, who at the time was Unranked, 3 games into his placements, currently Silver V, and Lucian, who is currently Unranked. ~~~~ Notice ~~~~ I'm not posting the usernames of these people to do harm or slander them, I am simply trying to illustrate my point that the matchmaking system is broken, and these people should not have been in my last 3 ranked games.
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: League of Legends timeline (Player created)
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Press Spacebar to accept match
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: Playing Support In Silver Is Painful
First of all, the skin isn't technically free, because you would earn it through hard grinding ;) And second, you'll just have to squeeze out of the tight grasp which is silver elo hell, and just play games to win as many as possible. Good Luck getting to Gold :D
: First game in my promos to plat. Auto-filled ADC.
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: Aurelion sol needs a rework so it has less way less counterplay Almost every champ counters aurelion and he should be stronger vs melee champs
A simple buff to his q, where he could instantly cast and activate it would make him better against melee champs. But then, that wouldve been the same thing as an Anivia q, so it needs some more brainstorming.
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