Endellion (EUW)
: Is this a serious post or just a troll one?
Just a rant pretty much, i know it wont change anything. It just seems weird getting suspended after ONE game (and yes, i posted the entire chat log) No other competitive online game gives out bans so freely, be it shooters like like CS or other mobas like DOTA or SMITE. Just in EXTREME cases where the player is actually cheating, abusing bugs or ddosing, but NEVER based on a few words in chat detected by an overly agressive automated system.
: not tolerating homophobia isn't "catering to all the snowflakes and sjws", it's basic human decency
Yeah im really sure the opponents were actually gay and got offended, of course they didn't try to tilt me on purpose in order to make me snap and report me later. None of the little angels playing this game would do somthing like this... riiiight?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You didn't use racial slurs, but you used homophobic slurs, which is just as punishable. 100% justified ban Be careful, the next one will be a permanent ban
Yeah i know, its insanely easy to get banned in this game, riot is catering to all the snowflakes and sjw-s, in my nearly 20 years of gaming i have never witnessed such a social cuck of a company that gives out bans to thousands, like flyers on the street :D
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