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: What is up with the toxic community?? Is there anything being done to these people?
Everyone's tilted couse the snowball is heavy, and this stack thing on supports made it even more so
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Just a heads up
I dont play Panthe anymore, but Im big on Mlaphite and Talon thanks Rito -.- Rip Panthe 2018
charvos (EUW)
: Draven sucks, and needs better optimisation (+ bugfix pls)
Problem is new PTA made Vayne outright OP, although I beat Vayne with Twitch (sometimes) and I mained twitch in Season 2 and on lol. But Jax and Yi are worse, rito buffing Yi, rito NOBODY likes Yi!!! Tiger Udyr Ive always liked playing, but now I dont like when hes against me lol riot very suspicios activity in their patches as usual I just ban kata and proceed with open mind every game :D Drrrraven is go ham or go home champo, but even Tyler cant work his magic, so he really needs abit of something Alot of champs are out of whack now
Naniup (EUW)
: 13 afk/int 0 enemy team i have evrything on my book rito
Its was draw of the luck the first 3 games, then it came down to you not being REFORMED enough. This is why the best strategy if you hit a losing streak is to call it a day, and try again tomorrow. Once I get a few afkers in a row I get fkn tilted to a point where I go with negative attitude thinking stuff like "GG lost in champselect" and yes I am not proud writing it in chat too which demoralises the team and gives you nearly 100 % chance of losing. I try to just call it a day when Im in that dark zone. I also see many players entering games in the same dark state of mind, like this guy yesterday wrote alot more than he actually played, I can tell he knew his Lux but directed his energy towards flaming mates, siding with one guy against another, which as you know gives birth to a flamewar and you lose. I actually act REFORMED nowadays, for example in that game I was all like "hes not bad, its not his fault, GJ", when the Lux was flaming. It calmed things greatly, and we almost won, but our early game picks couldnt cope with their hypercarries. Another thing I do is if I get killed early game I instantly mute all my teammates for a time, until both their flame and my shame are gone. My spastic rage episodes are gone, I still only sometimes bash the poor mouse, when I failed an epic play. I play since Season one and was shaclone or Tyler level toxic (well... probably abit less), but now after 7 season I took the reformation route and never looked back. REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018 REFORMATION 2018
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Ahri vs assassins...
Ban Katarina. Everytime. Just do it, dont contemplate counterplay. Just ban her. I have probably thousands of games on talon, eversince the silence removal, every matchup is a skill matchup. What really %%%s him up is you farming under turret (even if you lose some farm), couse hes so easy to gank, even with jumping walls (althoug masteing the mechanic makes u very strong), and cant quite kill you underturret, its just an ego trip for the talon "Oh look hes losing farm and Im harrasing him under tower... shit rito is the bomb with that mana buff on W I can do it all day... oh shit its the jungler *you have been slain*". After Ahri hits 6, if Talon has no kills, he cant burst her. Now if the Talon is smart he will counter your passiveness with him being passive aswell, but then he falls off. Ive played this matchup many times its a skill matchup, because Ahri has 2 skillshots. And mid currently is all about roaming so tht counts too. Also alot of people talk about having charm as the solution, but its not that simple, couse it can be dodged point blank. The thing is when the assasin jumps he has the situation played out in his head, while its easy for u to panic, and easy for him to dodge the charm. Just farm underturret bro trust me. I dont like facing Ahri because of her ult, its a very anti assasin ult, so farm quietly till 6.
Loonsteer (EUW)
: League of who gets Vayne.
I still think its PTA thats OP, not Vayne. When att speed gets broken in some way it always reflects on Vayne the strongest. Playing vs Vayne is not a problem for me. An ADC will ALWAYS be team dependant at 100 %. Playing against a Jax\Yi squeezes every neuron in my brain lategame, add a Vayne in the mix and u got almost certain defeat\victory by default. Its either Jax jumps in while Vayne flanks and melts in seconds (GL peeling), or the opposite. Where lategame is pre 20 lol. This is why I play Mlaphite alot, he can make a play to make a pick and turn scales in your favour but still you know what Vayne does to tanks. Im seing Vaynes 1v1ing Zed mains now lol. I think Rito didnt want to buff ADC further, the just went "Hey the AS melee carries are trash for a such a long time, lets buff them all with a rune". Apparently they forgot why are they nerfed them to such a state in the first place. The Yi and Tiger Udyr buffs fit the theory. Im having fun on Udyr going yellow enchantement and then full tank, he basically both tanks and cleans fights this way. Not fun for the enemy I bet, esp given his spike straight from lvl 1. Id never think the day will come when I will QQ about Jax or Yi, and I play since old Jax had dodge runes... I suggest toning down Press The Attack and make it melee only, amd give ADC something else. Maybe make a new rune tree, maybe devide rune trees as Melee\Range and not AP\AD, since the once we have are much more limited than old runes (though I like the idea of new players not being massively handicapped).
BlueFoxNL (EUW)
: Need some advice with fizz in lane..
Till 6 you chill At 6 go for the kill Its a huuuuuge spike for him there.
: but why can she not do what every. other. midlaner can do?`is so frustrating. And if you are against stuff like LeBlanc, Zed, Talon etc, there is no way in hell you can AA those minions without at least having to back afterwards. You just have to pray they don't die in the 10 seconds it takes for your E to come of CD again
Its not the waveclear thats the problem its picking Lux into assasins. Sounds like u one trick. She is actually not that bad vs them, presuming you have barrier, at 6 if they are not at full HP and u hit 1 Q they get blown up. Sure Zed can %%% you up, its Zed baby, no chainvest no laif, thats why hes regularly banned, but with Talon its always a skill matchup. Try to pick a Mlaphite when u see a Zed, its the way to tilt Zed mains. I think the problem is not the farming part, but the overextending part. If you play ur cards right, you can always throw skillshots at them, while they cant really jump you for a one shot. Losing some farm is much better for you, then losing kills is for assasins.
: Focus and Toughness in Soloque
The biggest problem is people typing in chat instead of playing the fkn game. I always shotcall objectives, and sometimes fail, but some call is better than no call. In Season 2 I was Twitch jungle one trick (and later played more jungle) so that gave me alot of map knowledge, and a 6ths sense about what happens and where it happens. These days I like to play top, because I was never big toplane player. But jungling is what gives you an idea of how the game works, its necessary for everyone to main jungle for a while.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I swear to god, if I get one game without Trist/Vayne/Twitch/Ez
Yep people play broken stuff so they can climb easier. PTA and snowballing short games broke hypercarries, and MF abuses draktar, so again broken. We sometimes get the occasional Tyler fanboy with Draven but thats about it. Theres also occasional Ezreals who feel lackluster lategame and cant melt tanks. Im talking gold SoloQ. Maybe in higher ELO people are not such sheeps, people in gold actually report for not picking\banning Vayne, but thats somewhat justified. I saw a video with Riot dev, she talked about buffing rule bending, bu nothing about nerfing PTA, which is picked even on champs it shouldnt be.
elin990 (EUW)
: Who is the best supp champ right now?
I think its all about countering the opponent - see a Thresh\Leona - pick Morgana for example. Jana works in basically any situation couse the peel on her is crazy. Sona also works in every situation but is so squishy, but is godlike lategame. Lulu is the ultimate "no you wont kill the carry. You will not kill the carry". Lulu and Jana are I think universal and work every time. All the supports are VERY strong (ahem, ardent cencer), even stuff like Nauti, and it really boils down to not picking such stuff that you counter yourself. See a Cait - better grab that Draven\Jihn\Lucian. See an ez - dont pick Twitch\Vayne into him, pick the cait. Although its a team game, sometimes picking a hypercarry into an early game trick pays well, but mostly you handicap yourself. I also think Vayne deserves huge nerfs and I think they are coming. The PTA mastery is broken tho not her. I can currently carry almost as hard as her with twitch, and those 2 should be on the same level. Vayne just hits her spike so soon and even when behind. And they buffed Yi -.- I think Jax\Yi\Udyr\Trynda are secret OPs with it but nobody talks about it. If you face a Vayne+Jax = GG have fun trying to peel. And Id still much prefer to ban katarina because you know why. Supports are fine, the new runes made carries even more questionably OP tho.
In season 2 Moscow5 developed this shyvana diving and renekton trolling around meta, Rito loved it so much that they slowly changed the game into a thing where u cn do that with anyone.
sverike (EUW)
: tf fix
wait wasnt it after u choose a card you hear 2-3 more clicks and based on them you guess the next rotation
elin990 (EUW)
: what does a jungler need to do?
I can tell you wat not to do: - Dont ks all kills - dont gank a heavy losing lane esp at bot - dont gank the botlane in a 2v2, only in 2v3 - dont farm your wraith while your mate is getting ganked and you can countergank - dont stop farmng wraith if the mate is too far gone - always push for killinng scuttlers - dont forget to farm, when youve roamed and lost XP comparatively, go farm some - dont wait on your team to shotcall objectives - dont build full glasscannon - do not play under the impression that because you have 10 kills you will carry easy it doesnt work this way
Naniup (EUW)
: Why league is full of trolls/tilted person ????
because the games become more snowbally with every patch
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