ˆνˆ (EUW)
: My Tilted Season Start :)
Its a great skin and ye enjoy it but I have 1 but :D SO you bought RP 'oh lets buy some RP for Ele. Lux and lets pick this option maybe its enough' then you realised that you have not enough so you didn't count how much you need or something? Its not like its something negative and that I judge you. Positive manner. Next time if you need some RP for a skin or whatever(10 maybe) you can send a ticket and then Rioter will ask you to do some sort of art or something and as a reward you will get the needed RP, I did it once and I know that its very polite from them and its cool (as in great) :D
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ADHD Dánon,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=2ApPhA4F,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-03-12T13:18:04.484+0000) > > Hi Riot Eambo > > Thanks for that quick reply. I found it and is it possible to paste that somewhere to have it on every server? > I play on EUNE and EUW and I would like to have the same Item Sets on both of them. Hmm, so theoretically I believe if do this it should work: - Copy those folders/files somewhere once you're logged into the account you *want* the stuff from - Log into the other server - While logged in, copy/paste the backed up files to the original locations - Start a custom game, confirm the item sets show - Exit the custom, exit the game, log out and back in The reason for this order is that when you log in it downloads the server side settings, and it does not save settings to the server until you "finish" a game - so doing it this way should overwrite the server sided settings.
Great, Thanks a lot.
Riot Eambo (EUNE)
: Hi ADHD Dánon, They are stored at: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\Champions They are also persisted at C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\ItemSets.json which carries with your account across multiple computers :-)
Hi Riot Eambo Thanks for that quick reply. I found it and is it possible to paste that somewhere to have it on every server? I play on EUNE and EUW and I would like to have the same Item Sets on both of them.
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Or just leave us in the same div we were last season? Just suggesting.
Mr 44 (EUW)
: 10/10 = Bronze V
The worst part is that everything on the world is not fair, everywhere u go, no matter how u try. live is just not fair and we have to get use to it. I know how u feel and I wish u the best and hope u will get out of there and rank as high as u can this season, after all u won 10/10 games so u have improved since last season and thats the good part.
: Need players for aram
Try **Pool Party** Chat, on EUNE there r always players 2 play on that chat.
ZegisStyle (EUNE)
: it says i got the skin , still cant use it thoe
I wrote a ticket 2 support but i fought they fix it like globally. Do u have it now? if now message the support
: Problem is yet not fixed... Bought chogath -.-{{champion:31}}
ZegisStyle (EUNE)
: yes , not enought rp
i wanted 2 try buy i have more than 750 and dont want to lose another 750 rp
ZegisStyle (EUNE)
: same
Did any of u tried 2 re-buy them?
: Wuut
Have the same, best is that i bought it and dont have it how did u post that screen, could u tell me?:D
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Sinfull666 (EUNE)
: ('Tons of sales-15 million"-rewards 15millions points) This is the only part that is buging me...What does it mean?
i gues like champion and skin sales, maybe runes, rune pages etc
FlyingOtter (EUNE)
: Neither will you with that english.
So leave my English and go play kid again. U cant do anything about that, everyone win games and lose games every single day.
Sanivlei (EUW)
: ^ don't be this guy.
Not even trying xd
TeaBagHater (EUNE)
: I want to know if ranked teams are counted as 5-man premades
I guess they should be, but i have no idea, they will release a HUD with more information about this event on Monday, so lets w8 till then.
FlyingOtter (EUNE)
: Is this for real?
With that attitude u will not get anywhere.
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: you get less, but you earn more over time.
it is done so u will get the same amount of ip, no matter which game mode
thor1512 (EUNE)
: I'm with but there is a problem here. If U.R.F. will come back permanent noone will play normal or ranked.
The perma U.R.F. will be forgotten in a month and its a feature game mode, that's why they will not release it permanently just because someone want it.
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
They will differently not bring URF back this year i guess, the feature game modes are usually back after a year for the same event, for URF its 1 of April (April Fools Day) so why u people spam for it to come back?? for example I would like to play some Doom Bots or One for All (SR one coz i didn't enjoyed the Mirror one on the HA) next and I will patiently wait for it. :)
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: you get IP faster if you don't need to buy any champs :)
for me now the ip is collecting like dust and i cant spend it, need 2 w8 for some new champions.
: Farm aram games. Short games, fast paste, faster IP earnings.
not rly, u get less ip playing aram.
cacarott (EUW)
: About the new UI, can a Rioter help (or anyone who knows the answer)?
I think thet the CS and KDA are in the right place above the mini map and u will eventually get use to it like everyone.
vasher85 (EUW)
: Since last patch I'm having this same issue and is so annoying because I used to play with hud at 20% size and now I can't see the chat. Also it's messy and ugly, none of the numbers fit on their boxes.
Madliv (EUW)
: I got a bug...anyone knows to fix it ?
Lots of people already complained about it, ur not the only one. W8 and see, and if they will not fix it the new HUD should be released to the live servers soon, i hope xd
: A huge fan wants to play a game with a Rioter on his birthday ! :D
Well i dont have birthday today and i just played a normal with a Rioter i guess :)
Hazzathor (EUW)
: I cant see them in game
**Did u change ur summoner name recently? switcher to a different server?** If they r not in your summoner profile > item sets, than go to: **Local Disc (C:) > Riot Games > League of Legends > RADS > projects > lol_air_client > releases > 0.0.1(whatever) > deploy > preferences ** and in preferences u should see all ur summoner names used on this pc, thats were ur item sets r saved. if u dont have any item sets saved on the summoner name u r using it should show the size 1KB. Find the one with bigger size and copy the code into ur summoner name where u want the item sets to be. If this dont help i dont know what happened to it, I always save a copy on the codes (because the item sets r saved as some codes on ur pc) as a notepad document it in my documents coz i know that can disappear anytime xd im my case i have my onw folder named **MaT1J4Z** and its at 168KB(i have all my item sets there) others are 1KB coz there r no item sets saved. If u dont get some of it or all of it just write under it.
paulito99 (EUNE)
: if u go to settings and max your HUD, it will be visible. i have also the same problem
i always had my HUD on less than 20 coz i don't want to see the HUD being on 1/2 of the screen, i hope that hey will relese the new HUD sooner than later.
Hazzathor (EUW)
: In game item sets.
What do u mean? ur own item sets that u created r gone?
: IP Gains Suggestion!!!
IP on my account is like dust atm. Can collect it for new champions.
: Champion Mastery - Expect....what?
I already saw someone with MF champion mastery rank 5 with oven 77k Points, that was like a week ago
Moonleaf (EUNE)
: Try deleting C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\game.cfg, which will reset all configurations, and then entering a custom game and fixing it as you please. Could help ;)
off topic question. Can we add Rioters as friends in game?
Moonleaf (EUNE)
: Try deleting C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\game.cfg, which will reset all configurations, and then entering a custom game and fixing it as you please. Could help ;)
Same as Eambo, tried it but have still the same problem.
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ThaCane2G (EUNE)
: Banned From Ranked games
If u have to play 35 normal draft games, maybe you were leaving while champion select or leaving the queues.
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I Am Wood5 (EUNE)
Lots of people says that SKT{{champion:238}} doesn't count as a skin so it leaves{{champion:238}} with 1 skin, i think that these people are wrong because you cant count out a skin that exists in the game.{{champion:238}} have 2 skins and, yes i play a lot of{{champion:238}} and i would like a new skin for {{champion:238}} too but be patient, it will eventually come to us :)
MetaTrace (EUW)
: I would ask a friend who is on the same ISP to check if they are getting lag as well. I am not having any lag at the moment, although this probably doesn't help you much ^^.
What about interface and chat? Do you have any problems with it while playing after the release of 5.11 patch? Lots of players have a problem with the size of the chat and texts in the game like KDA, CDs, Champion Stats, they go over each others and its hard to see starts for example.
Kaycee777 (EUW)
: That's why I clearly stated, "For those who DON'T know" :|
Eambo (EUW)
: It's not just you, it is indeed buggy. Unfortunately you can't revert, gotta wait for a fix - probably next patch!
Yup I know that and i hope they will fix it before the new patch. 1st i thought that it was just me, maybe something went wrong with the patcher but then i saw other people complaining.
Kaycee777 (EUW)
: For those who don't know, Pool party Zac is here. (His normal skin has Chromas too ^^)
Love it, but for me Rek'Sais one is better and i am a bit surprised that we have a skin for rek'sai so quick while Azir, Gnar or Kalistas didnt got their 2nd skin.
: Numbers & Letters too big in HUD
Same here texts are going over each others and cant see the stats probably, even my chat box is so small that i cant read it and its on its maximum size, tried to do something about it in the interface settings but nothing. Is it only ur spells numbers and letters? coz i have it on the whole HUD, Stats, KDA, Jungle timers, even CDs
: New Text Tuning
Is it just me? xd
Alfie3008 (EUNE)
: How can I get 428 IP from Riot like everyone says?
u need 428 IP? play some games instead of wasting time for posts like that, thats what I would do xd
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