YukieChan (EUW)
: I have never said that muting them is too much of an effort. I said it´s not enough. Cheers
It's more than enough. If you are so offended by someone calling you bad at the game that you feel the need to see him banned you should just take my advice and leave the game. It's messing with your head.
YukieChan (EUW)
: Toxic community. It´s about time for some big - real change.
Yeah I have a solution for you. Stop playing video games if you are easily offended by words or if you consider muting people to be too much of an effort. Swear to god the days of gaming are at their last breath. Only a bunch of middle school toddlers who get slapped for saying a bad word are left.
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Xhardas (EUNE)
: just stop learning yasuo on ranked, its rude to others !
They wont. But at least if they are trying to they should learn it from someone who is actually using every aspect of the champion to win. Believe me it will be a million times better if players would be watching this guy instead of some bullshit comedy Yasuo main like Yassuo.
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Tôm (EUW)
: I've quit League for Fortnite
It's a fun game. It's actually the only Last man standing type game that I found fun to play (Tried H1Z1 and PUBG, just not enough action for me) That being said I don't have 1 game that I just play non stop. It depends on what I'm in the mood for. Here's a list of stuff I play at least once a week in no particular order: LoL CS:GO Dota 2 Fortine Overwatch Warframe GTA V Diablo 3 Hearthstone Battlerite Blade and Soul Starcraft 2 Path of Exile Dark Souls 3
Xeald86 (EUNE)
: Actualy, Irelia can defeat almost all champs in top, if is ruled by skilled player. And she don't looks weird. RIOT rework her. Nunu can't beat nobody, have minimal game input and very weird look. Its ok, wait another year-2.
Nunu was literally picked in the LCS. He can ruin games with his Q, his E is disgusting because of it's scaling and the ridiculous amount of slow, his W (especially now after the rework) can change a team fight. His R is indeed kind of useless against anyone that has half a brain. "Actualy, Irelia can defeat almost all champs in top, if is ruled by skilled player." You mean like most champions in the game that are played by a skilled player? "And she don't looks weird." http://www.lolking.net/models?champion=39&skin=0 Take a closer look at her. That's not to say Nunu does not look like absolute dogshit but both of them are pretty 1999. Problem is that Irelia can't be balanced easily. Buff her numbers too much and she is op, nerf her slightly and she is niche again. Their kits tho, that's what needs to change. Nunu: Q- Eats stuff (Point and Click) (Sustain and Objective control) W- Buffs stuff (Point and Click) (Buff and Buff) E- Hit something (Point and Click) (CC) R- AoE (AoE nuke) Irelia: Q- Hit's something (Point and Click) (Gap closer) W- Buffs herself (Self Target) (Sustain and damage) E- Hit something (Point and Click) (CC) R- Hits stuff (Auto aim) (Sustain and damage) These 2 champs are about as interactive as a Spirit Visage
akiseGP (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zeromatsu,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8kp6aEpA,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-19T15:25:33.383+0000) > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fZiMNo5-uo&feature=push-u-sub&attr_tag=8MEAScStrSwtR5xW-6 > > This. Is. Amazing. Atleast from the visuals point of view. yes that is until you fight her ingame I can already guarantee shes op af
WW was not OP, Yorik was not OP, Swain was literally a reason to dodge if he was on your team, Evelynn barely made the cut and GP was solid. I'm betting all my money that she will be either useless or barely viable.
Etherim (EUW)
: Debating Dyrus's Tweet.
Who is watching him for how skilled he is anyway? We all know there are far better players that we could be watching if we want outplays and skills. What is there to watch? It's either "Wow Dyrus made a play" or "Wow his opponent is actual trash".
: Kassdin ult 1 sec ? and ranger oneshot "Balanced"
: maybe you don't care, but a lot of players does and if you don't understand the advantage of having a very high player on the team. Then there is something wrong with you. A diamond high player has more skill and experience in a game than a 2 year gold player. In otherwords, he know when to gank other people and to take down his own lane that makes him fed. Then he will snowball and take many people down and finally the nexus. Funny enough, yesterday i had seen again a smurf account. This time he was on my side, also a diamond player. 6 kills in 5minuts. That makes it so much easier. Dispite i won with him, I have said that im against these smurf accounts. ( he had 8 accounts o,o (3 were banned)).
Alright then... Get to diamond... And I'm not saying that sarcastically, anyone from silver can get to diamond with enough games played. You'll see what I'm talking about then.
: And this is exactly not right what you saying now> **and got diamond team mates while playing in high gold.** I dont get diamond premades. The point is in your story. you face against diamond with diamond players too. That is fair, But facing against diamond high with 0 diamond in your team is not fair. gold plat vs diamonds 3 is not fair as i can remember. It would be fair if i get diamond players too in my team, then yes. its fair.
But my question is who the f cares? Diamonds at gold level is literally gold at bronze level. The advantage of having a diamond player on your team = 0. Nada, nothing. His mechanics wont win the game, his game knowledge wont win the game, his amazing communication skills wont win the game. Facing against a diamond, specially a d5 player is literally as easy as facing off against your average gold/plats. The only amazing skill that I ever noticed in a low dia player is that he has the amazing ability to not feed 30 kills in 10 mins. Other than that they are about as good as anyone else in low gold. Seriously does nobody ever notice how even challengers manage an astonishing 60% winrate by the time they hit diamond? Having a higher skilled enemy makes no difference if hes alone.
: Stop playing ranked !!!!!!
If you care more about what your team mates are doing it means you are smart cause you know how to play around it. If you don't care about what your team mates are doing and you happen to be a jungler main that has the "it's not my job" mentality then please stop playing ranked. If you'd rather lose than win for any reason then yea stop playing ranked. If you don't care about winning or losing that means nothing. I could be playing just to improve. And don't even bring me that "go play normals" bs cause everyone and their grandmother knows that in normals you will end up with a messed up team/enemy team, afk team mates/enemies. So you could be going a great 10 - 0 with Lee Sin thinking you're Gripex, enter ranked and lose horribly cause the normal game you played was no better than playing solo against passive bots. Here's some general advice. Mute everyone who has nothing important or positive to say. Try to be the one to win or help carry the game (meaning if you %%%% up your lane don't try to be a whiny little Teemo and go help the guy who is winning instead of trying to recover from the shitter and honor the guy at the end for carrying you). If you lose, it's not the afks fault, it's not because of that team mate of yours that was inting, it's not because the enemy team had smurfs. It's because you had bad luck that one time. Got a lot of bad luck? Stop playing and try again tomorrow.
: For everyone who is diamond and is on a smurf. Quit with it! Ruin peoples mmr is not cool
I faced diamonds and got diamond team mates while playing in high gold. Made absolutely 0 difference. Also let me help you understand something about this game that a lot of people have no idea about. It's 20% skill 80% champion pick. If your champ is better than your enemys then there's no difference if you're silver playing against a diamond. Want proof? Go look at Shiptur losing to a bronze player. I swear you guys think diamond is some holy grail of skill or some shit.
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: How to climb ?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPzvJvl_PjQ It's just 10 minutes but there's nobody on the internet who can offer better advice than this guy.
dattista (EUW)
: well it basiclty is if youre playing ranked with some one way worse than you, and winning, wich gives him rank, wich places him in place where he doesent belong, and then loses their games. that in mind it is boosting
Boosting sounds something like this: 1. Pay me and in exchange I will log in on a smurf that is around the same rank as you and boost you to your desired rank. 2. Give me your account credentials and I will place you at your desired rank. It's not him advertising boosting, it's you being a sensitive little homer G
: Could someone give me some tips/advice on what I can do to improve as an adc main?
Here's how to improve in general. Like how to be legit good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPzvJvl_PjQ
iSneez (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=A13xand37,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=f0ghA3xc,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-10T03:13:59.280+0000) > > Premades ,premades, premades. > > That is all. > > Oh and if you are soloque ,play like you carry each game. Its not hard, any average player can reach highelo given time and effort. > > There are way too many unskilled players around who dunno how to place a ward let alone kite. Hhahaah, so many in this community are so delusional :D, that's why you never learn the game and you don't improve yourself, because you think so highly about yourself and can't do simple thing like be objective about your performance and understanding about the game. To believe the all high elo are boosted or went there playing with premade or that just time make you infinitely rise :D, so delusional :) I have 3 weeks now since I play ranked games on full mute no chat no pings, now I think I will leave forums to, wow, multiplay gaming went to drain in last 10 years.
Saijuki (EUW)
: Well I have but I am gold 1 atm trying to get plat and the moment I say something everyone is like stfu u gold %%%got you are not even plat and then I am like you are plat 5 I am gold 1 whats ur point
I'm gold as well but the guy had another account. Just added me after the game to prove he is actually D5 (he actually had 700 games and a 48% winrate in D5) AND kept saying "1v1 me noob" AND flamed me for beating him cause I picked a OP champion. (I literally told him I'm gonna be picking Kassadin and he picked Zoe) I mean if that's the skill it takes to reach Diamond 5 then I'm not even worried anymore.
iSneez (EUNE)
: If he got diamond no matter his win rate his is definitely better than you in gold, if he didn't buy the account. Now I know I knwo you deserve diamond but YOUR TEAMMMMMMMMMM your team don't let you, and well riot matchmaking of course! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I completely doubt that someone who managed to play 700 games and reach just diamond with a 48% winrate is better than someone who is in gold and has like one 10th of that guys time to play. That's not to say I'm better. But I'm guessing that if I had the time to play a sodding 20 games a day like them I'd be diamond 5 all the same AND STILL I doubt that it would matter cause right now from bronze 5 to diamond 5 it's the exact same division in my eyes. Nothing to do with skill, mechanics, game knowledge. Your rank if you are below D4 is literally nothing but your play time.
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Waycast (EUW)
: Recommend me a champion?
Idk man, either play meta champions cause you like winning (right now I'm spamming, GP, Sion, Urgot) or just play whatever you feel sort of represents you. Picture it like Trick2g and Udyr, he is the Udyr in his mind. That's how I chose my champ at least. You hear Jax saying "who wants a piece of the champ" while beating most other champs in a 1v1 and you go like "HELL YEAH". Just make sure you like the champs personality as much as his gameplay and you should be having fun while winning.
: Need tips for high elo
: I don't know how to hard carry - Competitive slump
Well I'm the kind of a (do I feel like tryharding today or just impress people with my 10% win rate Yasuo because I watched a Pozzan montage on youtube?) type of guy so I'm not exactly in a position to give you advice. However I did coach some people out of silver and bronze (some friends of mine, I'm not a paid coach) so there are few pointers I can give you. (Keep in mind, I play whatever champs and roles I feel like playing [yes, that includes supports] and I've never had a problem hard carrying out of any of them if the game was not a complete clown fiesta) 1. Remove every champion from your top 7 except MF and Anivia. Consider playing only champs that enemies have no clue how to deal with (Anivia, Annie, Miss Fortune, Aurelion Sol and Garen are the absolute best in my experience). MF should be the only ADC you ever attempt to play cause it's the only ADC in the game who can turn a team fight around in a insane manner cause of her ridiculous R damage (at low elo anyway). 2. Avoid ADC. It's pretty easy to understand why. Your support messes up once, puts the enemy ahead, blames you for not playing properly, thinks himself Aphromoo, dies a bunch of times making sure that you are the enemy ADCs %%%%%. Mid, Top and Jungle is all in your hands (for the most part), I mean you have more control of what's happening and you can stop yourself from going 0 - 10. 3. Don't tilt over not carrying from start to finish. This means if you see a lane feeding while you are still just in the farming phase, don't over react to it. Team fights didn't even start, their jungler might be a monkey and not take any objectives, they might not know how to auto attack your towers and most importantly THEY MIGHT THROW. Enemy Galio laughed at me for building armor against him cause he is ap, his bot lane jinx was owning. It's times like those that I immediately calm down and realize "ok so the enemy team has at least 1 fool" and realize that the game is not over unless the situation is extremely dire at the 30 minute mark and sometimes it's still winnable even then. Your OP.GG is telling me that you should consider one tricking Anivia, simply because you die far less on her than anything else which means you contribute the absolute least to your own defeat. Also I would consider swapping out Transcendence for Celerity and Gathering Storm for Scorch. I know Anivia is a late game champion but having that early game will put you at an advantage earlier. And finally CONSIDER SWAPPING THE TRINKET FOR ONCE PLS! I didn't check all your games but I'm pretty sure you had some stealth champs or a warding happy enemy support or a death caused by the fact that you didn't have a farsight and the enemy bush peeked you at least once or twice And that's about all I can think of. If you need anything else just add me ingame. My EUW summoner name is the same as this one.
qMeHighz (EUNE)
: Choosing a main role
Depends on your elo/the meta. My advice, go top lane. If you can stop yourself from feeding of a death or 2 I mean and if you have mediocre map awareness (map awareness is a skill you should MAX THE F OUT if you intend to play jungle). The way I see it is "I can't blame top for feeding if I'm the top" and there's less chance of your jungler putting you at a disadvantage the same way a top laner could (then again he could feed all lanes but chances are still lower). Plus right now Top laners are in fashion more than junglers (Camile, Sion, Gangplank, Nasus, Darius, Mordekaiser, Ornn, Garen, Jax, Fiora, Tryndamere are real good).
Celodrix (EUNE)
: Hey there, I need advices about the new Runes System and how they work.
Best I can do is hand you some basic advice. Whatever rune setup you are going for make sure you get any form of sustain be it Ravenous Hunter, Seond Wind, Bone Plating, Legend Bloodthingy, Biscuit Delivery, iada iada. Not having 1 of these will make pokes a huge problem. Consider going in to the resolve tree as a secondary if you are against a extremely poke heavy lane like, Varus/Zyra or Pantheon.
: Looking for someone to talk to and play with (bc I suck)
Add me. Same summoner name on EUW as this one. Also you would think playing against players is harder than against bots, well sometimes it's the complete opposite.
: How to play in silver 2
gr8 joke m10, Want me to send you my gold games where you get 0 wards in over 40 minutes? Or some challenger games where you see 8/10 players place 2 wards in 30 minutes?
: If people dont realize what they do wrong and start improving after their 14 day ban they wont after a 1 year ban. They dont want to reform so RIot shows them the door.
The door to (insert generic link to a website where you can buy a new level 30 account for less than the price of a non-epic skin). If you're thinking that buying accounts will get you banned, I thought the same. Until I met 3/4 of the people in my friends list. All accounts bought, none of them banned (Some dating back to season 5). I even got a guy on discord who plays on west, he's on a new account every month cause he is always permabanned just not for account buying but for inting and flaming. I'm talking real inting, will tell you from champ select that he is going to int and just runs down all lanes. I can even ask him for pics if you want. He has over 40 banned accounts already. Now even if I don't know this for a fact. I will assume that he has nothing against his team mates. If I were to guess, the only reason this guy is being toxic is just to spite Riot at this point. What's worse is that he can get to diamond in a week on average. Now is it fair that so many people have to suffer this guy?
WoOxèr (EUW)
: They cannot ban by IP because there are cyber caffe's which would make completely no sense. Best punishment is just a mute, or just remove mute feature and keep banning permanently people for the chat. F***k logic right?
Idk man I aint toxic myself. Most toxic thing I sometimes do is ? ping someone when they do something stupid. So far that didn't get me banned. But I just feel like permanently banning people is not solving the issue, it's just making it a million times worse. So far in my experience with competitive games, the absolute best solution has been separating the community. Make toxic players be placed in matches only with other toxic players. Give them a low priority waiting time (20 - 30 minutes before entering queue). Just somehow make sure they don't get to play with non-toxic players. This is just some unpolished suggestion I'm throwing out there that could be somehow be better implemented if it had some real thought behind it. But what's for sure is that this way they won't have a reason to buy a new account. They still have their account, they just don't get to play with polite, cooperative players and maybe, just maybe having to play with other players who are just as bad and toxic as them will give them the needed motivation to not be toxic anymore so they can be among the normal decent players again. Yeah they could still just buy new accounts but it's less tempting, cause you still have access to the account that you put time and effort in, making it more likely for them to try and fix things instead of having to start all over again.
: I also feel like with the current system there isn't any way to remove those banned players anyway, since they just come back with new accounts anyway :/
That's what I'm saying. Either make the ban from permanent to IP ban (which still wont keep someone out of the game entirely). Or just do something to give them another chance. Maybe just put a Ranked ban, Chat ban, Seasonal ban or just do the classic thing and add them to the donkey server where they can only play with players who are toxic as well. I'd say making them play with people who are just as bad as them will give them a better understanding of why they should not be toxic to their team mates. I'm tired of getting people who got perma banned in my games saying "I don't care about this game, 10th account anyway". This just enforces account trading. I know so many people who keep doing this bullshit since season 5 and what's even worse is that none of them so far said they got banned for buying an account. Which to me is simply insane. So yeah, staying positive in this game is a rewardless challenge...
: Would replacing permabans with 1 year bans make a difference ?
I think it might just be a good idea. Not banning people permanently might just give them a chance to think again before they get benched for a year again and again and again. With the new honor system it's just gonna let them reform. Get banned for a year, come back at honor level 0, be toxic, banned again for a year. I have a friend who got banned over 14 times, he's playing on EUW. Each time he gets banned he just buys an account for a unbelievably cheap price and goes back in to ranked 10x more toxic than before. Literally just starting a game and saying "I feel like inting this game" and throws their games for no reason. So yeah there's no punishment in the current system imo. The only punishment is gonna go directed to the normal players when the toxic guy comes back to ranked in a even worse mood. Seen it enough times myself...
Grendel G (EUNE)
: Wearing a mankini for armor
That probably has a master whos teaching she followed and will mention that in her every voice line
Grendel G (EUNE)
: That's probably a hot female in her early 20s
Grendel G (EUNE)
: I mean did you expect epic or edgy? Cause let me tell you this game is just weeb and edge all around. Don't expect this game to have great backstories with epic plots and great characters. I'm just waiting for the new Katana Wielding Dragon Warrior of Darkness at this point.
That's probably a hot female in her early 20s
: Whoever did this, go have a serious talk with him.
I mean did you expect epic or edgy? Cause let me tell you this game is just weeb and edge all around. Don't expect this game to have great backstories with epic plots and great characters. I'm just waiting for the new Katana Wielding Dragon Warrior of Darkness at this point.
: [Request] A new communicational ping.
Sure, you can have it if you want it. I mute chat pings and emotes every game anyway but I can see how this feature would benefit players who actually care about what their allies are thinking.
: Why do you play League?
Cause I got bored after 20K hours of playing Dota 2
: > [{quoted}](name=Grendel G,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=obnxiv8Y,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-02-25T01:25:53.408+0000) > > Man if you want to climb then the best advice I can give you is don't try. Don't main anything, don't listen to what youtubers tell you, don't listen to mobafire. If you wanna play press the attack Annie top lane then it's cool. ... and this is why majority of the people are on Bronze. Just please stop, you are not helping.
Gold 3 m10. You can hate all you want but fact is I don't even check patch notes and still maintain gold without even wanting to. Don't care about picks or counters, don't care about meta or no meta, don't care about what's new or reworked. See the problem that most people have is they get jumpy too easy. Fight happens and you forget to even breathe like bruh c'mon. It's a video game. Could be helpful if you want to each high ranks I guess but I kinda doubt that somehow still. Don't listen to generic advice guy over here ^. Just try to enjoy your game like some good kush.
Rockified (EUNE)
: I'm bronze 5 and I don't mind.
Man if you want to climb then the best advice I can give you is don't try. Don't main anything, don't listen to what youtubers tell you, don't listen to mobafire. If you wanna play press the attack Annie top lane then it's cool. I never go in my games with the idea that "I gots to win, I gots to carry" and I don't care about what my team mates do. If they flame I mute them and if they were cool I just add them after the game. You just gotta always look on the bright side. If my team mates are inting I don't care because my music playlist is to hella fire for me to care.
FeeD3R13 (EUNE)
: Bronze Support Looking for advices
I dunno man, I don't even try to win my games. I just go in and have fun. Can't understand how people get mad over this game. You could see it as "my jungler inted my lane" or you can see it as "aw shizz I still got some leftover pizza from last night". That got me to gold 3 so I guess it worked.
: Kai'sa, underwhelming voice acting?
It is perfect. Mainly cause I'm tired of edge lord champs with either funny voices or "I want to be hokage" voices.
: The Silver 3 curse
There's a lot of things you need to consider if you want to climb (in general, not just out of silver) Darius is strong but I can not think of a champion that's easier to kite because at the very least Garen has his Q. And Darius is not really a hyper carry, I mean he is good but he can only get you so far if you're not a dedicated Darius one trick who knows all the ins and outs of the champion (actually that's every one trick). My advice for you is to pick at the very minimum 2 champions with extremely different play styles so that you have at least some flexibility depending on your matchups/team comps or at the very least to have something to swap to if your main is banned. And at all ranks that you will ever reach. Consider your place on the food chain. We all know how good box box is on Riven but is that amount of skill really necessary to win your games? I mean, it's nice but why? You're in silver/gold/plat/ even diamond. Why do you feel the need to make flashy plays when you can just pick Annie and be done with it? Do you think people at these ranks have any clue how to play against her? It has always been my advice for everyone that's up to gold to just pick "noob" friendly champs who's kits are easy to play with just because people have no clue how to play against it. Tryndamere, Garen, Annie, Jax, Xin Zhao, shit like that is your ticket out of low elo. And do not google mobafire builds whatever you do. Those builds work only in specific scenarios. People tell you to run press the attack and rush triforce in to Titanic on Jax but do that against a Fiora and you will know exactly why I'm right. Try what I try for example. I'm shit at Gangplank, I know for a fact that I have no clue how to play laning phase using Klepto cause I just lose every single time no matter who I'm up against so I just run Grasp and play him as a off-tank/Bruiser (Even seen a Locket in my build every now and then if I think my ADC is not getting enough attention) and it works, cause I'm up against people who are just as bad as me, only difference is that I know I'm bad. And finally, go to YouTube and type "Exil wave manipulation guide" and then "SoloRenektonOnly wave control guide". Believe me those 2 videos are very helpful to anyone who wants to have a very valuable advantage early on in the game. Other then that idk, try to last hit better and if you get ahead in lane try to help team mates who are not so fortunate, if you consider them just beyond saving then try to press your advantage so hard in lane that there's no way your enemy laner can ever recover, maybe get a few towers in the process. Playing from behind sucks so there's only so much you can do in hopes to recover.
: About 8.4 Jhin...
I always considered Jhin to be a discount MF. Considering the ridiculous amount of damage MF does with 1 shot if she runs Dark Harvest and Duskblade she is just better than Jhin. Her ult is better, her poke is better, shes faster both attack speed-wise and movement speed so yeah, I agree. Jhin should seriously get some buffs going his way cause right now he does not have a lot going on for himself.
: Kai'Sa
It's like Vayne but worse.
: Best OF Yassuo Montage in advance,
Please stop promoting this guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx5DNEgdExQ Here, Guys name is read as Pozzan. just quit it with Yassuo pls he's just a comedian.
: Esports is getting very boring!
No clue what you're talking about. I still watch TI every year.
: And since you mentioned neace, sure he hit masters korea and how long did he keep it? He started losing so much he couldnt sustain being above d2. Even LS told him that korean macro is too complex for him to understand.
He held it for as long as he was in Korea. Took him a while to get there but he got there. And after the games I just had on both servers today alone I'd say there still the same.
DasIstNyul (EUNE)
: Cowards (A personal standpoint about a community problem)
Maybe you are the one who does not see the bigger picture. Ever thought of that? No honestly now. You might see it as "HE DIDNT COME TO THE TEAM FIGHT" while he sees it as, "We don't have flashes, our malphite does not have ult, why are we fighting again?" or as "Yeah we could just throw a 50/50 fist fight for a mountain drake OR we could just leave it to them and take their mid tower" It still beats me how people can't even count how many they are before starting a team fight.
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