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: Gets bothersome because when I hope for a good skin, I know it's not possible because he has too many damn skins. While there's less than half the champion roster that deserves skins way better.
yeah i couldnt agree more,but there was a time when teemo was super popular(and still is among the most played) so riot found a way to exploit that for money {{item:3301}}
: He has 2 recolors which are Meh, he has 4 pajamas for the sole purpose to make him cute in their unique way, the astronaut skin and in my opinion the worse of all... The Omega Squad. Not to mention that in most splash arts he either has 4 fingers or 5 fingers... They don't even keep a consistency! So having too many skins isn't a good thing, especially if most of them are just the same theme in one yordle.
what's your pont...i didnt say that having many skins is good,but it's a sales strategy
: I honestly think Teemo needs some buffs
His early game is hell for almost every champ.He falls off late game but that's ok.You have to build around him or else you are getting down.
: I'd like him to be more viable, but let's face it. Riot will never take these requests seriously... I mean, if they even cared a bit about him, they'd give him a VU AGES ago... Because he STILL has the beta model in his classic model. So far, I'll just enjoy what I have and pray that maybe one day they'll consider something for him for the better and not for the worse.
lol,teemo has so many skins and you really think they dont care?Have you noticed that when a new skin releases,the champ that get it,gets buffed?


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