: a thought about toxicity
to late for me perma banned :)
: Good or not, you were toxic and you deserved the ban. Same thing would've happened on literally any other game. No need to rage on boards over that.
deserve the ban dude.. are u real everyone flame .. every game have flamers and i get banned of all of them
: The game has many real problems like bad optimization, bad balancing, questionable updates, bugs etc etc... And it's shit because being toxic is punishable? Alright.
of course becouse i am so good in this game and i got ruined by bad players.. and now banned becouse bad players and becouse i am not CALM KIND OF PERSON .
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: > why is flaming so punished if u have mute mode ? Why is shooting people punished if you have bullet proof vests? Because just because there is theoretically a method to protect yourself from a certain behavior this doesn't mean that behavior is okay all of sudden. Despite the existence of mute, flamers still have quite a negative impact. First of all you can only (reasonably) mute someone AFTER he flamed. At that point the main damage is already done. Team spirit is gone, peoples mood is ruined, collaboration is almost impossible. Muting that person now doesn't change anything about that, i just silences further flame. Muting doesn't solve the problem. That's why flaming is punished. > And they get nothing becouse i flamed they feeded Flaming is absolutely preventable (by simply not doing it) and forbidden, feeding is not. Everybody is feeding occasionally, even you, which your match history clearly shows. Feeding is part of the game. It's bad and it's frustrating, but it happens to everyone. Punishing people for that makes no sense at all, EVERBODY would be punished. > then u should no flame them ? Precisely. First of all because that's the rules you agreed to and secondly and more importantly: It's not like flaming makes anything better. It just makes the situation even worse. That's why it's forbidden and why it's not a smart reaction to bad things happening in the game. > maybe 2-3 times told enemy team to report this noobs. Don't. Just don't. It's annoying and toxic and, more importantly, completely useless. You don't need to ask other people to report someone because the amount of reports doesn't matter. One report is enough to trigger an investigation, more reports don't change anything and have zero impact. If you want someone reported, just report him and shut up about it. That's all you have to do, everything else is completely useless. And last but not least a friendly warning: After the 14 day ban you are on probation. This means that ANY violation of the rules, even minor ones, will now result in a permanent ban. So your chance to improve your behavior and stop being toxic is now and ONLY NOW! Instead of blaming others for your own behavior, take responsibility for your actions and their consequences. It's your last chance to do so. Permabans are never lifted or changed, so being sorry and improving afterwards will be too late. Right now is the last chance to do it.
Yeah u are right.But sometimes its so hard to stay calm but i get it what u wanted to say :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=HAwK lCocainel,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ir7eFro5,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-14T08:03:21.928+0000) > > why is flaming so punished if u have mute mode ?? Simple. Strategy games are base on communication. If I am not able t commnicate with my team, because I had to mute them due to their unbareable insult and ping spamming the now crippled communication gives the whole team an disadvantage. You pinged and wrote in chat that LB is roaming botlane? Well to bad I had to mute you entirely because you kept spamming pings and chat because Lee took the kill when ganking. Double Kill for LB, first turret botlane and drake for enemy team. Oh you died ganking because I wasn't following despite your pings? Sorry, muted you because you pinged and spammed chat for botlane not covering your red! First Blood and Blue Buff for Darius. > [{quoted}](name=HAwK lCocainel,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ir7eFro5,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-14T08:03:21.928+0000) > >but feeding and inting is not punished Well, excuse me, if riot does not have the money to set up center with 1000 employes to check out ALL of the intentional feeding reports. Would be nice if the automated system could handle this, but since "intentional feeding" is the go to report for a 1/5 Riven who gets camped toplane, a 14/4 Yi that "stole" your kills, a 1/7/23 support who got reported for because the adc went 4/8/0 so it must be the supports fault and people who pick yasuo no matter what theit score ends up to be, the system is designed to not trust the players.
Yeah u are right about communication.And for me its the best aspect of the game the funny and good part when u have good people u can communicate with in lose or win ... but thats rare becouse all of them dont care..
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