M5 Cut (EUW)
: List Of Bugs that need to be fixed on the client
And now you think riot will fix those bugs ? HA jokes on you dude they never fix client bugs they simply dont care as long as you can play.
: 9.13 Fps drops
They should never released a 2nd game on the same client/server like they did. The client was buggy af already now things start happening ingame too. It will just get worse cuz they never really fix anything.
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: And here we go again
Releasing TFT on the same server was the biggest mistake it should be seperate game with its own client/ server now everything crashes and the client is buggier than before.
Zumyu (EUW)
: isn't it just a gamemode ? so it will go away in time like nexus blitz and others
No its here to stay .. It will even have Ranked mode starting with the next patch. Thats why it should be a different game with its own client and server
Riryz (EUW)
: TFT quality of life suggestion
They could easily make a board showing the combinations of all items and bind it to a key but all that AFTER they fix the ridiculous amount of RNG this game has
: I am tired
They should never release TFT on the same server. I dont even play League anymore i came back only for tft but i know i would be pissed off if i wanted to play League just cuz they decided to release a 2nd game in the same client/server causing Dc issues and client bugs
: Where can I see the patches for Team Fight Tactics?
Those patches that you hear on streams probably i think are only for PBE otherwise they would inform us .. Unfortenately we have to suffer 2 weeks for next patch and i dont even know why it just have to be like this
: TFT really is a pain
This Rng item drop from minion waves is the worst thing in this mode should be balance to 1 random item per wave for everyone
Joetri10 (EUW)
: TFT is NOT RNG based, it's actually worse, and i'll tell you why.
The most annoying thing in this mode is the Rng item drop from minion waves ... You can get 0 items from 3 first waves while others can get 3 or 4 items ... Basically the RNG decides who wins the game from the start its really %%%%ed up it should be balanced to 1 item per wave for everyone at least, there is already so much RNG from Carousel or the Rerolls we dont need the Rng item drop too
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Hansiman (EUW)
: 22 cest
Thanks {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Questions about Your Shop
When is it coming to Eune?
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karolmo (EUW)
: Grab your keyboard, pull the "enter" key out, play the game. Not a joke i've done that.
Not a bad idea but still i can click enter ... i need to stop the flame monster with a way that cant be reverted that easily
: Chat scale to 0, drag it all the way down then disable the keybind for chat. GG EZ
The thing is i wanna be able to see summoner spell pings or who takes bounties etc. I dont want to be able to type or see others comments
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OBS Okami (EUNE)
: What was the update for?
Schenks69 (EUW)
: Troll, Toxic, Inting teammate, but I get banned ?
You just have to learn no to use chat ... It was always like this only flame gets punished nothing else ... you troll? ok .. you int? ok .. you do anything to tilt your team? ok .. you flame? PERMA BANNED
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Omega W0lf (EUNE)
: Yi needs a nerf
I think he needs a rework ... I just had a game where i was playing Yasuo i was 7/2 and he was 0/7 and still managed to kill me by right clicking on me its just annoying to die because he just right clicks on u also his Q makes him untargetable .
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: Any website for checking champions tier or w/r
Thank you all for your recomendations guys ill check them out.
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: After 7.14 my loading screen is weird
Yea i have the same bug since i download 7.14
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