Hansiman (EUNE)
: You have to understand that you're not the boss of anyone. A lot of people aren't interested in hearing what they're doing wrong, so there's no need to try to force it down their throat if they aren't interested. When the game is over, you can ask them if they want advice. I find that most people listen to me when I talk ingame. It's all a matter of how you decide to convey your message.
well please teach me how then. It seems like you dont have any problems ever so please enlighten me.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: And as long as you don't flame: Why care about what they say? Them claiming you are flaming when you are not won't get you punished.
And as long as you don't flame....even if you are a player since beta like I am,and try to explain to them simply explain to them what they are doing wrong and what could they do to improve the game they have,they instantly tell you are a flamer and a troll. And they his premade all of a sudden says the same thing to you negating that he is a premade but they both have a same team name they turn it against you for trying to help and you get 4 reports + a constant spam on all chat report him report him he flames all the game.
steliossk44 (EUNE)
: And it's not the first time that something happens at our server and Riot is "trying" to solve this problem{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
well at least we were given something like a skin or a little bit of rp in early years of LoL for server problems. Now we dont get anything and there are more problems then before. I am just dissapointed that when I finaly have the time to play I cant because of an issue.
Hassiss (EUNE)
: oh wow another EU server has truble,we are not alone this time we are finaly advancing. its not only us with problems now there is one more EU server yeeeeeey..
this is not serious so dont take it serious.
steliossk44 (EUNE)
: Why?
oh wow another EU server has truble,we are not alone this time we are finaly advancing. its not only us with problems now there is one more EU server yeeeeeey..
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vynelan (EUNE)
: Can't start a game EUNE
its not only starting a game,people cant log in either. seems like server is going down for a while
Forsaken1 (EUNE)
: Yes, same here. Queue is over 20000, trying to find out what is going on same as you
seems like the server is down now. I just can not believe that it will start again. I mean the server problems,we were lucky to play 3 months without server going down. Now the past is coming to hunt us. every month server problem and stuff.
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iSneez (EUNE)
: Well let's be fair, for example when Clash Tournament was in betatest EUW had so many problems and EUNE did not had them, but we only remember when our server have problems, or when our server don't get first to test a future.
I didnt say other servers dont have problems I say that our server is always put last.
: For other people that read this I will cut the only part actually related to the title > All other servers are already up and working while EUNE is still down and will be for 3 more hours. It's not fair that for 8 years you always put EUNE last. The rest is something about ragequitters and reports
thats why its off topic
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