Raptorz (EUNE)
: I don't understand one thing from your argument, why complain about this now? I mean, since I started playing league in season 2, if you got a restriction 3 months prior to season ending, you couldn't get the season rewards. It's not some new thing that came with the honor system.
2-3 months versus 6 months.
Peαnut (EUW)
: You don't have to harm anyone to break a contract. You simply broke a contract, and in the eyes of the summoners code, that is consider toxic.
Toxic - calling people assholes, telling their families to get cancer, etc. Breaking rules - criminal? Well that's a far stretch, but by no means is it toxic. Dude get your definition of toxic right.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: > It makes you too scared to do bad things, because if you do, they %%%% you over. Yeah, and with that fear Riot hopes people will be less toxic - which they are indeed. Rules are there for a reason and if there is no punishment peolpe wont obey to the rules. It doesn't have to feel fair, it just has to have a reason. > "You were banned? You're scum, an asshole, your opinion is invalid" As I said, arguing about this topic is just like arguing about philosophy. There is no right or wrong. You can find the system unfair and you're neither wrong nor right witht that thought - but Riot got the power to do whatever they **think** is right. It's the same with laws and the goverment. Sure we hate many things and alot of it seems unfair, but someone with power thought about it and felt like this is the best solution. You have the right to tell your opinion - but you have to accept others too - not in case they are right, but in case others might feel better with the other opinion.
The problem is, it's like ruling with fear. It's simply bad. I mean no offense with this, but it just looks like you're giving me examples of how this is bad. I mean the whole thing is frustrating as shit. I feel angry, scared, but again, most of all, frustrated. The whole reason why I'm making this thing is because of it.
Peαnut (EUW)
: A lot of people disagree with you
Those that are unaffected by bans.
Peαnut (EUW)
: This is how the system works, and I like it. If people break a contract, they are punished irl with hefty punishments, jail time, hefty fines or whatever. It should be the same in league. Effectively, you sign a contract agreeing to the ToS and the summoners code. If you break that contract, you should be punished with something that makes you feel happy. So taking away the end of season rewards would make people feel like you do, frustrated at losing something that makes you feel happy. That's what punishments are supposed to be. Instead of losing access to your account, you just lose some rewards.
And I'm saying I don't like it. Separate ranked from honor and just punish people for being assholes with actually punishments. Not ones that just frustrate you until you hate ranked and the game itself.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Your work is not nullified. You still earned a rank. They don't take your rank away from you nor do they place you in a lower division next season. They just deny you your rewards for the rank as they don't want to give anything for free to punished players. Arguing about this is just arguing about two diffrent philosophies. There wont be a resolution. > Kill me right? I should be %%%%ing lynched on the spot. Chill. Noone is hating on you (or atleast I'm not). You got your punishment and that's about it, nothing really to discuss here. Also, you seem to have toned it down since then so that's something quiet positive.
My MMR drops from being banned for a couple of weeks, so I do lose rank. It's not giving free shit to people, it's giving rewards for work. It doesn't make you feel like you need to improve, to not lose it later, but it frustrates you. It makes you too scared to do bad things, because if you do, they %%%% you over. And yeah... People do hate me. Yea I'm mad as %%%% right now and not willing to take people's shit right now. But it's like "You were banned? You're scum, an asshole, your opinion is invalid" No one cares what you got banned for, Riot thought it was being toxic, got halfway to resolving it to it being because I used a light slur, which honestly, it's a swearword, it's not special, just why, before some asshole just ignored the ticket, closed it and more or less said "We hope you stop being asshole, bye"
Peαnut (EUW)
: Again, wrong. I am saying you acted, past tense, like a d!ck which is why you got punished, and the fastest way to climb the honor ladder is to suck everyone elses d!ck and compliment them for everything they do. Then you said I acted like a douche so I backtracked a little. The reason why ranked rewards are tied to honor is because it gives an incentive for the players to not be toxic, in that it's a big reward that you work hard for that could be taken away should you break the rules. So it makes less people break the rules.
I will admit that I was acting like a %%%% in... something something start of the year. The ban I got a month or two ago? Trying to get people to play the game. Trying to get people to not %%%% up the game I worked hard to win. Sure I used rough language, but in this case I'm not talking about how bullshit the ban was, just saying, you work for something - you should get it. Be a %%%% or whatever, doesn't matter. There are other, much better, punishments for it. By no means am I saying every should act like a %%%%, or punishments should be less severe, just, don't make them %%%%ing frustrating. It doesn't make me feel like I should act better, it makes me feel like a ticking time bomb. It's not easy being nice when every other game I get an AFK or someone who feeds. And I don't mean someone who plays bad, someone who tells my mother to go die and runs it down mid, ol' T1 style.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: > Neutral. Read neutral. Are you trying to tell me anything with that ? _____________ > And I'm talking about how ranked rewards should reward your rank. Yes you are. And I'm explaining you how the victorious rewards have always been rewards for sportsman like people, not just people of a high rank. It's not too hard to understand how the system works and trying to twist it in a way that favors you wont get you any further as I'm 100% sure Riot wont lift this punishment at all. It's not just a punishment for people who behaved bad but also a measurement towards the growing toxic community. Denying ranked rewards is a reason for many to never even get punished in the first place. **You decided to do whatever got you banned/restricted, you cannot blame anyone for it and you are responsible for your lost rewards. It's as easy as that.**
"So the system makes you get stuff if you behave decently and punishes you if you behave badly." The problem there is it's not rewarding decent behavior. It's punishing bad behavior. It rewards NEUTRAL behavior? Now do you %%%%ing understand? Denying ranked rewards is a reason some don't want to play ranked anymore. What's the point? Hard work for nothing. Sure you can say your rank is a reward. But removing someone's hard-earned rewards for some negative reason isn't a good punishment. They have punishments for this shit already, why nullify people's work alongside it? And yeah, I decided to tell someone to play the game instead of %%%%% to others. Kill me right? I should be %%%%ing lynched on the spot. Worse than Hitler. How dare I ask Riot to separate ranked rewards that people work for from the honor system. Just gas me already.
Peαnut (EUW)
: You're putting words in my mouth. By my standards, anyone who is honor 2 and above deserve rewards. Turning off chat and muting everyone isn't going to up your honor level very much. Simply because, you need to suck the d!cks of the players you're playing with. You have to say "GLHF" and "GGWP" at the start and end of game respectively, and then you have to compliment every good play someone makes in your games. That's the fastest way to ensure you level up in honor. I'm not trying you act like a douche, I'm simply trying to get you to understand, if you're nice and you act reformed, you will be treated like you are reformed, and thus climb the honor ladder. If you do not act this way, you will be slower and climbing the honor ladder. I've had 2 accounts go from honor 0 to honor 2 in 2 months, friends of mine have easily climbed to honor 2 and above in less than 2 months. I'm relaying my experiences to you.
You're saying I act like a %%%%... and you're saying you're not trying to make me look like a douche? What? I'm trying to explain that I turned off chat and stuff just to stay neutral. I wasn't even much of an asshole before. The way I was "toxic" before was just me telling people to shut the %%%% up and play the game. Maybe stop acting like this and that and just pay attention to the game instead, or whatever. Sure it's being sort of like... mean. I wouldn't push it towards being a %%%% though. And finally, ranked rewards should be tied to ranked. Honor - to honor. That's what I'm trying to say. Punish toxicity, just not by taking away shit that people worked hard for.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Did you honor other people ? Were you toxic in champ select and post game chat ? Many things are taken into account considering your honor rank. Just not talking at all and being unresponsive in chat isn't necessarily a thing that get's you up fast. If you're at Honor 0, you might consider spicing up the games with being extra nice just to get your level up. There really is no downside to being nice. Sure, just muting all and not chatting at all is a good way too, but wont earn you many honors and if you don't honor anyone yourself, you most likely wont climb in honor rank fast.
I did honor people. I play toplane, no one honors me. Kinda explained that.
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Yeah people who earned their rewards get their rewards. The victorious rewards are for people who are: 1. Gold or above (which you are) 2. sportsman (which you are not) => You did not earn the reward. > P.S. Honor system is a punishment system, not a reward one. You're neutral - you get rewards. You're above neutral - you get rewards. You're bellow neutral - rewards gone. Not something I care too much about, just how some stuff I see. So the system makes you get stuff if you behave decently and punishes you if you behave badly. Where is this exactly just a punishment-system ? It's connected to a punishment system, but most players are getting rewards from it (because most players are acting decently enough not to get punished).
Neutral. Read neutral. And I'm talking about how ranked rewards should reward your rank. Bans, chat restrictions and other should be the punishment for your misbehavior. Thought it seemed like a simple concept.
: Did you know ? You can push the ENTER button to make your post easier to read. Toxic players don't get rewards.
Pressed it. Pressing it twice? Too difficult. Not in my salary range.
Peαnut (EUW)
: How is it half a year? I got a chat ban this year around april/may time and got back to honor 2 within 1.5 months. Now I'm sitting at honor 3 last checkpoint. It only takes half a year if you act like a d!ck.
Okay so, you're toxic. By your standards, you don't deserve rewards. I didn't act like a %%%%. I turned off chat, muted everyone, the works, for months. And as I've said, took me more than half a year to get to 2/3rds of a level. Now stop acting like a %%%% yourself. Me being someone who was banned doesn't justify you acting like a douche.
Ökami (EUNE)
: Could you tell me what rewards? It's to long and all wrote in one paragraph and makes my eyes hurt and not going to waste time to read.
Peαnut (EUW)
: Read about half the post before my eyes started to hurt. Looked at the P.S. at the bottom. You do realise, the end of season rewards were always taken away if you had a punishment 2 months prior to the season end? The revamped honor system didn't introduce this, it was always the case. It's just a lot clearer now. It's really not hard to not act like a d!ck for 30 minutes.
If I was acting like a %%%%, sure. And now the problem is, it's not just 2 months. It's half a year now. I did know that, last year wasn't a problem, because again, two months. Not HALF A YEAR. Yes? You understand? Go read more books.
Dr Wild (EUW)
: I love League, but I hate Riot support...
Heh, I remember contacting them and getting a response that very obviously didn't %%%%ing read my ticket. After a couple more responses it was looking like we were making progress and some asshole with a Shaco profile pic said something like "we hope you grow and stop being an asshole in the future, this ticket is over, I'm closing it". Like, %%%%ing hell, week of discussion down the drain thanks to some asshole who just closed it without reading ANY of the ticket.
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