: >Then what do you rely on when you are playing your promos? On my thorough preparations. Besides other things I make sure that I'm in good shape and I make sure everyone else is too, as much as I can, so we can all focus on our shared goal. No doubt, luck is in everything, but you must be fool to rely on it completely, there should always be plan B. Is there something else you want to respond to [my comment](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/8pnN2wnI-kayns-patience-is-running-low-and-so-does-mine?comment=000a) ?
Did i mention anywhere that you rely purely on luck? But before everygame starts, you are hoping to get a good team, you are hoping to not get afks, ragequits, intentional feeders, boosted players that play their weekly game to not decay, but you said it yourself just now ''''so we can all focus on our shared goal''' . Thats the issue with this game mode, that not everyone has the same goal. Not random people in your queue. You pretty much came to agree with me with your own words after disagreeing. Case closed.
: _I_ wouldn't do it either. The concept he was talking about was that you don't rely on luck to get hard things done. You might want to take a look at [my comment](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/8pnN2wnI-kayns-patience-is-running-low-and-so-does-mine?comment=000a) if you think he's far off the point.
You wouldn't do it, and many others wouldn't, but for each one that wouldn't there is one that would. That's not the point, you don't rely on luck to get hard things done? Then what do you rely on when you are playing your promos? You are hoping for a good team, there are factors you cannot control, the only way to remove luck from a team based game, is to clone yourself, and have yourself to be all your teammates, its the only way, obviously impossible, and even then you still have opponents and how their actions will be in comparison to yours, still involves luck . LCS players scrim together every day dozens of game, the same 5 people play together for months, some for years, they have coaches, they plan out games, and still there are moments that they are not coordinated and do mistakes because they are not on the same page. The same stands for footballers, basketball players etc, for everything teambased in general. Its a videogame, it has rng in it, in all its parts, its part of the game, sometimes you don't have a choice, you have to get lucky, what mobs will spawn is based on luck, what hazards you ll get is based on luck, Kayn is a boss fight, like every videogame boss fight, he has patterns, sometimes you get a good pattern and sometimes you dont, sometimes speedruns end from bad luck, some times they become a world record because of good luck, to get hard things done, you always need a little luck on your side, and that comes from a pretty unlucky guy in general.
: You wouldn't do a difficult raid in a MMORPG with randoms, add on top the Leroy Jenkins meme... While some of your points are valid this thread is pointless.
YOU wouldn't do it, YOU. But it happens that there are others in this world but you. I have done lots of difficult raids/missions with random people. And i am sure countless people have done the same. And it wasn't hard, because the moment we queued up, even though we didn't know each other, we had the same goal, simple as that, and we did what we could to accomplish it, but that's not the case here. Any comparisons to the issues this event has with wow raids is completely off the mark, irrelevant, you are comparing apples to oranges. But yeah, all and all your solid and well asserted arguments make this thread completely pointless. I dont wanna be the one that breaks your bubble.
Saibbo (EUW)
: They should have make those quest doable only with pre-made, problem solved. I don't have friends either but it doesn't take much to find people to do the same quests, after the quests i have ~30 more people in my friend list than before.
SlowPoke101 (EUNE)
: I haven't beaten Onslaught even once because I couldn't find any decent premades that are ready whenever I am.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
Use boards, or some other kind of forum, although, to simply beat onslaught, if you just find one more person, you can probably do it just the two of you with a malphite and a yasuo with full augments, even if the other 3 people spend the majority of the game dead. Full augmeneted yasuo makes onslaught unfair. Not for you, mostly for the poor mobs and poor Kayn. (jk, Kayn is not poor, %%%% that %%%%)
Ceberuz (EUW)
: How can you argue a mission that requires the coordination of 5 players being well designed, when everything in this game is designed explicitely for the solo-player mindset.., not to mention the playerbase judging a good performance based solely on the single-player aspects of the game? Don't you realise how contradictive that is? You pointed out the very essence of the problem in your own post, the lack of friends or friends playing at regular hours as you yourself.. Reminds me of when Blizzard decided to dump raiding down to the lowest nominator and design 4 "difficulties", watching people on the lowest difficulty really highligthed the problem with the design.., random players who's sole focus is themself not giving 2 cent about the person next to them.
No, ofc and i cannot argue, a mission that requires 5 strangers, with different goals, different mindsets, different moods, to coordinate in 60 seconds, finding out what everyone wants , and whats the solution that fits them all the best, deserves a design award. Clap clap. Btw i said that content of the mission is fine, what you have to do, to enjoy that content, takes away all enjoyment by the time you get there. The very essence of the problem? So the problem is, that i dont play at the same time as my buddy, cause he is working in the mornings and i am working at nights, the very essence of the problem that in a game that the most popular game mode is called ''solo/duo'' people don't have 5 premades at any given time to do missions with? This is the exact opposite of the very essence of the problem. This is 100% human and normal. The very essence of the problem is a system, designed to ignore this completely and on the contrary, promote and reward the exact opposite. I suppose you were the guy that before voting no in ff vote said ''get %%%%in premades if you wanna do missions, oh i forgot, you dont have any friends'' (take the last one on a light note, i dont know you and i dont wanna assume anything, allthough what you said was completely unreasonable and i dont know what wow has to do with anything, i never played it, but as far as i know, when you go on a raid, you all go on a raid, not 2 people tryin to kill the boos, 2 people tryin to change the lamp, and 2 people trying to feed the cats, you all have a common goal, weather you can't coordinate to complete the raid is totally irrelevant, noone in this article said that he easily found 5 people to do the mission, the got the same augments or same champ etc, but he couldnt cuase they were chipmunks without fingers, you are comparing apples to oranges, and the wow point is way off the mark, exactly like everything else you said
: what baffles me is that riot now has pushed a few of those mission events where they expect coordination yet we cant get the in-client chatrooms back. they striped them of for "clubs" a long time ago yet the only thing i use my club for is overall to have the tag.. i want to find some people to play the missions with and give them a few trys but i dont feel like looking on the forums whenever someone wants to do them or not. i rather not see another "clear X event mode with X condition as 5 " so long as they dont give us a better way of actuly forming partys with people becouse at this point i allways go "ugh not again!" whenever i see a 5 man mission or worst: a 5-man premade mission.
Actually i would probably still trying if it weren't for my posts here to find more people with the same missions as me...not probably, certainly
Starivile (EUNE)
: I completely agree with everything. This mode was really fun for me when I started playing the first time and I was even more excited when I saw the augments. It was like a mini mmorpg. Sadly, after like 5 games I lost all my excitement and it was all about grinding and frustration. Finding people is hard enough for me so I tried convincing people in champ select, but everyone had to do another mission or simply didn't want to. It's really frustrating. A system to find players in a chat or something in-game would be really helpful so everyone will do the same thing instead of trying their luck with randoms and losing their minds. This event basically requires you a full premade party to complete the harder missions. Not everyone has friends wanting to play league and those who do don't want to play this mode. _**Not solo friendly!**_
Oh yes , when i first started it was so exciting, i saw the augments and it felt so fresh, all these combinations and possibilities! And...the excitement..the freshness...it all went away really really soon..and we all know what replaced them
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: I cant find it and omg I'm blocked from playing for another 15 minutes.. I keep freezing at champion select
look at the bottom right corner at the log in screen.After you pressed launch.
: How do I revert back to the old client?
same here.cant edit my masteries in champ select. And i only use one page. Barely manage to pick and ban in time. Ok. There is an option to launch legacy client. Its not at the lol patcher screen, nor at the new client screen. Its at the log in screen, at the bottom right corner.

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