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: Its not hard to not get banned (or im just a lucky guy)
The most funny thing is this "I understand" button after reading only your own replies where you have to press to continue playing. I mean if you ban me, please take a look at what those replies were aimed at.. One sided punishment seems very legit as if i had no reason for writing that and did only on god knows what reasons so they banned me.. Maybe turn that chat off already and save some time and employee count..
Naranjo1 (EUNE)
: So after bringing back ARURF, Riot, did you actually lose players ???
Tell me how come the boards are so empty if they get enough new players in the game?
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: I'm out
Got myself in the very same spot, there are more competition in normal games today than there is in ranked... And this ranked system now is just plain stupid to begin with. First you move through the rankings bronze, silver, gold etc but it doesnt matter, since you always play with different ranking people in your team. You can be gold, you can be diamond, but when you get 4 bronze in the same team playing first time their champs you will see hell.. I have seen so many people with high lvl rankings playing really bad that it is sad.. It only means that the rankings are pretty much made up and doesnt mean anything at the moment they are now, Second, a team with communication on their side can play vs a team formed from 5 random guys... Both teams participate in the same leader boards.. Tell me how is this ranking system "healthy"? Lots and lots and lots of people just trolling in the game, playing whatever, playing for the first time, refusing to cooperate playing without wanting to win.. This is unbearable for someone like me, who try his best at winning it is unbearable playing a game where your team just refuse to put it all or simply start the game in the first place without thinking of winning... It is neither fun, competitive or worth wasting time in this pile of unmotivated self righteous players who do not put any effort for anything they do and just blame others at the end of the game. The gap between skill and experience of the players in each game is just mind blowing the gap is miles wide. And while I can give my all carrying the game or supporting other players, they cant put even 10proc. of what they could and just blame me for feeding, reporting later and making me feel akward about the whole game purpose.... It is really sad that the word "League" in this game is nothing more than a clickbait... And that the RIOT is focusing on majority of the players instead of those who are actually climbing the rankings with their skill that they got over time playing and perfecting their game play.... It is really sad when having 800k exp on a champ puts you with bronze 1 players in the ranked game where the win rate each game is 50/50 depending not on your skill but rather on how bad enemy team is compared to yours... What is the point in playing a ranked game? Explain me please, because now I cant seem to find an answer since it doesnt matter what league you are, you still get mixed matches with any league players. All those world championships you stream via the website is nothing more than a big mock up show for a new "pro" wannabe players. It is really sad that league got to this point, where there is so much potential, all you have to do is to make a ranking system that actually shows your rank, not gets you gold or diamond frame in a loading screen. Nowadays the only indication of players skill is his champion EXP count, anything else is just pure hoax..


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