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well, since riot has unbanned accounts in the past as u said with not that much of a success, but still im talking about a mega lift, you cant imagine how many people reconsidered their acts and changed...of course there will always be players that will remain toxic even after they get their account unbanned, riot can ban them again, think it like a huge reset, they have never done sth like this before...ofc this is your beliefs and i totally respect them, peace :)
Silisa (EUNE)
: Chat ban #1: _Whatever you are doing, people we put in your teams don't like it. You should stop._ Chat ban #2: _Maybe we weren't clear the last time. _ 14 day ban:_ Ok, buddy, enough is enough. Last chance to avoid the perma train. Don't make us repeat ourselves, cause we won't._ Permanent ban: _You lied to us. You clicked "Accept", you said that you could follow our rules. We don't believe you anymore, so we are "Un-Accepting" our terms for you._
thats what im talking about mate, people never consider it as a serious problem until they receive their permanent ban...a lot of us changer our character after this
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