byfx99 (EUNE)
: teemo
Just like Humpelstilzche said (Yo %%%% that name mate) Teemo probably will and should never get a rework on his annoying part of the kit Because if Teemo is not annoying, then it's not Teemo
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: Quitting.
Happy birthday!
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: League of Royale - LoL Battle Royale
Mοca (EUNE)
: The Not-so-Challenger Guide to Zoe
Sebidrka (EUNE)
: What did they to Jax ? :/ 8.24
Bohoho, us Zoe mains survived 8.4 and u cant survive a simple R nerf?
: I can see why you'd like ARURF more than NB, I feel like my champion pool is pretty restricted in NB compared to ARURF.
What I dont like about NB is that I am literally forced to play team fight champions + adcs and assassins are just thrown right in the bin because assassins cant assassinate anyone, and adcs just get hard focused in team fights and the whole gamemode is just about team fights
: Could you guys add ARURF
Yes URF is better than ARURF by 10x times but you cant say URF is the best gamemode ever and ARURF is the worst gamemode ever! That just means u dont know what you like, essentially these 2 gamemodes are the same, just you cant choose your champion in ARURF I honestly like ARURF more than Nexus Blitz
Ryznyx (EUNE)
: blood moon katarina when
BLOOD MOON ZOE BEST SKIN EVER {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: That's why you a) were told that it's in the wrong category b) were provided with a link to your deleted topic c) were told to just repost it in the correct section. There is a reason why no punishment is going a long with this deletion: Because it's not a big deal. Nobody is blaming you for getting it wrong, don't worry. That's why we simply tell you where it belongs and give you the opportunity to just post it there in the easiest way possible (except that you still have to do it yourself).
But Im lazy god dawng it!! :D
: > cant they just like change the category Can't you? That's basically the point why it'd done this way. If you create chaos, you also have to clean it up yourself. Others are not going to do that work for you. The other, more practical reason is that the boards simply don't allow to move threads for technical reasons.
I didnt even realise I put it under the wrong category, if I did, I would change it
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Chilly Jam (EUNE)
: It has absolutely nothing to do with you playing zoe. Get over that illiusion of you being somewhat what others are not.
Ik but most people would forget about Zoe if my name wasnt Hi lm Zoe
: {{champion:28}}: Evelynnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Creative af, Zuckerberg approves
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Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Which champions do you hate?
I love how since my name is "Hi lm Zoe" its obvious Im a Zoe main and everyone is pointing out Zoe <3 ^-^
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Shamose (EUW)
: You can see pretty clearly that it's mundo.
No its Thanos....
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: Looking for russian speaking players | Ищу русско-говорящих игроков.
: Fix 👏 Your 👏 CLient 👏
Meme 👏 Review 👏
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: Why is "Hitler" censored and "Stalin" is not?
ItzNubino (EUNE)
: I am playing Lux to get level 7 with her, thats why. Just finished a game with 8/2/18, got Baron, eveything we needed. Game took 35 minutes and I got S-. I hate this system. I just need one more S and I can rest.
Dont play Lux, thats worse than playing Teemo
soooonnnn (EUNE)
: About my ideas of a Teemo rework
This literally kills everything we hate in Teemo's kit and I dont want that, no I dont play him, but I love how he is the Satan, this would kill it
ItzNubino (EUNE)
: Mastery level 7
My suggestion is not to play Lux, thats the first step you gotta overcome to get S
: Star Guardian Zoe
We will probably see SG Zoe because Riot likes to secretly hint stuff and the Zoe x Star Guardians may be that hint
: More mastery levels?
I changed my name wooohooo
: So... Any tips for a returning player?
There are a lot of ways to get 100+ FPS on sht PC, you can search on YT And sadly if you dont play Garen or Inting Sion top doesnt matter FPS issues, I dont have any Loading, a lot of bugs and there are usually a lot of bugs for some reason for this patch
Lonser (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi lm Zoe,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Euhz8UwR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-21T15:58:42.259+0000) > > I already made a card game that I can play with my friends Maybe want to share with us? :)
: What do you think about a card game ambiented in the League of legends universe?
I already made a card game that I can play with my friends
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi lm Zoe,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ga6PK3pc,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-11-20T17:38:07.319+0000) > > Read a book: Im not gonna do that till the next millennium > Take a walk outside: Bro its dark af outside > Watch a movie: Nah > or a documentary: Excuse me? Well, no wonder you don't have anything to do when you are this picky {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yea Im picky af
: If league is boring to you, as well as other games, you could read a book, take a walk outside, watch a movie or a documentary, etc..
Read a book: Im not gonna do that till the next millennium Take a walk outside: Bro its dark af outside Watch a movie: Nah or a documentary: Excuse me?
Papa Owl (EUW)
: LIVE NOW <3 Diamond Toplaner! Join the Animal Kingdom [!join !discord !social]
> Join the Animal Kingdom This guy called me a f@%#!%& animal
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: Hi booreed, My name is stupid dad joke :)
Well thats not gonna work stupid dad joke
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: What Does Adaptive Force Do ?
Its basically if your champ is AD you get 10 AD if your champ is AP you get AP
AdyQ (EUW)
: tomorrow really??? I just cant wait!!!
AdyQ (EUW)
: Is there any accurate date of the 8.23 patch lauching?
: Clahs Issue
Padzki (EUNE)
: Ok.
Dan6969 (EUNE)
: "Crash" is broken. Can we get URF or Nexus Blitz instead of ARURF? TwT
: we dont want ARURF we want URF xD
I really doubt they are gonna give us URF but ARURF is ok too
Magick (EUW)
: Upvote if clash is not working
Shhhh guys Arurf is around the corner :D
: CLASH is broken, Once again :(
Stfu, its perfect, we're gonna get ARURF again :D
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: I got a chat restriction for this????
Lol half the people didnt even read the last part, which was the whole point xD
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