VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I'm a rebel.
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Br0nnie (EUW)
: PBE Queue not stable?
ITS OVER 9000!
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: Looking at Qiyanas ability trailer you can allready tell that she will be broken.
: Qiyana Is A Jungler!! Thank The Lord.
This is basically Akali but with more to her kit It will be fun watching Qiyana in every patch note for the next year
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: What to do vs ZOE
Any assassin will destroy her, while in laning phase stay behind minions, abuse her when she doesn't have E, don't flash on top of her unless you are certain you are gonna kill her before she can pick up your flash, when a Zoe is going out of vision (for example behind a wall) she probably isn't going to roam, she is just getting ready to land an E on you so you should stay away from the side she just went to, pick cleanse or just build QSS, not that hard tbh
: how is a player afk ruining the way you play your champion ? There are punishment on the PBE ? I thought they were even more strict than live servers
Well early game, while everyone is in their lanes, it doesn't make much of a difference, but late game when everybody groups either mid, top or bot you can see a large difference And how is it ruining the way I play my champion? Well maybe I am let's say 4/0 in laning phase but when the late game arrives we lose all teamfights because we don't have our 5th player and that means I die too and at the end I don't really know how the game would've ended up if it was live servers
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That would be way too broken, imagine a Rengar ulting you, then uses that summoner spell and then ults someone else immediately
: You bash your fivehead onto the R key and you one shot the enemy team.
Thank you, I improved by 110%
Dyrreah (EUNE)
: *name is Hi I'm Zoe *wants to learn kat too Some. people just have no shame.
KilIua (EUNE)
: Don't play with locked camera lol
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: "Around 6-10 mins every single game I get HARD lag" I,m Having the same problem! Glad i,m not alone Since new patch during 6 to 11 min for about 2 minutes i,m hard lagging, its ewen not the movements but ewery spell or summ or typing in chat comes with delay. Really hard to play meanwhile...
After patch 9.10 I stopped having that lag but I still wonder what the fk caused it....
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: don't play zoe top but nasus is just a %%%%ed up champ i don't think he has any hard counters even from top lane champs pool he just auto wins lane at some point of the game and it's your team job to deal with his shit later
I do not play Zoe top, do you think Im mental {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Change my mind
I will not try because I agree
: Play garen. Garen counters nasus, garen beats nasus earlygame, midgame. Garen is god.
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: Support main (not a girl!) G4 LFADC to climb
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byfx99 (EUNE)
: teemo
Just like Humpelstilzche said (Yo %%%% that name mate) Teemo probably will and should never get a rework on his annoying part of the kit Because if Teemo is not annoying, then it's not Teemo
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: Quitting.
Happy birthday!
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: League of Royale - LoL Battle Royale
Mοca (EUNE)
: The Not-so-Challenger Guide to Zoe
Sebidrka (EUNE)
: What did they to Jax ? :/ 8.24
Bohoho, us Zoe mains survived 8.4 and u cant survive a simple R nerf?
: I can see why you'd like ARURF more than NB, I feel like my champion pool is pretty restricted in NB compared to ARURF.
What I dont like about NB is that I am literally forced to play team fight champions + adcs and assassins are just thrown right in the bin because assassins cant assassinate anyone, and adcs just get hard focused in team fights and the whole gamemode is just about team fights
: Could you guys add ARURF
Yes URF is better than ARURF by 10x times but you cant say URF is the best gamemode ever and ARURF is the worst gamemode ever! That just means u dont know what you like, essentially these 2 gamemodes are the same, just you cant choose your champion in ARURF I honestly like ARURF more than Nexus Blitz
Ryznyx (EUNE)
: blood moon katarina when
BLOOD MOON ZOE BEST SKIN EVER {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: That's why you a) were told that it's in the wrong category b) were provided with a link to your deleted topic c) were told to just repost it in the correct section. There is a reason why no punishment is going a long with this deletion: Because it's not a big deal. Nobody is blaming you for getting it wrong, don't worry. That's why we simply tell you where it belongs and give you the opportunity to just post it there in the easiest way possible (except that you still have to do it yourself).
But Im lazy god dawng it!! :D
: > cant they just like change the category Can't you? That's basically the point why it'd done this way. If you create chaos, you also have to clean it up yourself. Others are not going to do that work for you. The other, more practical reason is that the boards simply don't allow to move threads for technical reasons.
I didnt even realise I put it under the wrong category, if I did, I would change it
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Chilly Jam (EUNE)
: It has absolutely nothing to do with you playing zoe. Get over that illiusion of you being somewhat what others are not.
Ik but most people would forget about Zoe if my name wasnt Hi lm Zoe
: {{champion:28}}: Evelynnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Creative af, Zuckerberg approves
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Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Which champions do you hate?
I love how since my name is "Hi lm Zoe" its obvious Im a Zoe main and everyone is pointing out Zoe <3 ^-^
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Shamose (EUW)
: You can see pretty clearly that it's mundo.
No its Thanos....
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: Looking for russian speaking players | Ищу русско-говорящих игроков.
: Fix 👏 Your 👏 CLient 👏
Meme 👏 Review 👏
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