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Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hi HighResonance, This is not a bug! Missions are weekly, you will get new missions next week :-) > **During this year’s Worlds, we’ve put together a series of weekly missions for you that are sure to challenge you. Starting 21/9/17 at 19:00 BST until the day after Finals, we’ll have a set of challenging missions for you that will change each week.** Source:
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: Problem with Loot. Key drop chance is way too low for me.
Looks like I am not the only one with this kind of problem. So, Riot, can you even up the chances a bit? Can you make it more fair? The loot system feels like a troll that wants up to lose our minds. Honestly I thought that the Loot system was meant to encourage people to play better, it was meant to reward people. But by the looks of it, it is only meant to make us buy the chests or keys out of frustriation. Disgusting...
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MrMinish (EUNE)
: Most of the players would want the sandbox mode and you're not the only one, it would be hard from riot to make a fully working sandbox mode because of old engine. But it would be nice for me to practice Riven double casting {{champion:92}}
Obviously I am not the only one. And it would not be hard for riot to make it as they are already doing it in their champion spotlights! Old engine? Were did you even get that kind of information?
sN Hampe (EUNE)
: I love this guy kled really great champion and thanks for letting me know! :p{{champion:157}}
: Actually pretty cool thought process gone into this. If this actually happens, I'm gonna be happy
I'm going to be very very happy. We definetly need this.
: Very nice idea, this could let us even a fast check how abilities works, on which units they work etc. Upvote definately mate:)
: This is actually a pretty usefull idea {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Ðeceive (EUW)
: Post on NA :)
I assume you want me to post this on NA server, but I don't know how. If you do, feel free to copy-paste this or whatever. :)
: Something like garrys mod on summoners rift ? :D
: I have heard some rumors that we will get a sandbox mode for summoners rift with the launch of the new client that's currently in alpha. This is just rumors though, and at the earliest we get it next spring (I think).
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blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
How much did I REALLY change? I enabled him to be more of a marksman than he is now. Taking away blind so he can play vs other adc and not be overpowered, giving him slow and stun (which is also good for ganking). I kept his mobility, but changed the way it works by giving him a dash. Thus making him more fun to play. The current "press a button to run faster" is boring. I kept his toxic shots (they will scale with AD) cause I wanted him to remain Teemo, while nerfing the skill overall. His ultimate became a more fun "trap" and finally, he got the "assasin zed" mechanic which is the "Silent Death". Overall I didnt make him a new champ, I just changed his kit to better suit the current meta. This kit makes him more difficult mechanically while making him more fun to play. That is the purpose of all reworks that ever happen in this game. And you are wrong about Yorick, cause he DID change entirely. He was a gravedigger with the ability to summon ghouls. Now he is a shephedof lost souls, with the ability to contol his ghouls. Yorick's kit changed ENTIRELY! So don't give me this "Yorick is still Yorick" cr@p. Lastly, this post was made to give ideas, not to sht on ideas, so instead of saying "Nope, this is not teemo", how about you people start suggesting changes and giving yout ideas? Even though I agree with some points made by you or the other guys, there are some stuff that I just can't agree on.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yorick is still Yorick. Riot kept his style and character. He is still an gravedigger, summoning and using undeads to help him out. Your rework destroys Teemos style completely. He is that deadly yordle soldier, that uses poison to damage his foes. You got rid of it completely, except for the ult. His current Q and E are this poison he uses. His R also is poisonus. He is basicattack based nontheless, because his blowgun is his primary weapon. You gave him a dash for whatever reason, while mobility was never a core design on him. And on top of all of that, you made him AD. His darts are not his primary damage, he uses poison. To make him AD would also screw everything up and would make no sense. This remake would destroy his lore, gameplay, playstyle and character. It's a new Champion under Teemos name.
I see, thank you for clarifying what you meant.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I see, thank you for sharing your opinion.
Rismosch (EUW)
: That's not Teemo. It's a completely new Champion under the name of Teemo.
By your logic, the new Yorick rework is not Yorick but a completely new champion with the name Yorick. Ok, seems legit.
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: Y = pronounced as wai , and thats how u (almost) pronounce vi aswell
Oh damn I'm so stupid. Thanks for explaining :D Yes it most definetly sounds like "Wi=Vi" (Even though he was named Y not on purpose but due to my lack of imagination)
pidgeot72 (EUW)
: Y sounds like Vi xD
Unfortunately I fail to see the parts where this champion is similar to Vi. Actually if you think about it, all champions in League have similarities :D
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Upgrading a champion skill after killing minions without leveling up? NONONONONONONONONONO, NO
Well, if you think about it, his starting skills aren't that amazing and the fact that he can upgrade one skill only once in X minutes, balances it up a bit. Plus don't forget that his ultimate doesn't contibute to his damage, only to his ganks. Thanks for the feedback though.
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: CHAMPION CONCEPT ----- Melissa, The maiden of macabre
I just posted an idea for a champion concept too.Named her Melissa just to find out that someone already named her champion idea "Melissa". I hope you dont mind that I dont change it, as the skills and the lore are diffrent from yours. As for your kit, I actually loved it. Keep up the good work :)
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: Interesting, but overloaded kit. I love the anti-mobility it gives since it seems to be what RIOT is aiming at right now, and his auto-attack oriented gameplay would be good because his abilities would get limited because of his overloadedness. I'd love to see some changes tough, because right now I'm confused about his kit because it's all over the place. Do you want them to move fast while bleeding to intensify damage or do you want them to be slow? Do you want them to bleed or for them to stand still while you attack them? A few quality changes could be added, but the general aspect would be awesome to see in game imo.
Thanks a lot for the feedback, it means a lot to me. The idea was to confuse the enemy too. If the bleed would just give extra dmg when the target is moving then the target would just stay still. now the target has to decide if he needs to run away and get that extra dmg, or stay there and get stunned/slowed, something that might make him lose the fight (since the bleed effect does wear off at a point). I will try to make some changes in this as I too understand that the kit is too complex as it is now. Hope the community helps me with this too :)
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